Crawford crushes Brook in four

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WBO welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs) scored a crushing fourth round TKO over former world champion Kell Brook (39-3, 27 KOs) on Saturday night inside “The Bubble” at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Brook did well in the first three rounds, but Crawford unleashed on him in round four, blasting Brook into the ropes for a knockdown, then mercilessly finishing him. Time was 1:14.

Terence Crawford: “I was trying to gauge the distance. He had good distance. I was trying to find my rhythm in between getting my distance together. That’s why it was so competitive at first. I couldn’t get my shots off. Kell is a tremendous talent. He came and he tried to take my title. He was in shape. He made the weight. There were no excuses to be put on the table. He came off of three wins. He lost to the better man.

“I already said who I want {next}. I want Pacquiao. I want to revisit that fight. That was a fight that should’ve happened right now. But being that the pandemic happened, and they weren’t going to allow fans in the Middle East, they had to put a hold to that. Everything was 95 percent done. We had the venue. The money was almost there. It wasn’t quite there. That was the only thing we were waiting on.”

Bob Arum: “Terence Crawford showed, once again, why he is the best welterweight in the world. It was a dominating performance over a very good fighter in Kell Brook. Terence ranks up there with all the great welterweights I’ve promoted.”

Kell Brook: “Never in my career, nobody has ever done that to me in sparring or anything. It was one of them… I got caught with a shot I didn’t see. I’m gutted because nobody could’ve gotten me in better condition. I was bang on the limit. Maybe I could’ve been a bit more relaxed and loose and let the shots go.”

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  • Brook looked rather anemic and out of his element the way he was KO’d. He was rather dazed and confused after the fight saying “What happened?”. Almost like a fast car wreck and you put it all together long after it’s over. Matter of time before Crawford had him figured out. Props to Crawford for the victory! Crawford has busted up Kahn and Brook now so maybe they can now fight each other! LOL

    • Think Brooks punch resistance is gone, the first knockdown was really just a heavy jab, he looked bewildered after the fight. Confirmed 2 things, Crawford is elite, Brook is finished,as is Khan, so let them at it!

      • Yeah sadly I think you’re right, he looked sharp and was holding his own in the chess match, but super fragile once hit… And it wasn’t even a thunderous shot.

        I hope he’s got enough money and doesn’t need to fight again, I’ve seen fighters improve technically as they age, but never reverse a diminished punch resistance.

        • All of these kinds of opinions fail to mention being scared about getting hit. That alone can zap your resistance to getting hit. I think Brook was too much of a chest player. Once he realized that the jab was getting through he should have turned up.I think that would have helped with taking a punch. However that being said, it could have been his own power more so than the jab colliding that did the damage. Brook has a power jab that comes from the back of his right foot. It was a collision and you’ll notice that his head snapped back with equates to a whiplash. That along can through off your equilibrium.

      • You’re right, the punch was nothing more than a stiff jab. Brook took far bigger shots from GGG.

      • How do these two things go together, however: “Crawford is elite, Brook is finished”?

        • Spot on Ajay!!!

          Personally, I don’t think Brook is shot and there was never a doubt TC is elite in my mind.

          Somebody asked where Brook goes from here and many are suggesting he should retire. He lost to the top dawg!!! He didn’t lose to a nobody. As for the punch that sent him to queer street: he never saw it and walked full on into it. Just a heavy jab? LOL! It snapped his head back.

          Btw, I realize you didn’t say these things Ajay, but I’m rolling now.

          To me the toughest thing facing Brook right now is where he fits weight wise. At best, he’s a large Welterweight, but maybe he’d be more comfortable as an average size Junior Middleweight. Anyway, he’s got plenty of options at either weight and it would be foolish to write him off based on being stopped by TC (Spence or GGG at Middleweight).

  • That’s probably it for Brook at the top tier. I see him being a gate keeper for a few more fights and calling it quits.

    Not really sure where he can honestly go from here.

    Maybe a Shawn Porter rematch?

