Eddy Reynoso talks Valdez-Berchelt, Frank Espinoza and Andy Ruiz

Trainer of the Year Eddy Reynoso spoke to Fightnews.com® exclusively regarding the upcoming fight between Oscar Valdez and Miguel Berchelt, his relationship with manager Frank Espinoza and his new pupil Andy Ruiz.

“Oscar Valdez vs Alacrán Berchelt will be a war,” said Reynoso. “Both are great warriors but I feel that I have a complete fighter in Oscar. He has more tools, he can box, he can counterpunch and he can go forward. Berchelt is a great champion but has only one style and that is to come forward. Oscar can do that too. He can bang and has power in both hands. We have a great game plan.

“Oscar has fought with his jaw broken, he has been knocked down and has come back to win. Berchelt didn’t look good in his last fight. I’m aware that it wasn’t his weight class but he has been knocked down and hasn’t gotten up to win. I think that’s a big difference. But anyway, we have the tools to win.”

Reynoso is a well know disciplinarian who is known to get along great with his fighters and managers. Frank Espinoza who manages Oscar Valdez among other fighters is the one who gives Eddy the advice he needs to become a great manager as well as a trainer.

“Frank Espinoza is a great manager. He adapts well to any fighter, and he is a gentleman. He has treated me very well. There should be mutual respect in this business and that’s exactly what Frank brings to the table. He gives me advice on how to be a manager and how to handle certain things in boxing. I’m really grateful to Frank”.

Finally, Reynoso spoke about his new pupil Andy Ruiz, the former world heavyweight champion who has teamed up with Eddy as they seek to regain the championship.

“Andy Ruiz has a goal to become world champion again and he has shown me that he is serious about this comeback. If he has the discipline and commitment that I require in my fighters, I have no doubt that we will conquer the big crown again.”

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  • OK,
    Lets see Andy Ruiz in world class athlete shape/condition just once

    If he is serious, he should be in the 230lb-240lb range right now

    Remember, Joshua was his one and only good win.
    The rest of his wins are a reasult of Top ranks’ masterful matcmaking.

  • “Berchelt didn’t look good in his last fight…”? Eddie, buddy, you must’ve had too many beers that night. Berchelt steamrolled through his opponent that night while Valdez barely got the win. I like Valdez but I am worried about him in this fight. Based on what I saw, and granted I’m not an expert, Berchelt will massacre this kid.

  • As long as Tyson Fury, Deontay, and AJ are still active, I don’t see Andy winning anything except maybe a USBA/NABF belt.

    • Arturo the Hater is just hating on Andy!!! If Andy is in good shape he can beat any of the Champions even Fury!!!! It just takes one good shot in the heavyweight and Andy Ruiz throws punches in bunches!!!

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