Fury-Usyk delayed

ESPN has announced that the planned December 23 undisputed title showdown between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk has been delayed. Fury suffered a cut on his forehead and a rougher than expected outing in his split decision win over Francis Ngannou last weekend, so “The Gypsy King” needs some extra time to recover. The bout is now mooted for February at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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  • Fury’s already starting the weasling out process. Next what, he’ll be demanding 99% of the money?

    • Fury has a track record of delaying fights when his mental or physical health are lacking. Yes, the cut on the face is a trigger for a delay. However, anybody with common sense could figure out the fight was not going to happen that soon in December. It was all blow hard talk to entice fans. I will predict the fight wont go down till early summer of 2024 after the lawyers, promoters, investors, and fighters settle all the tiny details on paper. As a warning to all, we will all hear Fury’s arrogant mouth for months in the media leading up to this fight. Good Lord, help us all.

      • If anyone with a fan’s boxing IQ thought Fury was going to easily out box Ngannou ( i did ) we got that wrong, Ngannou’s size, passion, power, and wanting to be there showed us all that when the bell rings anything can happen. And for Hearn to come out and say Ngannou could not beat some local british area champion is just a promoter trying to get him to bite on the money prize, we all knew after the fight that the Usky match would be moved, it will happen and i feel this will eat at Fury and although Usky is very good at his craft Fury at long range, in close ( leaning on him ) body punching, will win a dec.)

    • Not just train, but work on his balance, punching technique and grappling skills. The only way he beats Usyk is by clinching, leaning on him and mugging him in the same manner he did after Cunningham slapped him around for three rounds.

      • Dave, yes, very true… Fury will hit and hold once Usyk gets close to him. Yet, all the ref will say is “break” and give no warnings. Fury’s tactics of laying on people, pushing them into the ropes, and holding them are all part of his “prize fighter” resume. I call it BS.

        • Scooby, yep, the difference in the Ngannou fight was Fury would have known beforehand, and immediately felt Ngannou’s physical strength with the first clinch. These tactics of Fury of laying, holding, pushing his opponent would never work with Ngannou being much stronger and this being his area of strength. And then the surprise of Ngannou actually boxing better than anyone expected made Fury look very ordinary.

  • I think it would be more interesting a rematch with Ngannou, and then Usyk facing the winner.

  • fury can Not get into fighting shape in 3 to 4 months.
    it may take 6-12 months of rest, diet, training for him not to come in like a fat, slow, poorly conditioned turd.

  • Somebody on another fighting site spoke on this shit right after the Ngaonu ass whoopin.
    Dude postponing over a cut on the forehead
    He’ll probably quit before the fight ever happens

  • Scales have shifted more toward Usyk. Fury took Ngannou too lightly; shouldn’t “play” boxing. That’s what he gets (Fury). I’m now leaning toward Usyk if they actually get in the ring. For all the bs Fury talks I think he’s seriously worried

    • Don’t worry, Fury will his great skills of holding Usyk, laying on him, and pushing him on the ropes as part of his ways to win. I have ever yet to a see a ref actually discipline Fury over these tactics.

      • how many fighters have gotten up from wilders punches and ngannou’s bombs, the answer is 1, fury has got alot of fighting spirit to do that. ngannou is a wrecking ball of a puncher, how many people gave ruiz a chance, even though the ufc is not just boxing, its still fighting, i think when ngannou boxes against another high level fighter and sparkes them we’ll know maybe its not fury, and did’nt we all pick him to win or thought wilder was going to knock him out.

  • Well that’s what you get when you don’t take your opponent seriously, don’t train for the fight properly or if at all , and facing a ” novice” who didn’t read the “script”.
    A little bit like the first Rocky movie.
    But , remember he beat Wilder twice as well as a draw and trained for it.
    In my opinion the story would of been different had Fury taken this fight seriously, training etc.
    I do take my hat of to Francis N….
    Looked fit ,, wanted to win ,and also impressed with his effort.

  • You guys can talk all about how he looked bad and I’m sure he did, but fury beats usyk hands down. I will go do far as to say, unaminous decision maybe even late knockout. Styles make fights. Usyks style is not gonna beat fury. I will be ready for the thumbs down, but if you know boxing, you know I’m right. Again, Im not a big fan of him, so there is no bias or favoritism. I actually like usyk better.