    • He was looking pretty good before the KO. I doubt losing the the best p4p fighter inn the world ruins his career at the elite level and makes him a gatekeeper. Imo he best most other 147 pounders.

      Khan need to grow some balls and finally fight Brook. That will be a good fight for brook and help him ease his way into another top name.

    • He needs to move back up a weight class or two and continue to fight a few tomato cans.

  • Crawford still as it at 33. But is it just me or has the fight with Spence lost it’s luster due to Spences horrific car crash. I mean we won’t really know what Spence has left but we will soon find out against Garcia. But either way I feel Spence has lost something.

    • We will find out when Spence faces Garcia if he has lost anything. That is really a hot topic right now. I am behind Spence for the victory.

    • Why are you burying the guy before you even see him fight? Wait until he fights garcia before you speak all this negative horse shit

    • If Spence can’t handle Garcia, then yes, the match up loses a bunch of luster. However, as Brook said after the fight, styles make fights.

      Assuming a Spence victory, but a lackluster performance we can give him the following excuses in a lead up to a TC fight without using the car accident:

      1) Rust! Long layoff and fighting a solid guy isn’t the easiest first ask.

      2) Covid-19: sparring and training is different these days.

      3) Danny Garcia: he probably won’t sell out if Spence is strong and that can make for a lackluster win. (Again, styles and fights).

      No matter what, the Spence return is worth watching. He’s truly lucky to be alive, but we’ll see pretty early if he’s moving and feeling confident. My guess is his people wouldn’t match him this tough if he wasn’t passing the eye test.

  • Is it just me or does old Bob look like some crazy coot who escaped from a nursing home

    • He looks, moves, and speaks a lot better than my dad at 89 years of age! Give the guy a break! Yes, he does look crazed but It helps to keep people on their toes! By the way, the punch that initially hurt Brook was a right HOOK, not a jab!

  • Tough fight for Kell. He won 2 rounds though! Canelo, GGG and now Crawford. No shame in losing to them and was a great champion up to that point. Time to hang up the gloves mate.

  • Ugh after the first 2 rounds, I really thought Brook could have him in a chess match haha. Really crisp jabbing! Underrated power for crawford though. Great KO % at championship level. That shot showed it tonight. Really enjoyed brook interview after btw

      • They spoke to him in the back for a few mins. He was gracious. Said he doesn’t know what shot hit him but he has never been hurt like that before by anyone. They pushed him on who was better, crawford or spence , and he was complimentary to both.

  • Crawford seems to be getting better as time goes on. Props to Brook for fighting him tho.

    • No discrediting Crawford’s win but Brook hasn’t looked good in his three wins since loosing and draining down to welterweight did him no good. Hopefully we’ll get the Bud-Spence fight soon? You can never base fights on fighters vs common opponents it’s been a cpl years between the Spence/Brook and Brook/Crawford fights so there’s no telling if Brook is the same fighter but time will tel. Congratulations to Crawford for doing what he needed to do to keep the Spence fight relevant hopefully Spence wins as well?

  • Good fight for Bud. Shows how he can adapt and time a guy. Brook had a better jab but Bud took rnd2 off to figure it out. Love how he wants to engage. Love to see him vs Spence. Provided he gets by Garcia.

  • Great job by Crawford. Good honest interview with Brook afterwards. Brook had a game plan that looked like he could make it to the latter rounds with some gas in the tank but that short shot put an end to that. Hopefully Spence next. Should be an excellent fight.

  • In another post I said that Brooks was killed in his fight with GGG, and said he was never the same after.I thought this would end in a Crawford K.O in the 9th, I guess Crawford must’ve read my comment and it bothered him :). Tell you what, i concur with Arum what he said,Crawford is in the mode of the great Welters, and his ability to improvise to any situation makes him a fighter that is not only dangerous but extremely intelligent. Even hearing Crawford speak you know this man is a very serious man.BTW in some ways he reminds me of Hagler, that seek and destroy style, and the ability to know exactly when to finish a fighter. I.M.O Spence (if he gets by Garcia) will run away from Crawford until he see’s father time slow Crawford down, because in truth, the guys at Haymons avoidance factory, do not even want to speak Crawfords name.

