Don King Open Letter

I love Frank Warren… Frank is a great promoter, but more importantly, Frank, like me, believes that our word and integrity is our bond. that our word and integrity are more important (to our manhood) than a contract. That is why, Frank safely took the liberty of pre-announcing BT Sports TV’s broadcasting of the WBA world heavyweight championship title fight, Trevor Bryan vs Daniel Dubois without a signed contract, without fear or apprehension.

I am deeply honored and very proud to have worked together with Frank over the years and to have worked together on some of the great promotions… history-making promotions. Then, to be his friend who has helped him, with love, tolerance, and veracity. And then, watched him grow and develop into a great promoter of the people, who keeps his word.

Don King

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  • Is this the same Don King who sued Ol’ Fish Eyes for a breach of contract and won £8 million, and then sent his lawyers in to get the final £200k when Frankie wouldn’t pay?

  • Don King is a genetic freak I’ve never seen anyone 90 years old have so much f*cking stamina & positive attitude with booming voice like he’s got. Doesn’t physically look like an old man either, it’s crazy!

    • Yeah, I agree. Don doesn’t look 90. It’s amazing how these dictator like people live long and healthy lives. Fidel Castro, Ayatollah Khamenei and Robert Mugabe just to name a few.

      • Just remember in Mugabe’s case, he did not use the healthcare system in Zimbabwe which ZANU PF destroyed. That system was not good enough for him and he flew to developed countries – who he routinely criticized – for his medical treatment. The same hypocrisy is practiced today by South Africa’s current dictators the ANC, and more recently the Deputy President who prefers Russia when he needs medical treatment.

      • But then there’s Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, so go figure. Both look like they could croak at any time.

      • You know what they say, “The good die young while evil tends to linger.”

    • Now that you mention it, it is kind of crazy. Don King hasn’t aged a minute in 20 years.

    • There’s a saying in Spanish that loosely translates to: bad weeds are hard to kill.

  • Don King wrote this: …our word and integrity is our bond. This is a man who routinely used the ‘race card’ to attract Black fighters and then promptly ripped them off. This is also the man who said ‘You quick like a dog’ to a stricken Gerald McClellan at the hospital after the Benn fight.

    • I’m not a big king fan but its worth mentioning there are only two people to know if King really said this. This supposedly happened in the back of an ambulance. and he had a tux on that night. I expect him to be in Benn’s dressing room or in a limo.
      And Ive heard neither of them confirm this happened. So it should be stated as a fact.

      • It is stated in the book on the fight. It is in my collection but somewhere in a box so I cannot give you the details. That’s where I picked it up.

      • Here you go, got it online: War, Baby: The Glamour of Violence Paperback – October 1, 2001 by Kevin Mitchell (Author). This was one of the most highly charged atmospheres at a fight I can recall. It was such a brutal fight something had to give. Unbelievable courage by both guys and Benn was on the verge of being ko’d a number of times but somehow managed to survive. I always wondered if a bad clash of heads – I think in the 7th – was the cause of the damage to Gerald.

    • What kind of dog? Not all dogs are quick! Bulldogs are slow…or is it me?

    • Ok so he’s had bad moments. Is a person, stuck in that bad moment? How many bad moments have you had that we don’t know about? Does that define you forever? Perhaps he’s a changed man…..I wouldn’t do business with him myself but perhaps he’s a changed man lol.

  • DK is a big talker and has 10 very long fingers.He forgets to be honest most of the time.

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