Dubois predicts ‘devastating finish’ against Joyce

Heavyweight Daniel Dubois insists he’s ready to roll with the punches when it comes to his next career step and would take a world title fight behind closed doors if he had to. 23-year-old ‘Dynamite’ has seen first-hand the havoc Coronavirus restrictions can wreak on the sporting schedule, with his upcoming bout with Joe Joyce having been pushed back three times this year.

Unfazed, Dubois fully intends to continue his rapid ascent through the ranks of boxing’s glamour division and would take whatever shot came his way, regardless of how it came to him.

Of getting a world title shot behind-closed-doors he said: “If the situation doesn’t improve and it doesn’t look likely there’ll be crowds there I’d definitely take it. After this fight, if that’s the next option then we’ll definitely take it.”

Dubois (15-0, 14KO’s) is currently ranked #2 with the WBO and, if internet whispers are to be believed, could be in-line to face #1 ranked Ukranian Oleksandr Usyk for the title should Britain’s Anthony Joshua vacate the title in search of a superfight with ‘The Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury.

Questioned by host Dev Sahni about his willingness to take on a fight against Usyk at such an early stage of his career, Dubois was assured in his response: “I’d definitely take that on.

“It’s another big challenge and another big exciting fight. He’s a talented boxer with a good boxing brain and good all round movement.”

Former Cruiserweight kingpin Usyk would undoubtedly enter any such fight as the bookies favorite, owing to his wealth of experience, but ‘Dynamite’ believes he has the attributes to overcome the odds.

Asked what he has that would see him claim victory over Usyk, he said: “My athleticism, my speed, my youth and my power. All that put together.”

Ready to take on any challenge, Dubois also insists that should Joshua not vacate the title then he’d happily take part in a ‘Battle of Britain’ affair with AJ for the Gold.

When questioned on what kind of fighter would prove to be Olympic Gold medallist Joshua’s undoing, Dubois said someone who was “young and hungry”.

So, did the ambitious Greenwich prospect have anyone in mind?

“Yeah” he laughed, “me next!”

Before any World Title opportunity though, there’s a massive obstacle in his way by the name of Joe Joyce.

35-year-old Joyce boasts an undefeated record of his own, with 11 wins to his credit, and is backed by many within boxing to deliver a first defeat his younger foe.

Dubois however is convinced that he has the answers to any questions posed by ‘The Juggernaut’.

“Whatever he does I’ve got an answer for it. If he tries to move in and fight me that’ll be better for me, that’s what I want, but if he tries to box I can do that too. I’m not worried about what he’ll try and do.”

With another behind-closed-doors bout ahead of him, perhaps not for the last time, confident Dubois knows exactly what people can expect come November 28th when he faces off against Joyce.

“A knockout. A devastating finish.”

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  • This could be the first time both guys chin will be under a genuine test. I have the feeling Joice’s is more sturdy, even though his power is awesome, he has a lot permeable defense and a very clumsy foot work. I think Dubois is more atractive and promising for boxing and an spectacular win might put him right in the mega fights mix.

  • I would so love to see a knockout! Both are hard hitters but if Dubois can take a good punch in the chin, then I see Dubois winning somewhere between 7 or 8 rounds. Let’s just hope it’s not a stinker like the much hyped Canelo Vs Chavez Jr PPV match which was more like a Cinderella hugging match.

    • Yes, speed kills in this case. Dubois could simply out box Joyce and slowly break him down for a TKO in the later rounds.

  • The key will be the speed. In my opinion Joyce is slow and Dubois quite fast. 3 rounds will last Joyce as much in my opinion

  • Most people reckon Dubois will win for reason. I hope Joyce will survive the first rounds and will be able to cut off the corners and put some pressure on Dubois. If he manages, this fight will be highly interesting, will-power, back and forth, toe to toe, but the risk is that it all ends within a couple of rounds, and that you didn’t get the excitement, just a bloody nose and the usual excuses.

  • Interesting match up and a good one for both fighters. Joyce needs to get on with it at his age so Dubois will likely be his only chance to elevate himself.
    This also is a decent yardstick for DD. They’ve fought similar calibre opposition but DD is the only guy who has fought a fighter with an unbeaten record.
    I like both but hope DD wins as he’ll be around for longer

  • Joyce had better get past the first couple of rounds, he is such a slow starter and the middle rounds will be his and he could get a stoppage. Normally Joyce would have the better engine but age will have caught up with him now probably especially against the younger Dubois. Fight can go either way.

  • Du Bois has not fought anyone remotely worldclass but here he is talking about fighting the top heavyweights. It does not add up for me. Du Bois better be focused on Joyce.

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