Haney defeats Diaz, retains WBC lightweight title

Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

WBC lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (27-0, 15 KOs) of Las Vegas scored a twelve round unanimous decision over Joseph “JoJo” Diaz (32-2-1, 15 KOs) of South El Monte, California, on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. Haney’s speed and reach won the early rounds. JoJo came on in round four and had some good moments after that, but Haney was mostly in control. Scores were 117-111, 117-111, 116-112.

Haney came out flashy, displaying the hand speed as Diaz had slow start pawing and working the jab in the opening round. In the second, Haney kept letting his hands go with Diaz working his way in leading with the jab and getting inside getting rough. Diaz began to attack downstairs in round three, Haney continued to show hand speed outworking Diaz but the challenger appeared to be gaining ground inside. It got rough in the fourth as Diaz attempted to connect to the body shoved Haney to the ground, moments later Diaz connected with a solid straight left that got the champ’s attention.

Referee Russell Mora issued his second warning to Haney for a low blow, Diaz connected on the inside but Haney continued to display the hand speed. At the halfway point in the sixth, Diaz stood close as Haney jabbed and fought off his backfoot. Haney connected with a snapping uppercut early in the seventh round but Diaz connected with some hard lefts. Fighting strategically in the eighth, Haney and Diaz worked the jab as Diaz stalked attempting to work his way in.

Once again referee Russell Mora warned Haney for low blows a third time, Diaz attacked to begin the ninth round, Diaz took it Haney during the exchanges inside. Diaz took his foot off the gas pedal in the tenth as Haney pressed and landed solidly. The championship rounds saw Diaz pressing as Haney boxed and appeared to be more active. The twelfth and final round, a hard left by Diaz got Haney’s attention. Diaz appeared to be tired as Haney pressed.

Haney-Diaz Scorecard
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  • Agree w/scoring. It was a decent scrap. Haney maintained his distance and did good body work. Diaz landed a few nice overhand lefts, but fairly few and far between.

  • Time for Kambosos vs. Haney, but I wonder if Haney is willing to fight in Australia.

    Otherwise, I have no problems with Haney vs. Loma because I expect Loma to take care of Commey with a right hook victory (TKO or KO).

    • He said he would, as did Eddie. If a PBC fighter shows up in Australia for a Kambosos fight I will be shocked. Haney wants to chase greatness, as does Kambosos, and DAZN wants to grow in Australia.

  • Haney is slick and quick BUT i dont see him having enough power to take out a Loma. Haney better stick with Kambosos. Im Eager to see Loma back in action. I think that loss is what Loma needed to get back on track and get the fire back.

    • Good point. Haney needs to work on his defense more as he was clipped with many left hook counters. The problem I noticed is Haney tends to stand right in front of Diaz at times instead of laterally moving to offset Diaz’s power. Sooner or later, Haney will face someone with power that will capitolize on this flaw and drop him.

    • Loma has no chance for haney. Haney is a new version of floyd don’t you see how slick he is

      • I wldnt quite say that Loma has no chance. Diaz jus he could compete.. Loma is much better than Diaz and hits alot harder

      • Loell, The fruit isn’t ripe yet and you’re saying it’s sweet. The kid has a long way to go before he can be called great or compared to the greats.

  • Real aficianados consider the ‘fab’ 4 at 135
    of Teo Lopez Jr, Haney, Ry garcia and Tank to
    be slightly above average fighters, and nothing more. Tonight proved it, again, for 2 weeks in a row. As soon as the other two cherry pickers in Garcia and Davis step up, they will get exposed too. If any of them step to 140 and face either Josh Taylor or Regis Prograis, they will be deposited on the canvas for the 10 count, no doubt. Chon Zepeda may KO any of them as well. Ryan Garcia for certain.

  • I had it 7 / 5 Haney, but not a very convincing win. That said: He’s got a style that’s going to be hard to beat. As he’s stepped up in class, his fights have become predictable and really pretty dull.

    • My thoughts exactly. Haney won a competitive, rather slow fight with technical superiority. He’s gonna struggle to be marketable, though. I don’t know if he’s got enough to juice to beat the other top guys around this weight.. Kambosos might be his best bet to get a fight for big money that he would have a great shot at winning.

      • I think George beats all of them. The guy has grit.and good boxing IQ and suttle skills.

  • I can’t see Haney beating Kambosos to be honest. Kambosos will counter him all night. I’m not sold on Haney chin. Jojo has no pop and hurt Haney a bit tonight.

    • Tyrone don’t know boxing Stop hating on my boy Haney , just like you hate on Mayweather

  • All you clowns are jealous haters of good black fighters one clown talking about he’s boring you know nothing about boxing haney will beat kambosa and loma. Lomachenko had a chance to fight haney before he fought teo his punk ass chose teo haney beat them all except davis oh every fighter gets hit dum asses

    • Here we go with the race card when basically 50% of boxers are african american. People root for the better fighter. For the fighter that gives us entertaining, not for the color… It’s 2021 my man. There is no color in boxing. Either you are good or you suck, that’s it.

