Haney named “champion in recess” after surgery

WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney has undergone surgery on his right shoulder and will be out of action for some time. As a result, the WBC Board of Governors have designated Haney as “champion in recess.” and ordered Haney’s mandatory challenger Javier Fortuna to face Luke Campbell for the vacant belt. If an agreement is not reached, a purse bid will be held on January 3.


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  • First they give Haney the title with fighting the champion and now they put it hold for someone else the claim it. It’s almost like the WBC is only interested in collecting a sanctioning fee?

  • This 5 cent belt was GIVEN to him, he never won it in the 1st place. Now all of a sudden he is a champion in recess? And some other fighters will fight for the 5 cent belt? Does anyone in the WBC/WBA understand that they continue to destroy the sport, and no one in the universe can name the 100 chumps the WBC/WBA have as chumps in their 100 divisions. At this point the WWE is more credible than boxing, and believe it or not, boxing has become the cancer of the sporting world. The only way to clean up this sport is to get rid of the WBA/WBC entirely, and get a boxing Czar who makes all the States concur with all the rules and makes it known that judges, promoters, the networks and various sponsors better understand that they’re going to have to follow unified rules, drug vada testing, and a regulated system to rate properly the fighters and having one real champ per division. The WBC/WBA can go elsewhere, and must be banned from the U.S.A. Fighters and managers do not need to pay these VAMPIRES 10 cents, because they do absolutely nothing. Have a universal belt given to a champion by the boxing commision. The WBC/WBA must be banned from the U.S.A.

    • They had to give Haney the belt because Loma refused to fight him after being ordered. Thats key detail you failed to mention. It wasn’t given, it was forfeited.
      Haney beat who they put in front of him to get in that position. He not ducking nobody and should be champ because nobody will beat him. Protected champions not taking the tough fights is whats killing the sport.

      • And i guess you FAILED to say that Loma was given a FRANCISE CHAMPIONSHIP (not that he gave 2 SHYTES about that. )And the WBC decided this is an excellent time to have another belt given to someone who did not fight for it what so ever. As for competition there is no fighter in the history of the game that in so few fights has better competition than Loma, which you decided not to mention. Russell, Walters ,Rigo, Linares, Sosa, Campbell.He has fought and beaten more P4P fighters than ANYONE perhaps that ever fought especially that he did this in under than 10 fights, and need I remind you how many decided to say No MAS? Now which P4P fighter did Haney beat in his 20 some odd fights. And maybe you can tell EVERYONE how many fighters quit on Haney? And i guess now that Haney is injured that falls on who, LOMA? Haney instead of B.S’ ing really should have looked to fight Tank Davis, but I guess neither of them with their 5 cent belts would fight each other, because how could they risk their phony titles? Davis decided to fight Gamboa, the guy that decided it was better to not fight for years, and then after finally fighting lost to basically anyone that could hit him. Haney is basically a welter fighting as a lgt weight because he knows he would get hammered in the welter division. Haney is a good fighter, just not in the same class as Loma.

    • Steve: I think most boxing fans, if not all, agree that boxing is being destroyed by worthless commissions as well as manipulative + greedy promoters.

      It would be great to have an alternative system set up that is global and forces the best fighters fighting the best.

      Personally, I think that a sophisticated software could determine all match ups. A czar sounds potentially good, but it could also go wrong. An impartial computer program sounds safer to me: all it has to do it make the best match ups possible.

      Another solution to improve the current situation would be to have “super six” tournaments for all the elite fighters of each division. A tournament like this would automatically force the best fighters to fight the best possible opposition. In other words, good bye to cherry picking, concerns about who works with what promoter, etc.

      Some fundamental changes are definitely needed in order to save boxing from getting worse than the WWE, which is scripted BS.

      If one would make a survey among boxing fans, I think practically 100% would support the idea of having 1 champ per division. What are the commissions doing? The exact opposite – create as many “champs” as possible.

      Its a bit agonizing that fans get zero support for their reform calls. Even boxing web sites like this one are in full compliance with the commission BS, and in full support of disgusting promoters, and at times even bad refs or scandalous judges.

      Regardless, I think its important that serious boxing fans keep raising awareness about these issues in this and other boxing forums.

      • Stone, I’m not sure about a computer program because that leaves open the possibility of hacking the damn thing. But something must be done to make this a sport again. We have UNLIMITED belts given to fighters that have not any business getting or being given these phony belts. As PHONY as the WWE is, boxing is trying to become more of a circus than the WWE, who consistently has called itself sports entertainment, and makes no bones about it. Our sport is beyond corrupt, and if they discount what the public is saying then the public most boycott the events, not buy the PPVs, not buy the phony DAZN networks and not recognize ANY ORGANIZATION that has 100, 5 cent belts. Every other event is either fixed with judges in the pocket, or moved to the KINGDOM of chopping off peoples heads if they go outside of the religious fanatics edicts. Then we have it seems everyday a new WBA title fight for another worthless belt. And there are very few who stand up for the sport, and when they do they lose their job, TEDDY ATLAS who has been calling out for years that we must have a commission that regulates and reviews anything that smells wrong. We know nothing is perfect, however we also know this sport REEKS of stench everytime there is a major bout taking place. ONE CHAMP per ONE DIVISION, and BAN the WBC,WBA from the U.S.A we do not need them or their vampire ways.

        • I think with the media coverage that boxing had back in the 80’s, this could have been possible. But for me, when the IBF came into existence, I knew that the sport was headed downhill. So few people could really care now. Boxing commissions are quite often not very good either, and even in Europe I think there has been a decline in responsibility. Even boxing journalism seems to be a joke. With the possibility of boxing even being eliminated from the Olympics because of problems there, the sport world wide is in trouble.

      • Stonefree, what you say would be ideal but it seems impossible to accomplish. It would require babysitting the promoters and the sanctioning bodies like a school yard. No commission wants to do that. And even a desperate entity, there would always the potential of being bribed. I think it’s in the fighters. If they refused to pay the “championship” sanctioning fees and refusing to hold those belts those organizations would cease to exist. But who knows how something like that could be done.

  • Wow, this hype job is only 20 years old and he’s already having surgery that will keep him out of action so long that he has to vacate his title? Lomachenko had surgery and came back in his next fight to defend his title against a worthy opponent. Champions are born more than they are made. Haney would have been exposed against the smaller, but much more formidable Ukrainian anyway.

  • Hilarious. they got Fotuna who lost a close decision to Lister, who is no longer champion, and they got Campbell who got easily beat by Lomo for a interim title. How credible a champion will that be? It was bad enough that we can have four major champions in one division, but now the WBA specifically and the WBC are deciding to have several champions.

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