Oscar lashes out at Kingry

Golden Boy Promotions boss Oscar De La Hoya has hit back at lightweight star Ryan Garcia on social media.

Oscar De La Hoya: “It’s been almost two months and you’re still crying about the post presser? The blame for your loss is on YOU and your “advisor” Lupe. He is the only one who pushed you to accept that INSANE rehydration clause and THAT is the reason you lost. Man up. Own that.

“Also, you keep saying ‘Tank’s team offered more support for you.’ blah blah blah. Bro they SET YOU UP TO LOSE with that rehydration clause and most importantly…AL HAYMON DIDN’T EVEN SHOW UP THE ENTIRE WEEK. Actually, he NEVER shows up. How’s that for ‘support’???”

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    • Oh my, I recall the pantyhose ordeal with Oscar.
      Anytime a fighter faces the first defeat with high profile climbing career, so many stressors come to light in which the blame game may be part of it. Kingry was an investment to those around him to be the best to come. Once the defeat materialized, those investment folks may be having second thoughts with him. Kingry must face the facts he did lose and focus on rebuilding from that defeat to move professionally forward. However, lingering in the past blaming others does nothing to rebuild him.

      • Scooby, I think it is the way he lost that may have those second guessing. He may have got hit hard or not, but the mere appearance of him quitting makes those invested in him wonder. You can have all the tools, but if lack heart which is not something you can work it out or train for then be the greatest or the best may never come. Sure, Garcia can beat probably 90 or 95 percent of the boxers in his weight class, but when the going gets rough, at least the way I see it, he gets ghost. Just a thought.

        • Well…we do know that every fight after this Garcia’s heart will be tested…. Believe that Garcia should stop focusing on nonsense…be professional,…focus on progressing from here…Oscar will not be his next opponent…

          • Sean, very true. He should get off YouTube with how fast his hands can be and apply it in the gym. It says a lot to me when he has changed trainers as much as he has in his short career.

  • Oscar’s responses what due to Ryan’s twitting,
    “Okay buddy, you got it all figured out
    Tired of you disrespecting my whole career and you think non of it matters.
    Loyalty and common sense is lost in your head. Stop treating people that way and think they will just accept it.”

    I think this should be addressed in private, nothing good is going to come out by these two going at each other in public. It reminds me of Canelo vs Oscar beef…

  • The reason “KingRy” lost is because Garcia is the missing Ruelas brother. Same lousy style, same shaky chin, same lousy trainer (Joe “How’s my hair today?” Goosen; no shock Ryan fired him after the Davis loss).
    All the weight in the world wouldn’t have helped that kid. He practically went into semi-retirement after being dropped by Luke Campbell. He has no heart, which is the only thing that separates him from the Ruelas bros; at least they were fearless and went to war.
    It’s ironic ODLH promotes Garcia, considering Oscar destroyed him in 1995, that he promotes an even more suspect and limited carbon copy of Rafael.
    Gabe was more talented, but after beating Jimmy Garcia to death, he fell off in a hurry and ended up getting clobbered by Azumah Nelson and walked into Gatti’s hook just like his brother always did in his fights.
    Ryan Garcia is a social-media creation and he’s going to vanish as soon as he loses again.

    • Gabe was WAY better than Rafael, and fought much better. There was talk of him fighting Oscar after he KO’d Rafael. Guy had heart, but after Garcia, he lost that killer instinct. But his chin was good, whereas his brother was china.

  • The outcome would have been the same, with or without a rehydration clause! That loss, was a rude awakening and the reality of boxing for queenry! He got so used to being match with wayyyyy inferior opposition that he thought boxing was a walk in the park!

  • Oscar.. take my advice.. don’t throw your dirty laundry out in the public.. shut your mouth! good advice believe me.. it will save you a headache later..

    • A friend once told me..
      ” a fly never enters a closed mouth”. Good advise Abraham.

  • I’m team DLH on this one. So many excuses. A lack of self awareness. Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens put it best:
    “You run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. You run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.”

  • Oscar going out like a straight B_t_ _! How you going to air your drama to the media as a manager/promoter and try to blast others as well, I really do believe you wear a dress now. dammmmmmmm

  • Why does Oscar have to keep addressing the rehydration clause? To me, that means he’s making excuses for Garcia, instead of giving props to Davis, which is a slight against Haymon and PBC. He’s keeping the door open for he and Garcia to do business in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a “thing” going on as well. Demonic forces run rampant in society.