      • Lol yep racism no longer exist because you typed so. Racism still exist. Black people like black fighters because they are black. White people like white fighters because they are white. Mexicans like Mexicans fighters because they are Mexican. Nothing has changed.

        Mayweather is loved by black people because he is black but on the same note he is hated by whites because he is black.

        In any case Haney would beat Loma and George because neither one is on his level and I am not even a fan of Haney.

        • “White people like white fighters because they are white…”
          – Last time I checked, I was white.
          – I do not root for fighters based on race, mine or otherwise.
          – I may root for a fighter because I like their style, or they are the underdog, or I admire them as human beings.
          – I rooted for Gabe Rosado against Jaime Mungia because we are both from Philly. Gabe is Puerto Rican.
          – Take care.

    • “All you clowns are jealous haters of good black fighters…”
      – Don’t lump all of us “clowns” as racists.
      – Your racism accusation in your post marks you as the biggest clown on this site.
      – Take care.

    • Let them know EBT , just like they hated on Mayweather . Who gave Canelo cherry picking ass his first lost

    • We don’t hate any fighters because of race get real. We just don’t see any Hagler Hearns or Leonard these days. Haney nowhere near as good as a Howard Davis and a 135 Shane Mosley would have destroyed Haney

    • Sounds like you’re punch drunk already. Can a conversation be had nowadays without the race card? In the ring, you have TWO fighters. It does not matter where they’re from.

      When you hear “and the new…”, is the fighters background mentioned first? The inclusion of race in a negative way only creates further division at a time where fortitude is severely lacking.

      To everyone else, my apologies for the ramble, but I’m tired of this type of BS, and I have zero tolerance for it.

  • Good skills with both fighters and not much between them, Haney was mature and measured, Diaz needs to be more active, he’s got the skills.

  • Haney won but he did not impressed anybody he has everything to ko Díaz Im Mexican and Im disappointed on Haney he needs more to face ksmboso teofimo or Davis

    • Haney will beat Kambosos , hands down he’s a true boxer Kambosos doesn’t have enough power

  • Haney is solid with good skills and speed and will give any light weight a competitive fight but he’s not a great fighter. Why bring race into this that’s just ridiculous we are just boxing fans expressing our opinion of Haney the boxer not Haney the black fighter and I’m black by the way.

    • Well said , judge these boxers on there skills not there race . Skills pay the bills

  • haney did fine. He is young and feeling disrespected so he was hyper. He will improve. I give him a B-.

  • True Haney is the youngest of All the fighters and he’s not nobody he’s only going to get better and stronger

  • Good fight, boxing needs these kind of competetive fights. JoJo seems small for 135. At 130 I think he could be champ again, but a lot more money at 135.

  • Haney does not beat Loma , and could lose a decision to Kambosas , especially in Australia, not impressed with JoJo either , looked like a fighter who’s comfortable with his record and success , not hungry at all, bottom line Tank is the most dangerous at the weight ,he beats Haney ,Loma, Teo , and Kambosas hands down or up , to much power , Haney is not exciting at all ,rather boring , but he did what he had to do, and soundly beat JoJo tonight , no funny scorecards like the clown judge who gave Teo the fight after Kambosas did that to his face and ego

  • My top 10 pound for pound fighters are:
    1) Roy Jones Jr.
    2) Sugar Ray Robinson
    3) Muhamed Ali
    4) Tommy Hearns
    5) Marvin Hagler
    6) Mike Tyson
    7) Sugar Ray Leonard
    8) Evander Holyfield
    9) James Toney
    10) Floyd Mayweather

    My top 10 pound for pound right now is:
    1) Terrance Crawford
    2) Erol Spence
    3) Tank Davis
    4) Jermell Charlo
    5) Jermall Charlo
    6) Demetrius Andrade
    7) Boots Ennis
    8) Shakur Stevenson
    9) Devin Haney
    10) Gary Russell Jr

    I can assure you these lists have nothing to do with race.

  • Haney boxed beautifully, and his punches sound snappy and look pretty, but they don’t seem to do much damage. Not much power there, it seems. Was impressed with Kambosos. Good commentary: he gave each fighter props for what they were doing well, didn’t waste any extra time (unlike Shawn Porter), and deftly declined several opportunities to take over Devin Haney’s moment. Very classy. I hope Haney gets his moment. He’s been looking for a big fight for a long time, and he’s very good at banking points, even if he doesn’t seem to have much power.

  • Diaz had no fight in him i mean real dogfight until the last round. So unlike last weeks fight with teo and Kombosos. What was he or his corner thinking. Half the fight he did nothing. got picked apart. then suddenly in the last round a light blinked on in his head i better start trying to win this fight. He deserved to lose.

  • I had Haney up 119-109 but he couldn’t knock down a featherweight/super featherweight

  • >