Hitchins: I plan to dominate Zepeda

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WBO #5, IBF #7 junior welterweight Richardson Hitchins (16-0, 7 KOs) says he’s planning to dominate former world title challenger Jose “Chon” Zepeda (37-3, 28 KOs) on Saturday night at Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida, live worldwide on DAZN, and send a message to the big guns at 140lbs that he’s coming for them.

“Winning is number one of course, but to get the big fights I have to win and dominate,” said Hitchins.

“I’m ready for the champions because when you look at the guys Prograis or Haney fight, those are guys that I am a nightmare for any of them. I have size, reach, superb defense – I can damn near feel when a guy is about to punch. So, when you have a guy like that against a guy that doesn’t know how to defend themselves, it kind of makes it tricky for them, because I’ve been in there with guys that just stand in front of you and don’t have the ability. You get in front of a guy like Shakur Stevenson, that turns boxing into a math problem, it’s different and that’s what you face with me. I can bring that puzzle that people can’t solve, it’s algebra in the ring.

“Every fight at 140lbs is a good fight, this is a great fight. Jose is confident, he’s put people to sleep, out, first round KOs, had the fight of the year in 2020 with Baranchyk. And then there’s people now saying, ‘OK let’s see how Richardson handles Zepeda’. Then you have Teofimo, he says he’s from Brooklyn – I know he ain’t, but I am. He beat the man at 140 and I feel I’m the uncrowned king at 140 and that would be a great fight.

“Jose is supposed to say he wants to fight me. He’s 34 years old, he’s been campaigning for a long time, he has confidence, he was power, and he’s got the tools to make it a nightmare for me, so he should be taking an opportunity like this, why would he say no?

“It’s just my job to show him that I am on a different level to him. He’s going to try to use his experience to try land his power, pressure me. Boxing is a sport where you must be smart, he’s a tough fighter but he’s not a durable one because he’s been down numerous times and I feel the mistake that they cannot make its me is overlooking my power, I’m a very sharp powerful fighter. My record may not show it, but if you pay attention, it shows I am punching.

“I’m a way smarter boxer than Jose, he’s one-dimensional and I just feel I’ll show levels. I must be smart and show him, yeah, this kid knows what he is on. I think when I am in there, he will see that. Boxing is all about timing, everything I do is about doing it at the right time.

“There’s a lot of things that can happen next. I want to fight again in 2023, I think that could be a guy that’s going to bring the best out of me, just like Zepeda will, and then we should be ready for the world champions, Devin, Regis and Teofimo. If I win this, I’ll climb the rankings again in the WBO, so I’ll be knocking at the door for Teo.”

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  • That breakdown was profound. Hitchins needs to become an announcer once he hangs up the gloves.

  • Sure doesn’t lack in confidence and I’ve never heard boxing compared to Algebra, not sure I’m a fan of that comparison though as first thing I think is BORING

  • With as much as he’s been talking lately and about whom he’s been talking, Hitchins needs to look good against Zepeda.

  • Hitch is definitely a bad MoFo. This will be good. Zepeda Is dangerous too. These kinds of fights are why us little people are bad Mamba Jammas! Quality of opposition!

  • “Winning is number one of course, but to get the big fights I have to win and dominate,”
    Unfortunately, for fighters that look like you thats not usually the case.
    Guys like you can be too good for their own good.
    They will give you the Rigo treatment.

  • A solid test for Richardson because I want to see how he handles pressure and how he responds to a punch on his chin.

  • If I remember correctly, Hitchens originally came out of the Mayweather camp or least was once promoted by him. He is a boxer first and foremost. He has skills, but will need to shine in order to get where he wants.

  • >