Evan Holyfield set for third fight

Super welterweight Evan “Yung Holy” Holyfield’s (2-0, 2 KOs) next fight will take place on a Christy Martin Promotions card at Hard Rock Hotel Daytona on February 8. Boxing legend Christy Martin stopped by Holyfield’s Houston training camp to look in on four-time world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield’s son and came away impressed.

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Photo Courtesy Team Holyfield

“Most importantly he is a great young man,” said Christy. “He has great speed and power. His work ethic looks unbeatable.”

Evan said, “It was really great that Christy came by and she gave me some psychological tips to use during my training. Right now we are in the middle of camp – sparring just started and things are getting more intense, which I like. I enjoy when things are hard.”

Daytona Beach is about a six hour drive from Atlanta, where Evan grew up.

“I am excited to fight in Daytona – it’s a little closer than my two previous fights. Mom says she is coming with some of the fam. My amateur coach plans to make the drive down, and so are a few friends. I also have a couple of friends in the military that are based in Daytona that will also be there.”

Holyfield announced himself to the professional boxing world on the Canelo-Kovalev November 2 fight card at MGM Grand with a spectacular seventeen-second stoppage (TKO 1). His second fight took place in Houston on November 23, stopping his opponent with a vicious body shot (KO 4). Watch the viral body shot KO HERE

The event will be live streamed via Facebook and YouTube.

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  • Let’s all take a deep breath and give this boy time to develop as a fighter. I think we as an audience can get sucked into the vacuum of expecting offspring of star athletes to perform at the same level as their parents. Not always the case, but the entertainment value can be short lived once we see the flaws in the children. Great example would be Chavez Jr and boy, what a let down.

    • I don’t know if we can compare all legends offsprings to one Julio Jr. When you tell people to slow down on Yung Holy,i don’t think anyone is rushing the process. I just think people understand that he’s young and he has a long way to go. And since Evander was and still is my all time fav fighter of all time,with everything I’m seeing and reading about this kid,i hope that he does very well in general. And i hope that he can also carve his own path and identity. Which will be hard to do beings though he’s a product of Evander’s semen lol. For those that didn’t get that,that was a quote from one Vince McMahon many years ago. But nevermind,only hardcore longtime WWE fans would have caught that comment. But yeah,Youn Holy is just getting started,so lets not mention him in the same breath as quiting Chavez Jr. Chavez had years to show his medal. Yung Holy hasn’t scratched the surface yet. So we can get/be excited about Yung Holy’s future. At least we know he will grind and work hard. It’s in his blood to be a Warrior!

    • Im thinking thats what we’re doing. As you mentioned were well aware that offspring rarely live up to the greatness of their star parent. If anything its the opposite, we dont expect them to reach those heights. Most times, we’re just trying to see comparisons. Superstar athletic men usually end up with some hot exotic beauty chic, without an athletic bone in her body. No real talent but to look attractive. If great athletes selected mates based on athletic potential we might have more offspring rising to the occasion 🙂

  • If ALL the Holyfield kids boxed, he could have one in every weight class. This guy was a REAL semen dispenser (in the name of the Lord).

  • >