Fury-Joshua Update

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury took to social media to give an update on the big fight that’s taking forever to finalize. The showdown with WBA/IBF/WBO champ Anthony Joshua for the undisputed heavyweight championship.

“Just got some big news,” said Fury. “Three or four big offers on the table. Interest from Saudi Arabia, my gypsy brothers in Qatar, Uzbekistan, Russia, America, England…there’s some big, big offers on the table. I’m going to go through them on Sunday and then hopefully get this big fight on and let me smash this big dosser, big unless dosser let me say. Cause when I get him, I’m gonna give him that [makes fist], you big dosser.”

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  • Basically, in summary, this is nothing more than just talk till a legal contract on paper is done. Talk is cheap!
    Other websites weeks ago have stated Fury has stopped training all together till a contract is finalized.

    • The only one who can beat Fury today is himself. He better starts training again.

        • What utter rubbish. Fury beats Joshua however fury decides to beat Joshua

        • Wilder is the hardest puncher in the division and caught Fury flush in the final round of the first fight and he got up and dominated the rest of the 12th. What makes you believe if Fury is in shape, that he cannot handle another robotic fighter with power?

    • Agreed that a signed contract is even it becomes the real thing. I wouldn’t put too much in Tyson Fury is not training. He’s a great fighter and also a very smart one.

  • By the time these guys fight they’ll be in their 50’s. And probably by then the way boxing is declining Jake Paul will be considered heavyweight champ.

  • Fury is very good. I agree. However, AJ has the potential to not only beat him, but knock him out too. Fury better be on his A+++ game, just to win this fight.

    • Joshua will get destroyed. He’s the manufactured marketers boxer. He looks beautiful. He is psychologically a pussycat. And pugilistically inferior to Fury. Wilder would defeat AJ.

      • Don’t really understand the hate here. AJ had an awful night vs Ruiz 1st time out but surely a pussycat wouldn’t want to even take the rematch , let alone immediately?
        If he was a pussycat with psychological issues he’d not have got through the Wlad knockdown. Remember that when Fury and AJ fought Wlad which of the 2 engaged in a fight and which of the 2 fiddled his way to a win.

        • I just want to chime in and say when Fury has that jab established, he is hard to hit with that long-distance! Fury knows distance is the key to beating AJ and racking up points!

      • Fury seems to do all the talking saying he’ll knock AJ out in 2 to 3 rounds I don’t like fury’s cockiness. Would be embarrassing if fury loses after all his comments..

  • …and somewhere in parts unknown where crickets are chirping, Wilder is getting ready to post another tweet.

  • A physically and mentally fit and motivated Fury is without doubts the best heavy-weighter today.

    Great respect to Joshua but I think he would have the same, or similar, problems against Fury as Klitschko. I’m afraid he’s rather predictable and don’t really have the fast hands nor the outstanding footwork to beat Fury.

    Of course, it’s heavy-weight boxing, one mistake, and a KO win is always possible. I think that’s basically Joshuas best chance in this fight.

    I think a fully trained Ruiz Jr could be a risky fight to Fury and at least me would love to watch Joshua vs Wilder.

  • Don’t really understand the sentence even if I get the gist.
    Also , I can understand why this fight (above others) is taking so long to make as so much depends on revenue which in turn depends on whether or not there is a full crowd.
    Also Hearn has been the one saying that it has to happen next or maybe not at all due to it being the only possible time they could do it as an undisputed.
    I still think AJ should be fighting Usyk next and Fury his mandatory whoever that is (depending on the wind direction in WBC land) and then they have the 1st fight later this year.
    You can never second guess Fury as on the one hand he is talking like he’s impatient for the fight to be finalised ASAP and on the other he says he needs a tune up which he could/should have had back in December

    • I am not sold yet on Usyk as a heavyweight. His style of fighting was tailored-made for the cruiserweights, but his arm-punching-of-a-busy mode really does not fend off the bigger punchers he is now facing. It seems Usyk has to work really hard to keep the bigger guys off him.

