Don King Statement

Boxing promoter Don King’s comments on the dispute with Frank Warren and Queensberry Promotions, plus a copy of the agreement and wire transfer provided by King.

Don King Statement: For two months DKP has been requesting bank wire instructions for Queensberry Promotions in order to pay Daniel Dubois’s purse. Yet, never received them. The pretender Frank Warren told IFLTV in the UK that Frank Warren wants to make clear that none of that dispute should involve him. And more importantly, Warren says King is trying to distract from having to pay Dubois what he’s owed.

Don King: “That statement from the pretender Frank Warren is totally false!!! And that what Frank Warren said is completely untrue.”

Frank Warren: “They (King and Dubois) are the contracting parties, not me. He owes the money to Daniel Dubois. This is all smoke screens – the usual bullshit you get.”

Don King: “The money is owed to Dubois’s promoter (Queensberry Promotions) Frank Warren for Dubois contractually.

Frank Warren: “The fact is He’s (King) got a contract and that contract’s between them. That’s who he owes money to. I’m nothing to do with that contract. I’m not his manager. I’m his promoter.

Don King: “If all the above statements from the pretender to be Frank Warren are true… then how can the pretender Frank Warren, direct me to deduct $475,000 from Daniel Dubois’s purse to purchase the TV broadcast rights for the UK for BT Sports TV??? For Frank Warren’s (Queensberry Promotion) I have never talked to Daniel Dubois, and all of the business that I have conducted for Daniel Dubois has been conducted through his promoter Frank Warren (Queensberry Promotions). Enclosed are the paragraphs:

Congratulations Frank, to you for your new WBA heavyweight champion Daniel Dubois. He is a very fine young man and a potentially great heavyweight champion. However, Frank, he deserves much, much better treatment than he is receiving from that guy who says, “it’s all bullshit”, pretending to be Frank Warren. I am sorry to say this Frank, but I don’t know who that guy is?? Nor, do I want to know who that guy is.

However, I asked the honorable Frank Warren, my friend, to tell me what amount he wants me to deduct or to apply as a partial payment on the old debt that you owed me. I also mention that if you did not want to make any payment at this time, just let me know, either way your word and your directions was good enough for me. So, I reached out to your new champion, Daniel Dubois, through another party, and the champion Dubois advised me to go through Mr. Leon Margules. So, I am sending Mr. Margules a check, or a bank wire for the entire amount of what I had deducted as payment of the old debt between Frank Warren and Don King. Which will result into the honorable Frank Warren’s old debt owed to me being put back on the shelf again. But I have no doubt that Frank will pay me the old debt, and that we will work together again. Working together works!!!

Thanks Frank,
Don King
Only In America


Below is the wire transfer to Margules Law Firm, and receipt of transfer has been confirmed.


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  • Don King: Hey Black fighters, come to me. The White promoters are ripping you off. Don King to himself: SUCKERS.

  • Why does fightnews keep on with this? Who cares! This back and forth between these two old codgers is silly. Come on Fightnews, we deserve better.

    • Your comment is ON POINT! I’m at a point where I feel like fightnews is becoming a daily version of TMZ

    • – Agreed, JT.
      – Not boxing news worth publishing from Fight News.
      – Are you paying attention, Fight News?

  • I have no idea who’s the good guy and the bad guy on this… and maybe they’re both bad guys. Frankly, I don’t much care… same as everyone else commenting. I do, however, feel like Frank Warren is the more credible promoter. But maybe he’s capitalizing on the general perception that King is a crook and using that perception to outcrook the master. It still all stinks and makes boxing look corrupt. Boxing is corrupt enough without crap like this.

  • Why do the evil ones live so long? This has always puzzled me. Over 50 years of scamming and people still choose to do business with him. Who’s really at fault?

    • Evil people live longer because they work extra hard to avoid dying, knowing full well what awaits them at the end.

  • Frank Warren is the UKs Equivalent to Don King and has sued more fighters had more disputes with fighters than any UK promoter I know.

    The former boxer, Terry Marsh, who had become Warren’s first world champion. In 1989 Terry March was accused of the shooting Warren but acquitted by a jury. Warren was shot in the chest.

    On February 2012, Frank Warren Promotions were ordered to pay £102,000 into court by the 1st of March and to pay up-front costs of £20,000 to Matchroom Sport Limited.

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