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  • dont expect all that much from Jermaine Franklin.
    inactive, only 1 very easy fight in 3 years.
    and he will probably come in heavy.
    more interesting to see what Whyte has left

  • I remember when these face offs were featuring two great fighters, not two thug mediocres. Chances are more likely than not, that Whyte is fighting an opponent here that will offer nothing much in opposition. I couldn’t even finish watching this. No interest in the fight.

    • Because if you are black you must be a thug right? Second Tyson Fury was on this. On no planet is Tyson Fury great or even good.

      • On planet earth he is. Best heavyweight in the world by a LONG shot. You just don’t like him because he’s white, doesn’t have a ripped body to turn you on and beat your little bitch Bum Squad three times.

        • Its interesting fans like to call Wilder a bum, yet thats the one opponent Fury fans like to bring up as a his biggest win. They dont mention Klitschko. Not to mention Fury was elevated on the P4P list, for beating a bum? Wilder obviously touched a lot of nerves just for being his authentic self. Kyrie Irving is currently going through the same backlash.
          If Fury outweigh his opponents by 40+ lbs not sure why he gets so much credit for the win. We have weight classes for a reason.

        • Cute story. My favorite fighter off all time was Tommy Morrison but clearly you are the typical white racist who loves to bring up race to make yourself feel better. Also I can also tell you are white and racist because you racist white guys love to bring up Deontay Wilder every time somebody mentions Tyson Fury. Also I can tell you are white by how stupid you are. If you think Deontay Widler is a bum and he is the best fighter Tyson Fury fought then wouldn’t that show how bad Fury is? So my point stands. Fury is a bum who career is based off him beating a old Wladimir Klitschko and hype job Deontay Wilder.

          • Jesus Harry sach, I thought I was reading a Kamala Harris post. Word salad nonsense. Am I a racist?

  • Getting sick of Dillian and his little tough guy shit. Mise well go back on the streets big man cause you always getting your shit pushed in from the top guys. China chin

    • Yet Tyson Fury just fought Whyte in a title fight. Wouldn’t that show you how overrated Tyson Fury was/is?

  • JF is a moody fighter with many faces. He don’t have the elite altitude but he makes up the difference with Wall Thickness. Most definitely he has the potential to surprise a lot of people. His biggest asset is his natural ability. This is a highly intriguing fight.

  • Yet, Tyson fury beat the man, Klitschko. Beat wilder, really three times. Undefeated and has fought way better of competition. Please, stop trying vto pump up Whyte. I’m not gonna say he is garbage, but he is no where near fury.

    • You might didn’t realize this but people get older and their bodies break down. Wladimir Klitschko was pushing 40 years old. He wasn’t as his peak anymore. Even then Tyson Fury didn’t look good. He landed 86 punches in 12 rounds. He ran like a scared school girl.

      • What does that matter? He beat the man for all the belts when the man had the belts not past tense, at that ” present” time. He has gone on to beat everyone else including wilder, twice. He beat Whyte with no problem. The game is boxing not see how many times you can get hit in the head and survive. I don’t like that style, but as a boxer you gotta respect it. You seem to hell bent on making this a political discussion, it’s not. You can go and do that on another website. If a boxer comes out with a political statement then talk about, but I don’t remember anything on this story being political.

  • For Better or worse, Dillian, the big gangsta, is an asset to the division. He comes to fight.. But.. Let’s pretend he actually is the big doorman, tough guy, gangster. Why hasn’t he fought Chisora? Or better yet, Joe Joyce? Poor China Chin. Must be hard knowing you can not remember your biggest moments.. Put in that work, Dill!!

  • Uh, JT, Whyte knocked Chisora out cold, bud. And to those that keep saying Fury beat Wilder 3 times; he did not beat Wilder 3 times, first fight was a draw and it should have been a KO victory for Wilder, if we are being fair.

  • Whyte needs to retire once and for all.. Does he think that another fight with Fury will happen…, Highly doubtful…

  • Very Sad comments on the board here.

    Wilder and Fury are the best heavyweights of this era! Usyk is the only one that could change that with a win against both but I don’t think he can beat either.

    I appreciate both of these big dudes, and emmanuel steward is on record saying they will be champs when he came across each as youngsters.

    But fans will always complain about something, yet these two champs could fight anyone in history and make it difficult because of their skill and size! They are both that good.

    If you don’t think either is skilled then you have never boxed. It’s their combined size and skill that makes them great!

    Wilder has great power, speed and length even though Fury exposed the fact that he can’t fight going backwards against a behemoth. Fury has incredible reflexes and footwork for a 6’9” giant of a man.

    But If you can’t see what these guys bring then you are just haters!

    Every fighter has his flaws. Joe Louis was flat footed and fought a well documented bum of the month club, i mean two ton tony galento (who knocked Joe Louis down btw) please. Billy conn was a very good light heavy but he was whooping joe badly until he got careless in their first fight. Flaws.

    Marciano was tiny as a heavyweight and fought no one in their prime. Fury and wilder would easily destroy him.

    Ali was amazing but he had real trouble with Frazier’s style and toughness which naturally gives credence to Iron Mike having a great chance against ali.

    And Speaking of Mike, his best win is against ??? An old light heavyweight spinks? A super old holmes? A tough but limited ruddoch?

    He got absolutely whooped by Holyfield and Lewis, and beat a lot of less than stellar opponents outside of a few good ones.

    The point is no one is perfect, everyone has flaws.

    Yet i wholeheartedly believe that Wilder and Fury could give them all a run due to their size combined with their unique skillsets.

    Don’t hate, appreciate.

    BTW wlad klitschko should probably be regarded nearly as highly as Joe Louis based on what they did in the ring. Look at their overall records, KO percentages and opponents and wlad did it with bigger gloves against bigger opponents. And Yes Both were knocked out too, wlad 4 times, joe twice. Yet people put joe #2 all time on most lists because of his title defenses and discard klitschko has having fought in a weak era. One could easily argue that wlads overall opponents are far better than joe Louis’s opponents.

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