  • The Oscar school of deflection. He’s worried about Al Haymon not showing up, but HE was the one who left his fighting hanging at the post-pressor. If Oscar thought, there was a threat of death why leave Ryan behind? Irony Oscar is telling Ryan to “MAN UP” but he’s not manning up for why Ryan lost. Ryan is relatively inactive, didn’t fight in January to stay sharp, had the opportunity to train with Canelo (uncommitted), has never stepped up in competition and suddenly he had a shot of beating an active Tank Davis who stays sharp. Ryan simply was not good enough to beat Tank point blank period. It’s been two months and Oscar has not accepted that.

    Oscar is so unprofessional. What reputable promoter goes back and forth with their fighter via social media? If he’s this catty on social media imagine what he’s like behind the scenes. Golden boy fighters better take note.

  • Ryan should never fought tank under 140 lbs if tank fought berrios at 140 why tank refused to fight ryan at 140???because tank knew rayan won’t be the same under 140

  • Tank is very smart guy that’s why he asked for rehydration clause or you think he did for fun???? Of not

  • Garcia should have continued his long jabs to keep Tank out of range. Garcia got greedy with arrogance and got caught. Garcia must look in the mirror and say it’s his fault for losing to Tank, then move on with his boxing career or social career in retirement.

  • Boxers need to stop the crap. If you have issues be man and deal with the issue one on one. When did all these boxers become 12 year old girls? Somethings wrong lets tell the twitter world. How fragile are people today that they get a confidence boost because strangers online agree with them? To those who’s only response to Oscars post is to bring up his past grow the fuck up you uneducated twats. Just because you are, were or have done some freaky things does not mean all future arguments have no value. Do a little coke (Or a lot) and dress up and have a fun weekend with a hotel room filled with women does not take away from your future ability to promote fighting.

  • That’s real talk. You accepted a rehydration clause, you have to live with it. You could of moved up to 140 without tank and been fine. Rehydration clauses are garbage. You make the weight you made the weight. Believe me, if you struggle to get to that weight, it isn’t going to matter what you weigh the next day.

    • That’s the problem that tank was calling out ryan Garcia and Ryan tried to fight him no matter what but unfortunately he fell into gerbontas trap

      • Carlos, he sure did. Remember Cotto would not let Sergio Martinez wear his knee brace in their fight. Martinez was a sitting duck. Rehydration clauses should never be agreed to unless the fighter absolutely positively knows he will be good the next day.

    • Interesting.,,Oscar is the promoter…pointing out the rehydration clause.Garcia accepted..did Oscar advise Garcia…the fighter under his promotion banner…against it?

  • That sounds like the fakest argument. People will still watch him they don’t have to do this .. imo

  • When you lose a close controversial decision, I can understand one can make excuses. But when you get knocked down by a body shot and QUIT, there really are no excuses, so stop being a snowflake Ryan. #manupryan

  • Ryan I suggest you resume therapy, your fight wasn’t loma vs Haney. You were KO’d, once the red hit ten you were up and looked fine. You signed the contract with all the extra BS. The person we all struggle against is the man in the mirror. What happens to us is not as important as what happens in us, if you believe you can or you can’t your RIGHT.

    • Great take Chavez….at this point though both Oscar and Garcia need to be professional….this will only hurt both….Garcia ,.accept the loss move on…that is life….be a man !!!!! stop whining…..just get prepared for the next body shot..,.keep boxing Garcia… believe that you will be tested again…

  • Every time Tank fights and beat 1 of these Latino fighters, the excuses come running down the road. He, Tank has fought Barrios, Rolly and Garcia, all these guys were 4-6 inches taller than him, with much longer reaches. These guys are actually Welterweights. From the off they have huge advantages, Tank (who has proven he can even fight at jr.light weight comfortably) was right to demand some advantage. He should know that the haters here will always have excuses , so let them.

  • Oscar is right.. We all knew Kingry was going to lose sooner or later..

  • I’m not interested in this soap opera nonsense. Ryan needs to get back in the ring, prove himself, fighting more than once per year against quality opposition. Would be good to see him fight Romero AND Lopez. His loss to Tank was predictable, and had noting to do with the rehydration clause. If anything, that clause prevented Ryan from cheating. Maybe this is what has Oscar so unglued. Oscar really thought that he could finally up Floyd Mayweather by having Ryan beat Tank. Lost again.

    • Great take LexusNexus….particularly the part about cheating…totally agree…always stated that the fighters can help control the cheating in this sport through their contractual terms….rehydration clause may have prevented cheating …and even other damage …remember you don’t play boxing…excellent take!!!!

  • the reason kingry lost has everything to do with gervonta davis. oscar knows this but wants to say all this other stuff.

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