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    • I wouldn’t pay to see haney fight unless it’s against tank davis. Then I’ll pay cause somebody getting knocked out. I pay for knockouts cash in hand for that kind of fight

  • Kambosos will towel this talented boy up too. Then we will see a true 4 belt era undisputed champion

    • Tank said after be beat kambosas he can keep the belts, everyone worried about belts tank worried about his money. Even if haney or kambosas become undisputed if they fight tank they probably lose them anyway to tank either one of them. Tank hits really hard, you just can’t ignore the power guys its real

  • Good win for Haney. So great listening to him speak. Sounds like a very articulate, intelligent, level-headed young man. Humble, respectful, talented, prepared. He only said “at the end of the day” one time. Also, no overused phrases like “you know what I’m sayin’?” or “can you feel me?” after every single sentence. Such a far cry from that ignorant loudmouth Lopez and his foul, unbearable father.

    Best to this young man going forward! The sport needs more like him to replace the ghetto, street-talking rats like Lopez.

    • I don’t have a problem with a fighter who didn’t have a good upbringing and perhaps lacks with his vocabulary and/or vernacular, as long as he’s not a disrespectful jerk like Teo Sr. and Angel Garcia!! Terrance Crawford isn’t ‘well spoken’ but he’s an assassin and not disrespectful! Unless you mess with him!!

  • Devin The Decision Haney great boxing ability no power he wont be able to keep Kambosos off him.

    • Yeah no power haney or kambosas will become undisputed and they reward is they get to keep the belts but get knockout by tank davis. Wowww that sounds great nottt

  • It’s hard to be excited for a pillow fisted fighter. He’s very technical and he’ll do well but it’s a fighter that I wouldn’t care to miss a free fight and just catch the decision victory review the next day. Still can’t believe no major provider is doing more for Beterbiev, he’s going to go down as the worst promoted exciting fighter in history. 100% ko rate, absolute monster with technical skills and a killer mentality but he’s been on ESPN once and no one is in any hurry even tho he’s 36 to sign him to huge fights. Seems like such a waste

    • I suspect age has something to do with the lack of interest in Berterviev. It would be a gamble to sign him to a long term deal at 36 y/o.

      • It’s extremely hard to promote a fighter who doesn’t speak English in the US. Unless you’re Mexican it’s a shot in dark.

  • Im not sure going up to 140 is the right move. He doesnt really have the power in his current division, much less in a higher division. Idk how to take that…

  • Haney should go up to 140. Forget about Tank (not a pay per view fighter, ($74.95, no way) can’t sell a fight). Haney beats anyone in the top 10 at 140 named Jose. Postol is 38.

  • sulamain created this mess but truth be told if they just did have 1 champion only in the WBC then it would NOT be Haney he would be an interim or something way to go greedy ass WBC either way Haney clout chasing calling out Loma and Tank Loma will outbox him and Tank KOs him he will try to steal a win against Kambosos then jump to 140

  • I cant believe what an embarrassment kambosos is Australia
    he should just keep his mouth shut comes across as a total idiot no class just a crass

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