Harrison: Tim is not Kostya

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBO #4 super welterweight Tony Harrison (29-3-1,21KO’s) is confident of victory when he clashes with WBO #1, WBC #1 super welterweight Tim Tszyu (21-0, 15 KOs) on Sunday, March 12 (Saturday, March 11 in the USA) for the WBO interim 154lb title at the Quos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia, televised on Foxtel Main Event and Kayo Sports PPV in Australia, and Showtime in the USA

“He hasn’t fought a world championship fighter yet,” Harrison told the Wide World of Sports.”I am the first one – and I am probably going to be the last because he’s going to go back to the bottom and has to rebuild this stuff back up. He’s not a weak kid but to say he’s like Kostya Tszyu, I think we’re giving him just a little too much!”

“I do think he’s strong enough to compete at the weight that he’s fighting at, but do I think he’s the strongest? Nah. Do I think he hits harder than Jermell (Charlo)? Nah. Come fight night, he’s got to prove it. He’s got to show us. All the talk is over.”

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    • Too close to call, viscous body shots versus ring craft nouse ……..

  • he should worry more about himself and what he is going to on the 12th..

  • Harrison will put on a great show as long as he dictates the pace of the fight. When he starts backing up and allowing the other fighter to lead, I notice Harrison tends to fall behind in punch output. Harrison needs to push his offense and make Tszyu uncomfortable. I feel this whole fight is about how Harrison wants to control the pace of it. Tszyu will come in ready for all that comes at him since much pressure is mounting for him to make a statement. Tszyu split decision.

    • Harrison lost 3 fights two of which by TKO Jermal Charlo and Willie Nelson and a split decision loss over Bryant Perrella. Harrison mentioned Tszyu hasn’t faced anyone but Harrison hasn’t really beaten anyone either. Harrison will make it interesting early on but I have Tszyu winning by TKO unanimous decision.

      • Douglas understand your opinion..but to say that Harrison has not “really” beat anyone…in my opinion is just not true….the guy that he did beat Charlo…is one of the top boxers in the game….so I do credit Harrison for beating Charlo and Harrison can fight.. Harrison has high ring IQ..can box ….a slightly above average fighter…with Harrison…skills are not the issue…desire…maybe
        ..what Harrison shows up is the key….

  • Tszyu has to show a different level to his game with this fight. I see him being a half step behind when firing his shots against Harrison in the first half of the right as he develops a plan of attack.

    Come 5th or 6th round and if Harrison has not gained Tim’s respect and caused overthinking, Tszyu is going to walk him down and take over the fight. From there, it’s a matter of time.

    Harrison has broken down before and he might allow himself to do so once the pressure builds up round after round against the ropes.

    Tszyu by TKO end of round 9 if Harrison is well behind.

  • i give t harrison the nod/ we will watch fair and square/ best man ..i give 95% nuyett..

  • I give Tony Harrison a good chance to pull an upset. He’s not a big underdog.

  • To say Tim is not Kosta is a huge understatement. Kosta Tyzu was a great boxer who’s greatness was never fully acknowledged, at least here in the states. I have to be honest, I’ve never seen Tim fight, but if he’s half the fighter his dad was, this should be a really good fight.

    • You forget Kostya Tszyu only had 33 total fights and he was stopped by Vince Phillips demanding a rematch. Naturally, folks will view him as overrated. His “greatness” was acknowledged to the fullest in the states when he stopped Zab Judah for all the titles.

      • Haha! Good call! You’re right, I did forget Cool Vince Phillips ko’d Tyzu. Tyzu looked really bad that night and Phillips had his number. Despite that loss, Tyzu was still one of the best fighters of that era, and there were many. Knocking out Judah twice with one punch was his biggest win, but I thought from a technical standpoint, his win over Ben Tackie was one of his best performances. I know beating Tackie doesn’t stamp anyones ticket to greatness, but he was a former world champion and Tyzu so thoroughly outboxed and outclassed him. I remember watching that fight and thinking in my head “how the hell did he lose to Vince Phillips?”

        • He lost to Cool Vince because Phillips was A VERY good and much avoided fighter and Kostya was one dimensional and not that great at all. Very good, yes.. great?? No. There is a reason Kostya didn’t rematch Phillips. He didn’t just lose to Phillips, he suffered greatly at Phillips’ hands. Look back at Boxrec, check Kostya’s opponents and their ages and prime weight.. great he was not. His son’s career is doomed.. little talent, lacking quickness, and limited athletically but very programmable. Let’s not overstate this kid’s prospects based on his manners and his Daddy. In the real world, pedigree is more than who your father is.. what’s his amateur pedigree? Approaching 29 years of age with 7 pro years under his belt and he’s still hiding under the “prospect label.”

      • Seems like I remember Ricky Hatton beating Kosta as a big underdog.

    • Good post Kris… respectfully Tim not like his father at all…Kotsa’s was able to generate power from his core with pin point accurate short quick punches… unorthodox.. not a common boxing style…but if mastered…very effective…Kotsa was a skillful boxer puncher…difficult style…Tim just no where close to that…unfair to expect that also..of note though… Harrison kinda of like Vince Phillips…Phillips…good boxer…good job…decent right hand…decent fighter… depends on what Phillips brought to the ring on the night of the fight…what you would get…kind of what Harrison is…

  • I pick Tszyu because his mounting pressure, body punching and his roaring home supporters will wear down Harrison for a 10th round TKO victory.

    • I agree. Harrison in his 3 losses has shown a pattern of starting well but fading in the late rounds. I think Harrison was a very high level boxer but just has lacked the durability needed to win consistently at the highest level. Based on some recent performances I think he is a little past it now. Tszyu is fresh and believes in this invincibility still. Of course anything can happen in there but to me the logical prediction is Tszyu gets him somewhere between the 9th and 12th.

  • Tim my not be Kostya Tony , and you ain’t no Mayweather either!!

  • Whether you like it or not, Jeff Horn was a world champion and Tim destroyed him. Dennis Hogan was completely robbed by the apparent monster Jaime Mungia in his home town, Tim destroyed him also. So Harrison’s comment is just Swiss cheese, full of holes.

  • Tim probly stop him. Don’t be surprised if his brother loses though. Beau is a ghost. And has won 42 straight.7 pro last 35 amatuers.

  • Harrison wins via unanimous desicion! Tszyu getting hammered in the later rounds!

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