    • well said steve but I don’t think hagler had the rare talent that crawford has, he was a bit more predictable than crawford but certainly one of the all time greats. I have never seen anyone so badly affected by such an off balanced punch, so it either proves that brooke’s punch resistence is gone or crawford is a genius

      • In truth Jeff it’s a bit of each.Crawford hits a lot harder than people think, and Brooks chin is no longer world class, after the GGG fight his aura disappeared, however GGG is a man that hurts a guy bad.

  • Well, I picked Crawford to win by a late TKO, but I guess Crawford wanted to start an early victory party. A nice, solid statement done by Crawford. I hope Brook retires now because I am concerned about him. Brook was in great physical shape though.

    Of course, Crawford wants Manny ($$$), and Manny may give it a suicid…oops…I mean give it a try for the right price. As for now, let’s see if Spence can earn an impactful victory against tough Garcia. However, after Crawford’s impactful victory, is Spence willing to dare for greatness against Crawford??

    I really want to see Spence vs. Crawford, but I have concerns about Spence’s mental conditioning against Garcia. Otherwise, in absence of Spence’s vehicle crash, I would easily pick Spence to defeat Garcia by UD.

  • Crawford landed that shot with Brook walking into it. Crawford hard to beat once he goes southpaw. If he stayed conventional all night, he could be beat. Haymon fighters probably do not fight Crawford. Maybe it will be Mikey Garcia vs Pacquiao. Shawn Porter doesn’t have the power, but he is rough and tough. Danny Garcia has a shot, depends if Spence is really back. Danny Garcia vs Crawford makes $ in America (if Garcia can win over Spence). The few somewhat known names of the WBO at 147:
    2 Vergil Ortiz, Jr. USA
    3 Mikey Garcia USA
    4 Custio Clayton CAN
    10 David Avanesyan RUS
    11 Keith Thurman USA

  • I’ve never really been a fan of Brook’s or Khan’s since he turned pro, but I have to say that for all the time we’ve spent listening to them and their supporters talk about how afraid the other one is of taking the fight: If you think about it, between them they’ve now fought Crawford 2x, Canelo, GGG, Spence, Garcia, Porter and Maidana. Maybe now they can finally fight on their way out of the door, but even if they don’t I don’t know how someone says that either of them is afraid.

  • I thought it was an early stoppage, Kell was just doing the rope a dope and playing possum

  • Before I see Crawford or Spence fight Pacquiao, we need to see Crawford fight Spence!!!

  • Thought Brook had at least one more good fight in him still, but sad to see he is really a shot fighter the confused way he acted to that punch. Crawford was in top form.

  • Brook is still a good fighter, but it looks like he can’t take a good punch at this point. He got hit with a punch he didn’t see and it was over. Bud seriously hurt him, which is something that hadn’t happen to him before. He was stopped by Triple G and Spence but was never shaken by one punch like he was tonight. It was an impressive win because Brook can outbox most fighters even at this point in his career.

    Switching to southpaw really helped Crawford get some punches in with his right hand as the lead hand and rendered Brook’s jab much less effective. That jab was Brook’s ticket to victory and without it, he had to rely on a long right. That left him open for counters.

    I really don’t know if Crawford’s power at welterweight is for real or if Brook just can’t take a good shot anymore. Maybe it’s both. The good news is we’ll have a chance to find out if a Pacquaio or Spence fight can be made next.

  • I will say it again, Crawford has a very high ring IQ. This bout had the makings of being very competitive. Brooks displayed a hint of his speed and ability to compete at the top of the welterweight division and then Crawford dialed it in and the fight was over. Got to the end results in half the time I predicted.

    Crawford vs Spence is the fight that needs to be made. However, I agree with many who have said Spence will wait until Crawford gets old. Unfortunately, I see Crawford holding a IQ advantage over Spence at any age which will carry him to victory…

  • Brook was destined to lose! But I think the ref was a little to eager to stop it. He deserved an opportunity to go out on his shield!

