Horn-Pacquiao rematch in jeopardy

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn’s co-promoter Dean Lonergan is reassessing his options regarding the rematch with future Hall of Famer Manny Pacquiao, who has now said he doesn’t want the fight Horn until 2018. “Two weeks ago Manny Pacquiao confirmed to Bob Arum of Top Rank that he wanted to exercise his option to rematch with Jeff Horn for the WBO world welterweight championship,” said Lonergan. “November 12 was the date Pacquiao agreed to the rematch. Up until late this week that was the outcome Top Rank, DUCO promotions, TEQ and Brisbane Marketing were working towards in good faith to achieve having the rematch in Brisbane late this week.

“When Bob Arum saw media reports out of the Philippines that representatives of Manny Pacquiao were trying to get the fight in Manila, Arum gave Manny Pacquiao until Saturday, August 26 to confirm that he would recommit to fighting in Brisbane.

“Pacquiao has yet is to reconfirm and as such now has put the Horn rematch in jeopardy.

“On that basis, Top Rank, DUCO promotions, Tourism Events Queensland and Brisbane marketing are now reassessing their options.”

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