Gervonta Davis in jail

WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis is now in custody in the city of Baltimore for an alleged violation a 90-day house arrest sentence meted out for a hit and run incident. He will serve the remainder of the sentence (about 60 days) in jail.

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    • Tank can fight but geeee, he does not have an ounce of wisdom. he might be a millionare but he’s a fraking idiot.

  • It is crazy to think on this… Alec Baldwin’s gun charges get dropped on the deadly shooting of a film staffer on a movie set. Yet, the law takes no for an answer on Davis in his reckless behavior.

    • I think the situation are different. Alec was given s gin that should have been inspected by the movie safety officer, he didn’t know there were any live rounds in the gun.
      Gervonta abandoned the scene of a car accident that he caused, under the influence (supposedly), and did not offer any help to the injured. He was also given a 90 days house arrest that he could not do.

    • It’s very simple. Alec is a proud spokesman of the Jim Crow Democrats, and Tank is an independent follower of color who is not a slave of the Dem Woke Plantation. Woke is the new KKK. Let’s all remember that Strom Thurmond lead the charge to cancel the 1965 Voter’s Right Act, and was one of 19 Senators to vote against it. THIS is what ended Jim Crow. Strom & Uncle Dick wanted their boy (LBJ) to side with them. He instead, he honored JFK’s wishes, and sided with Dr. Martin Luther King. Agitated, Strom needed a new sucker & in 1972 he found himself a new punk in Joe Biden. True STORY.

      I love Tank. Tank is a man’s man. And he deserves to be the world champion. Dr. King himself & Ghandi both served time. Tank is a modern day Civil Right’s Activist. He is in the same league of Dr. King, Ghandi, and Rosa Parks. I LOVE TANK DAVIS. Throw LeBron, Joe Biden, and Alvin Bragg in jail. While at it, incarcerate Tony Weeks. That punk

      We love you, Tank.

      • My bad. Tank is a person of color. Not a follower of color. He follows no one, accept for the words of God.

        GOD !! Something the WOKE know nothing about. They know NOTHING about God.

          • I cannot for the Rapist / Racist / Money Launderer / Treasonist (Joe Biden) to be REMOVED from office.

          • I cannot WAIT for the rapist, racist, money laundering, treasonist to be removed.

            I am so angry, I forgot the word (WAIT). Why? Because I could not wait to make this post. REMOVE Biden. Free Tank so he can REMOVE Haney’s belts from around Haney’s waist.

          • God is real. I wish BLM / ANTIFA / THE WOKE / Joe Biden / bIRAQ oBOMBa (aka Barry Newports) / etc were not.

            I am so proud of Tank Davis. He is a man’s man. After Tank leaves jail, he will train hard for Haney and knock this fool out. If Haney is man enough to fight. Which he probably is not.

          • When the time comes you and I and everyone will be judged accordingly and many will wish they had the chance to repent before it’s too late.

          • Tank will take his 60 days of incarcerated aggression out on Haney. He will bust that chump up. Haney is a fool. I cannot wait for Tank to fk the fool up.

      • I think you live in a parallel universe in which Gervonta is a superhero, there is nothing heroic about Gervonta
        1- Causing an accident
        2- Leaving the scene of an accident
        3- Not assisting the people he injured on an accident he caused
        4- Under the influence or driving while intoxicated
        5- Got a 90 days house arrest based on money he paid to the victims and he status as a sport figure, than the regular person wont get. If you dont believe me, ask Rogel Mederos who got 110 years, until people protested and was reduced by the governor to 10 years. Back to Gervonta got 90 days house arrest but he could not even do it.
        There is no comparison to
        Gandhi who was the leader for a free India subcontinent using a non violent approach.
        Dr. King who advocated for equal civil rights for African Americans in a peaceful manner.
        Apologies to the rest of the forum, but I could not let this clown suggested that Gervonta is in the same boat a Dr. King & Gandhi

    • Either you got hacked, Scoobs, or you just don’t understand, because your posts are usually well thought out. This guy is a piece of trash, with an extensive criminal record. Comparing Baldwin to Davis is like comparing MLK to Dahmer. Stick to boxing.

      • The point I wanted to make is based on my observations, the law, in some circumstances, can render anyone on lesser or more severe charges based on the aggressiveness of politics, influence, and yes, stardom. Although the law says is not supposed to be that way, it is, just like everything else in life…sometimes things may not be fair.

    • Why should Alec Baldwin be charged for rehearsing a scene with a gun he would have no reason to think is loaded?