  • As has been said, Kell’s punch resistance is gone. Fight Khan for the irrelevant belt. Doesn’t matter what kind of shape he’s in. Craw wants Pac first for the $$, can’t blame him. If he wins and Spence beats Danny, then I think they’ll fight cause the $$ would be huge. Craw switching to SP was the key. Kell had no answer once he couldn’t land the jab. I think Spence can beat him if he’s locked in. Porter is a swarmer but doesn’t have the pop. Thurman thinks he’s better than he is. Garcia starts so slow he’s always 4 rounds behind. I’m happy we’ve got fights to argue about 🙂

  • I knew Crawford was going to beat Brook, but was surprised that a right hand thrown in that manner, had that kind of effect. Brook was clipped by a punch he didn’t see, perfectly timed, with enough power on it to separate Brook from his senses. This is why this sport is called “The Sweet Science”.

    I think Brook needs to hang it up, but that’s his decision. He looked physically prepared, seemed mentally ready. Maybe he should’ve taken a few tune-up fights before stepping into the ring with Crawford. What a disappointment for him. He’s obviously on the tail end of his career.

    Don’t know why people mention Khan. He’s irrelevant, also at the end of his career. I wouldn’t be interested in seeing a match between Khan and Brook, not at this stage of their careers. Time to move on from these two.

  • Close fight up to the stoppage, very much a chess match that looked pretty even to me.

    Then Bud landed a right jab on the point of Brooks chin right in the middle of a Kell jab – right hand; and that was pretty much fight over.

    Not to take anything away from Crawford, he’s a really good fighter, and a KO4 over Brook is a great result, but it looked to me that Kell’s punch resistance just isn’t there anymore.

    Brook needs to retire, it’s been 3.5 years since the Spence fight and he’s clearly not the same fighter he was around the time he faced GGG / Spence – the bombs GGG landed never affected his equilibrium like that jab from Crawford did.

    Be good to see Crawford fight the Spence/Garcia winner to see who really is the best Welter.

  • Boring fight, Crawford beats another bum. The guy needs to step up and fight another champion to be anywhere near PvP worthy.

    • Even though your comment is being disliked, people must be thinking did Crawford just beat a shot fighter. The first half decent shot landed on Brook and sadly he was done for.

    • Roy, u obviously dont know boxing.
      Kell is a top world class warrior who has mixed it with the best and is at the end of his career.
      Hardly makes him a bum.

  • Kell Brook used to be a superb boxer-puncher but has never been the same after the Golovkin fight IMO. I guess for some boxers, one brutal fight could drastically change the course of their fighting career.

  • I am Ariel Magbanua, the best software engineer the world has ever had, that shitty fight is scripted. I know this because I am best in analyzing people’s move

  • C’mon Terence. Pacman is way beyond his best. You can do better at the moment. Pacman is my favourite fighter..

    • Yeah, PacMan is 42, got to be past his best… Could that’s the way Bud likes ’em.

      I’d like to see him fight Spence to see which of these contenders are the champ.

      All this talk of being P4P best, when he’s not even beaten the best in the division yet, bit premature if you ask me.

  • Pacman is over the hill. Just a great payday for Bud. GGG would be a better match up. Nice short right hook by Bud, snap in shoulder and wrist.

      • I agree Triple G is past is prime. Pacman 43 years old, started as a featherweight now 146, 67 inch reach. GGG , 38 years old, 70.08 inch reach a small middleweight. Crawford 147#, 74 inch reach, in his prime at 33 years old. Punch is the last thing that goes so GGG should be able to make it an intetesting contest.

  • Why was Mark Kreigel on the ESPN broadcast making such a big deal about the fact Crawford stopped Brook quicker then GGG and Spence did? That is totally irreverent but he kept playing it up like it meant something important. Boxing is full of examples proving it doesn’t indicate who would win in a particular fight. Duran gave Hagler a competitive 15 rounds and then Hearns annihilated Duran in 2 rounds but when it get fought Hagler destroyed the Hearns. Ken Norton beat Ali and lost a competitive rematch. Foreman destroyed Norton in 2 so when Ali and foreman fought we all know what happened. So playing up what happened by Kreigel was just lazy reporting in my opinion.