    • Killa, as much as I would like Usyk to win, beat Fury, Usyk does not have to size and power, like Ngannou has, to intimidate Fury. 50 pounds lighter is huge. If Usyk can get to the later rounds he could possibly be in with a chance, but yes it’s about styles. Fury is not like the slow moving bodybuilder Joshua.

      • Fury will use his jab on Usyk to rack up a few points here and there. Once Usyk engages Fury with his boxing skills, Fury will hold him, lay on him, or push him onto the ropes. Fury’s size will be the lame tactic he will use to keep Usyk at bay in the fight. Usyk is actually the better boxer than Fury. However, Fury’s bar room tactics I just mentioned will play into the fight. If Usyk was the same size as Fury this fight would be a joke. Usyk would have his way with him all the way around the ring.

        • Scooby, I know you and I had a previous conversation about this fight. I like usyk, the way better boxer than fury, by far. Plus usyk is humble which I can appreciate. Styles makes fights. Fury unaminous decision or late knockout. This ngannou fight will serve as a wake up too for him. I just can’t see realistically usyk overcoming that weight difference. I will concur with your assessment as well.

        • do you remember jimmy young, not as big or as fury but he made living fighting like that, one of many.

        • but he’s not the same size so what ever it takes, usky better watch out for those body shots.

      • Yes, sir. I can’t see it either. I like usyk too, I can deal with fury because a lot times he comes off like a prankster.

    • It’s not about boxing; Fury humiliated the great American hero and now he lives rent free in their heads. Notice how Wilder was never “ducking” anybody during his 5(!) year reign without a single unification.

  • Recon Fury was as fit and prepared as he would be for any fight. Ngannou showed (and surprised Fury, and us all) from the start in the first round he was moving well, was not wild, controlled his punches, had a decent defense. Fury’s punches did not hurt Ngannou and the moment Fury felt the power of Ngannou’s punches he was fighting looking more scared to engage than I can ever remember seeing him.

    • You forgot to mention Fury will hold, lay on, and physically push Usyk around using his lame bar room tactics as a prize fighter.

  • Like some of you guys already mentioned, if Fury actually trains och comes prepared for a fight he will beat Usyk.

    The main reason why we see him out of shape and not really prepared, in my mind, is because he has so much to bring that he feels like he doesnt need it all.
    Homer Simpson-style with burgers and TV actually works pretty good for him, just not good enough at the highest level.
    His worst enemy is himself.

  • I am glad it is delayed. I am provably going to have a family function on December 23 as it is that time of year. I am tempted to send Ngannou a gift as he just did me a solid! LOL!

  • The irony of throwing an intentional elbow to Francis Ngannou’s face and now Fury has a facial injury to his face that has delayed this fight. I’m not surprised this fight is being delayed. Team Fury is just buying some times. They know that fought the Fury who fought Francis will not beat Usyk…Well unless it goes to the judges.

  • Time to recover? Or time to get his sh#$ together?! Maybe Francis Ngannou can step in :).

  • This fight will never happen….

    “The Gypsy Queen” needs some extra time to think of a credible reason not to fight Usyk.

  • Fury has always been the one holding up this unification fight and nothing has changed. He’s still going to get beaten but now it will be in February, or will it?

  • There has never been a fighter who has got away with so much crap as this “fake gypsy”, Fury. He fights dirty and the refs. always allow it. That blatant and obvious elbow should at least warrant a point deduction, even disqualification. Fury tried that gloved trick against Harmer, and he was forced to re.glove in the ring. After that fight, he was proven doped, yet in less than 1 year, he was fighting Klitsko for the belts. He drops out of the return, then drops out of his next match after the weigh-in. When Ukad came to test him, he told them to F,,,off. He signed to fight Usyx, now he is allowed to drop out by that crooked Cartel the WBC. He Fury lies constantly (” i am not interested in the money, i give it all to charity”) Boxing is at it`s lowest ebb right now, Fury has a lot to do with that.

  • age may catch up to fury he will have to train extra hard no matter who he fights next

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