      • Maybe read the FOIA records on the investigation in which it involved the parties at the movie set. Make your own judgment. There is a difference between civil and criminal penalties.

  • He was given a chance, I guess 90 days house arrest was too much for him. I wonder how Gervonta can be disciplined to train for a fight, but undiscipline to avoid trouble and failing to recognize he was given a chance with the 90 days house arrest.

  • He will be fine, Jail time is like a 2nd home for him.
    Typical though He thinks he is better then the system.

  • A headline that will continue to repeat itself countlessly until he ends up dead.

    • Sorry , he does not have anything to get together. Typical street slug .

  • Hey thats Gervonta.. he is a tiger.. its what makes him who he is.. a world title champion.. big balls.. someone should stay with him to keep him out of trouble.. hmm.

  • boxing could be at an all time low bad judges bad promotions fighters going to jail im losing interest spence crawford fight really dont care who wins

  • Can’t help but wonder who manages Tank’s finances, because it’s really hard to believe he’s capable of doing that responsibly himself. He hasn’t exactly shown the greatest impulse control outside the ring, and that likely spills over into his handling of money. A few more years of getting punched in the head for a living obviously won’t improve his decision-making. I don’t wish it on him or anybody else, but it’s hard to imagine him NOT ending up broke. Think Tyson blowing through $330 million at a relatively young age. That will likely be Tank.

    • I hope he is not doing like Mike Tyson who was getting paid by DK and let DK managed his cash. How on earth anyone will let your employer pay you and keep your cash? We all know what happened at the end.

      • “How on earth anyone will let your employer pay you and keep your cash?”

        Especially when that employer is Don King. Seems like you’d have to be really desperate for guidance if you’re going to DK for help with that.

        As far as Tank though, crazy to think that with the millions he’ll make in his career, he will probably end up blowing it. His friend Adrien Broner is already in that boat. I read Broner had an $830,000 settlement to pay, but only had $13 in the bank. Seen a lot of situations like this in boxing, guys with little to no life skills, and maybe not gifted with a whole lot of common sense, that just let financial security slip through their fingers.

        • Most pro sports stars are complete donkeys, unfortunately. There are the odd success stories like Emmanuel Adebayor who although was unwanted by Spurs “soccer” club, was contractually paid £150k+ per week and weekly purchased an apartment/home in North London, UK and is now set for life unlike the modern day retard sports stars who belive they are immortal and will be 21 forever…

          • @Bob Some of these guys seem to think that they will never run out of money. I remember reading that Tyson used to spend more than $220k a year just on pet food for his tigers. He also gave a cop a Rolls Royce that was valued at $230,000. I believe the story was that he did that to avoid arrest, because he was driving without a license…or something like that. The list goes on and on with him. He made, then lost, $330 million by his mid-30s. Pretty amazing stuff.

  • Compulsive behavior. Imagine a hit & run and all you have to do is stay home for 90 days and you’re in the clear. C’mon Tank.

  • Don’t think I could stay in the house for 90 days either; not justifying the original offense that Davis committed. I was out the house every day during the pandemic “house arrest” and am thankful to the Creator everyday that I got some fresh air, exercise, and vitamin D that my melanated organism needs. I wonder if Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Dick Butkus, Jake Lamotta, John L. Sullivan, Arturo Gatti, or Jack Dempsey could have humbly completed the 90 days of house arrest? Tank is young, from the hood, and has a lot of money; he will make mistakes on this journey we call life, we all do. I’ve been hit and run two times in my life: One was a white male from PA and the other a hispanic male down in DC. Videoed both offenders and nothing came out of it, except my insurance rates going up.
    As far as the criminal comments: don’t forget that Georgia and Australia to name a couple places were chartered by European governments that sent murderers, robbers, and rapist freed from prison to “settle” these areas inhabited by indigenous people who have since been wiped out. And the indigenous people still get disrespected today in the sports world. Go Braves! Go Redskins! And the Florida State Seminole chop and song!

    • Tank better open that damn window and get some vitamin D and fresh air. Cobb, Ruth, etc have an immunity Tank will never have. All things considered, Tank got off easy and couldn’t do that right. Now he’s locked up where he can only get fresh air and vitamin D for an hour. At home, all he had to do was open the damn window lol.

  • Andy Ruiz is a character witness. Thirty days in May, google it watch it , birds of a feather.

  • Another silly sport player like ja Morant … guys with bright future in the sport but with no brain

  • it will be good for him. rest and zero media etc. He will be king in there .

  • Then we wonder why three years after they retire, they are bankrupt or trying to fight “exhibitions.”

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