Cruz wins by split decision in eliminator

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Photo: Emily Harney

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

In a WBC and WBA lightweight title eliminator, Mexico City’s hard hitting WBC #3, WBA #5, IBF #5, WBO #5 Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz (25-2-1, 17 KOs) scored a twelve round split decision over previously undefeated WBA #9, IBF #11, WBO #11 Giovanni Cabrera (21-1, 7 KOs) of Seattle in the Spence-Crawford co-main event on Saturday night at the sold out T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Cruz pressed the action and landed hard punches that Cabrera was able to take. Cruz was deducted a point in round eight for a headbutt. Scores were 114-113 for Cabrera, 114-113, 115-112 for Cruz.

It was a slow start for Cruz but he swung wildly attempting his way inside as Cabrera stood straight up and boxed. Pressuring in round two, Cruz went right after Cabrera as he continued to box and keep his distance. Attacking the body in round three, Cruz closed the distance as he ripped Cabrera who kept sticking and moving. Continue to box and stick the jab in the fourth, Cabrera kept his distance as Cruz continued to apply the pressure.

Cruz roughed up Cabrera in the fifth connecting with wild power shots and butting him in the process as referee Thomas Taylor issued a warning. The roughhouse tactics continued from Cruz in the fifth as he hit Cabrera with a low blow as the ref warned him for a low blow. In the sixth, Pitbull continued to make it a dog fight as applied the pressure and connected with wild shots. Cabrera appeared to have a decent round in the seventh as he was busy and kept Cruz off rhythm chasing away. The referee deducted a point from Cruz for once again headbutting Cabrera, shortly after Pitbull let a burst of wild punches to finish the round strong.

Holding his own through the course of nine rounds, Cabrera stood busy outworking Cruz who continued to be the hunter. Pitbull attacked with wild shots in the tenth as he connected Cabrera, who refused to go down and continued to fight. Late in the fight in the championship rounds, Cabrera kept busy but Cruz made it rough by throwing wild haymakers. The twelfth and final round saw Cabrera staying busy and confident with Cruz pressing and swinging wildly

In the end the judges scored the bout, 114-113 for Cabrera, 114-113 for Cruz, and the difference in the cards was 115-112 for Cruz

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  • I don’t know what fight the judges saw.
    Cruz was getting frustrated with too much holding from Cabrera.
    At least, the right man won.

  • Hear we go, fightnews people. Hey Carlos, I got my beer. I’m ready to watch Spence take this fight.

    • How’s that going for you? The only thing Spence is taking is a career ending beating.

      • Phillip, You must be one of those bandwagon posters. I know that beer went down pretty good. Is this your first time on here because never seen your name, but you gloat as if you did something???? Tell you what, try posting before the fight with a prediction rather than after like you called it when you didn’t. Ok, Phillip Oliver.

  • Cabrera’s style seemed to frustrated Pitbull, Cabrera was game and took Pitbulls shot with minimal damage, if only Cabrera had power he might have done more damage, on a side observation Freddy is no longer fit to be coaching a fighters corner, Cabrera should seek new trainer
    Also styles make fights, judging by this matchup , I got Ryan over Cruz at 140
    Ryan is faster and stronger than Cabrera…but, Ryan’s chin will be the only concern I have

    • By Ryan do you mean Ryan Garcia?? Cruz Will absolutely destroy Ryan Garcia. He knows how weak Garcia’s chin is and he will have no problem coming forward throwing bombs because he knows once he lands he’s going home. Cruz will destroy Garcia.

      • Ryan’s chin is weak, his body even weaker (if the Davis KO is anything to go by).

  • I see Cruz is not using his jab and not throwing straight hands. Cruz is still hell on wheels, though. Because not too many fighters want Cruz, I have no problems watching him fight Garcia or Zepeda.

  • Cruz clearly won the fight but it shows just how vastly overrated he is. He’s living off his past of having a close fight with a one-handed Tank davis. He clearly has trouble with fighters who has decent movement as shown tonight. He didn’t do enough to impress for a Tank Davis fight. No double Stevenson would absolutely dominate him. Props to Cabrera for showing that iron chin. Ryan Garcia called him out post fight. That would be an interesting fight. I hope they get it signed. Winner takes on Rolly for the title.

  • Cabrera was using his jab well, except it had little to nothing on it, so he did his thing with the jab and the movement, but it shows if Cruz fights similar boxers who jab but have avg to solid power he will have even worse luck.
    Again, I don’t know what happened with the scorecards. Cruz although frustrated still landed 2-4 hooks each round to take the round because Cabrera had no sting on his shots.

  • The opponent reminded me of a weaker and worse version of Chris Algieri…Cruz is a decent fighter but anybody That can box will beat him..for example I think the Dominican guy that fought Davis would win easy

  • Someone needs to tell Don Trella and Glen Feldman that clean, effective punches is the main criteria of scoring. Cabrera had nice ring generalship, but he pitty patted and punched Cruz’s gloves too much to be given more than 3-4 rounds. Meanwhile, Cruz, who admittedly has an ugly style, kept smoking him clean several times a round. Not a hard fight to score.

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