Ennis-Crowley Kickoff Press Conference

Photo: Andrew Maclean/Matchroom

IBF welterweight champion Jaron “Boots” Ennis defends his crown against unbeaten mandatory challenger Cody Crowley July 13 clash at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, live worldwide on DAZN. Ennis and Crowley came face-to-face for the first time at a launch press conference Friday in Philadelphia – where Ennis fights at home for the first time since November 2018.

Cody Crowley: “Listen, this is a real-life Rocky Story. I’ve had my whole, entire life taken from me. I’m ready to die on July 13. He has a man in front of him who is ready to die. I’m serious…the last time I was going for the IBF, I was going against the #1 contender, and I went from #6 after I beat him to #14. So that tells you none of this s*** is real and it’s all f****** illusions. I don’t care about this IBF title. I don’t need the title. And I don’t need any of your guys’ acceptance. I’m whole in myself and I’m happy. I’m just proud of myself to be here. All the s*** that I’ve been through, I pulled on and I kept going.”

Jaron Ennis: “My main focus right now is Cody Crowley. My eyes are on him. After this? Definitely undisputed, for sure. I want to go and collect all the rest of the belts, then go up to 154 and do the same thing there…by the time I fight on July 13, it’s going to be a year. Everybody’s missed me. I’m the best. I’m the best at this game, I’m the most exciting in this game and the fans love to see knockouts, so of course they’re going to come out to see me. For sure. They’re going to come and see me put on a show, beat him up, beat him down, then get the knockout…I want to thank Cody for coming out to fight. I appreciate that. But I’m sorry it had to be you.”

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  • – Tickets have not yet been offered to the General Public.
    – They made a big hoopla about selling out the first 4000 pre-public tickets.
    – If prices are reasonable, I will attend this event, as I am from South Philly.
    – Haven’t heard about the undercard. Maybe the Boxing gods will provide a decent one.

  • The welter weight division must really suck, who is this guy Crowley? Who has this Crowley fought to get a title shot? Maybe I am being a little hard on him, but who does the winner get to fight? Bugs Bunny or Daffy duck? Thats all folks!

    • Read the quote from Crowley in the article. He beat the IBF #1 contender, then they burned him. That is messed up.

    • Let me be clear that I have Ennis winning, but the best he’s beaten is Roiman Villa, who is a good fighter who gave him a tough fight that he looked great in, but he hasn’t conquered the world yet either.

      That said, he dismantles Crowley.

  • Young Ennis better stay FOCUSED for his hometown fight or else weird boxing things may occur in front of his hometown crowd.

  • Give Cody Crowley credit be to hell and back getting to fighting IBF world welterweight title be a big ask to beat Ennis but anything can happen in boing

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