Drunk Ring Girl cautioned in Japan

By Joe Koizumi

The liaison conference of the Japan Boxing Commission (JBC) and the JPBA (Japan Professional Boxing Association, the union of all JBC-licensed club owners) disclosed on Thursday that a ring girl got drunk, felt sick, and was treated in the latest show at the Korakuen Hall. It is advisable to inspect ring girls with an alcohol detector before they climb up to the ring. Funny.

The conference also reported that some cornerman took off a mask (against the JBC’s instructions) to shout and give an encouragement/advice to his boxer during the bout. Also, five people of the same unidentified gym tested positive for COVID-19 infection after the show on Tuesday. Let’s take care.

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  • I wont assume shes small (Being from China and a ring card girl), but was nobody watching her? I mean how many times did she get up to get a drink or how many times did somebody bring her one? Personally Id like the entertainment of a drunk person trying to get in and out of a ring while Im watching boxing.

  • If this is considered worthy boxing news. The sweet science is in trouble. Spadafora used to do shots with the ring girls before fights. Saw it first hand many times

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