  • I hope this one happens soon, so tired of waiting. If fury comes in the ring in shape he KOs Joshua easy. Joshua doesn’t have the chin to take fury’s punches. But I would not write Joshua off completely since he’s a warrior. He proved that when he came back from a lone defeat against Ruiz to regain his titles!

    • Since when is Tyson Fury a great puncher? Who has he knocked clean out? He has been knocked down by little guys like Steve Cunningham and Neven Pajkic, and was taken apart by Otto Wallin. Fury is totally overrated because of a win against American bum Deontay Wilder.

  • Anyone else besides me see Tyson Fury winning BOTH fights? Or will one of these two fights be so controversial they’ll do a third and final fight?

    • I agree, Fury should win both based on the jab alone racking points up!!! He is a master with that jab!

  • In absence of any medically related issue(s) and/or substantial family issue(s), please get the Fury vs. Joshua fight finalized for the world to see.

    The only remaining excuse to not finalize terms is fear, but let’s hope we do not have to later determine which fighter/camp was/is in fear.

    So far, I favor Fury to win.

  • These two will continue to talk about fighting, But it’s obvious they want to drag out the negotiations as long as possible. What a sad state of affairs we have here.

    I miss Ray Robinson, the high bar for greatness in the ring. Ray fought 19x in 1950, 11x in 1951, 7x in 1955, 5x in 1961, 6x in 1962, 10x in 1963, 10x in 1964, 14x in 1965.

    I miss Larry Holmes. He fought 3x in 1974, 9x in 1975, 3x in 1976, 4x in 1977, 3x in 1978, 3x in 1979, 4x in 1980.

    I miss Ali. He fought 5x in 1966, 4x in 1971, 6x in 1972, 4x in 1973, 4x in 1975, 3x in 1976.

    I miss Mike Tyson. He fought 15x in 1985, 13x in 1986, 4x in 1987, 3x in 1988.

    I miss Floyd Patterson. He fought 10x in 1954, 9x in 1955, 4x in 1956, 5x in 1971.

    The great Joe Louis fought 12x in 1934, 11x in 1935, 6x in 1936, 5x in 1937, 3x in 1938, 4x 1939, 4x in 1940, 7x in 1941.

  • Love both fighters,..they are both good, but I strongly believe AJ will get the job done at the ninth round..

    • Gonna be great fight hopefully at wembley with fans has for 9th round AJ ?? Not sure about that we’ve seen he’s not got a good jaw gypsy king round 10

  • Tyson fury will want to play with AJ a couple rounds and also because of the spare tire he will be hauling around. Fury will get a TKO by the 7ththough.

  • We all know that Fury cheated when he fought Wilder! I like Joshua if he is in shape and can measure his punches and not get gassed in the late rounds. Fury is just a cheat plain and simple.

  • Revisiting this bit of news, I’m going to change my opinion of Tyson Fury and of these negotiations. I really enjoyed earlier eras when fighters fought more frequently, but times have changed. We’re lucky if we see two heavyweight champion fighters in one year. Even rarer still is unification title fights in the heavyweight division. I trust that Fury and Joshua are working out the details. I hope this matchup happens, and I for one would be shocked if it happened this year. As a side note, what in the hell has happened to Deontay Wilder? Obliterated by Fury in that second matchup, is he done now? It appears so.

    I listened to Fury on the Tyson Hot Boxin show, and he’s a compelling guy, an interesting guy. He overcame a great deal of adversity to get here and I respect that. His height, spirit, and will, combined with his particular boxing skills, present quite the challenge for any opponent. He enjoys being a fighter, enjoys mixing it up. It’s therapeutic for him and helped him overcome some serious demons. I have more of an appreciation for him as a fighter, and think it’s unfortunate that he doesn’t have more worthy opposition. Wilder was exposed as no match and I wonder if Joshua will fare any better.

  • AJ may not match Wilder’s power but is more conventional and showed discipline in Rematch with Butterbean physique Ruiz and the very tough Pulev. Not sure if AJ is juicing but he is an amazing athelete. Fury is an amazing fighter but he is looking to retire as the undefeated Gypsy king and is not very active even before Covid.

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