Faust: The pain was unbearable

After outlanding world-rated Lenier Peró 389-183 and building a lead on two of the judges’ scorecards, heavyweight Viktor Faust saw it all slip away with a hard right to the body that caused him to stop fighting and turn his back on his opponent.

“After the 6th round, I had pain in my ribs, but I decided to continue the fight,” said Faust. “The pain increased and did not allow me to compete to my full potential. I understood that during the bout I was winning and controlling the fight, but after missing a punch in the eighth round, the pain was so unbearable that I could no longer move. As a result, I won on points, but the injury gave the victory to my opponent.”

Peró, who landed 51 body shots, stated, “Since the first round, I was trying to find his liver, trying to go to his body. His punches weren’t that powerful, so I kept working and then found that final shot…I’m setting my sights on England. Let’s see if the Brits would like to come fight Stateside. I would welcome them with open arms. I’m talking Tyson Fury, Dubois…bring them on!”

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  • haha..it hurts…
    you shit in your messkit ..

    keep the film, you will never see him again…

  • Neither guy would be a world beater. These guys are limited with lots of flaws. Faust’s chin was there to get clocked. Pero doesn’t seem to have the power to finish the job and he was laboring his shots with much less power on them half way through the fight. Kudos to pero. Cuban fighters usually are good so we’ll see.

  • Just when you thought you heard it all Faust says “ As a result I won on points, but the injury gave the victory to my opponent”.

    Ummm No Victor. You lost the fight by Tko after taking a weak looking body shot, a few follow up punches and then turning your back on your opponent thus forcing the referee stoppage. Countless fighters are ahead on the scorecards when they are ko’d, and no they didn’t win their fights either.

  • Was actually a good hw fight, well matched, enjoyed it. Lenier Peró was throwing much less punches but was landing much more punches.

  • Question: Why are there a lot of fight cards that do not have a microphone in the center of the ring, hanging from above? The PBC fight cards always have this and it adds a lot to the fight, hearing the difference in how hard, or not, the punches are landed. Just adds to how physical a boxing fight really is.

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