Fisher annihilates Babic in one

Photo: Mark Robinson / Matchroom Boxing

Unbeaten heavyweight Johnny “The Romford Bull” Fisher (12-0, 11 KOs) needed just 36 seconds to demolish former bridgerweight world title challenger Alen “The Savage” Babic (12-2, 11 KOs) in the first round on Saturday night at the Copper Box Arena in London. Fisher dropped Babic with a right hand. Babic got up wobbly and the bout was waved off.

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  • Babic has no defense and he’s undersized at heavyweight (and maybe even at bridgerweight). Someone who gives a damn about him should try to get him to go to cruiserweight, otherwise in two or three years he will be a high level journeyman…. MAYBE.

  • Like I said in an earlier post,,, heavyweight versus Bridgerweight. Expected nothing less

  • I was stunned by how quick Fisher beat Babic, but not as stunned as Babic.

    Seriously, I love fighters like Babic, but this guy is definitely not a Heavyweight. Please move down to Cruiserweight and maybe, get a little (just a little) Defense.

  • Babic is nothing but a tough guy like Chisora. But without Chisora’s size. He doesn’t have the size or power for that style of fighting. It just becomes amateurish and boring to watch.

  • Diet time for Babic. Strong, tough and charasmatic but in the wrong weight division. Light heavyweight or Cruiserweight for his return

  • Everybody is writing about Babic’s inadequacy. But don’t forget that before his KO loss to Rozanski he was quite the popular sensation.

    It was Fisher that impressed me. He turned a pretty ordinary punch into a relentless and very accurate and devastating attack.

  • I’d like to see a super heavyweight division started instead of Bridgerweight,,,have heavyweight at 200lb to 240lb, then super heavyweight from 240lb onwards. In my view that gives the fighters who fight but can’t get down to cruiserweight a chance. Just my view

  • I agree with you. That “bridgerweight” name is stupid. Superheavyweight is the proper added weight class.

    But the whole weight classification system needs to be revamped. It is illogical. Some of the lighter weight classes are separated by only 2 or 3 pounds; light heavyweight now comprises only a six pound difference from top to bottom; meanwhile what used to be a good sized heavyweight, like Babic, has to face giants outweighing him by 20-40%, maybe even more.

    Sure, exceptional fighters like Usyk can overcome size difference, but there’s only one Usyk, and the way they have it set up now is unfair and there’s really no fair place in boxing now for someone whose natural weight is just over 200 pounds.

  • But it’s a big handicap. Imagine yourself in the ring with someone a head taller and outweighing u by 50 pounds!

    Why should this handicap only apply to men weighing a little over 200, in the low 200’s? Let it apply to the smaller guys too, or do away with weight classes entirely if u think it’s unimportant.

    200 vs. 260 is 30% bodyweight difference. If that’s OK then a fighter weighing 120 should be in with a fighter weighing 156. Or a 150 pounder should be fighting 195 pounders.

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