  • Actually last night proved 3 things. First Crawford is a fighter that can improvise to any style, that means he is very dangerous to anyone. Number 2 means that Spence will continue along with Haymons other fighters to AVOID Crawford until he feels he is slowing down.Number 3, I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone is discounting Pacman? For a guy that is the elder statesman at this point, he took apart Thurman like he went for a walk in the park, not to mention other fights he’s had that he showed he may very well be the best at welter. I believe a Pac/Crawford fight would be better than a Spence fight. Because both men know that ring, and have an IQ how to win fights and how to keep things interesting. And I still would not be surprised if Danny Garcia gives Spence a loss, because Garcia is such a real pro and also has that IQ factor how to make guys look ordinary.

  • crawford was my pick ,but really didnt think it would end that early. the fight that has to happen is crawford and spence,lets hope that happens in 2021

  • Iv told peopl b4 and I’ll keep telling you all fury wont ever fight wilder again .. I got that right they are not fighting .. I also said wilder will never fight again and he will RETIRE in 2021

  • Brook seemed to recoil from a punch, not that heavy, that landed by the eye, where he’s had trouble from GGG and Spence. Maybe this is now at the back of his mind. Anyway Crawford saw his chance, stepped in, and finished the job. He’s a class act. All the best Kell, and thanks for everything.

  • Brook shows up in shape and Bud dismantles him and actually praised him in the ring afterwards normally he is still in savage mode after the fight which hopefully got him some more casual fans who hated on him before but get him some Pacquiao money well a portion of that! Nothing better then a fighter so loved and adored by the fight game,his close friends and family who are absolute beasts in the ring

  • He got done in by a heavy jab. Brook has proven once again thatagainst the elite…he doesn’t measure up. Can’t take a punch or punishment. He just “shells” up. Good win Crawford. Manny next.

  • Terence Crawford will beat any pbc fighter they put in front of him. He is a beast in the ring, he is an old school boxer. Can’t wait till this pandemic is over so I can see him fight live again.

  • i hope brook retires or maybe fight khan its only fight for him hes not on level as rest of the usa boxers

  • Why does Arum keep comparing Crawford to Hearns and Leonard (or even Duran)? When all of those 80s (70s) guys were right around the age Crawford is now, Leonard was fighting Hearns a 2nd time, at 168, and then Duran at 160. When Hearns was a little over 33, he was fighting Virgil Hill and Barkley rematch at 175. And when Duran was at his 33rd birthday, he was getting KO’d by Hearns. All these guys start to get old after they turn 33. Pacquioa is the exception. I’d rather see an exhibition of Mayweather vs Crawford, doesn’t matter how many rounds or how big the sparring gloves are. But as for Crawford, he is good at 147 at 33 years old. Mike McCallum was beating up Steve Collins at 160 when he was around Crawford’s age, and he knew how to keep winning in his mid and late 30s. I think Crawford may last to about 38 or 39.

  • After Crawford beat Postol I was still on the fence about his greatness. Not any more. He is far and away the #1 P4P fighter on the planet. Would be able to hold his own in any era ffiw. If P4P were based on skill and not merit I would have Crawford, Lomo (he was outfought, and outsized at 135 against Lopez), and then Inoue or Stevenson

  • Pacquiao don’t fight black fighters who are a threat. He already dodged a fight with Spence (he was suppose to fight the winner of Garcia vs Spence). He fought an injury prone Thurman who was on the shelf and rusty & shamelessly called out Spence fresh off his car accident. Mosley said in 24/7 count-down when he was fighting Floyd, Pac refused to fight him after he destroyed Margarito. He fought Shane when he was totally shot. Don’t mention feather-fisted Bradly who was never a threat to Manny and lost twice. Crawford will never get a fight with Manny. He might as well give up on that. Manny doesn’t fight worthy black fighters.

    • I have to tell you that is some of the biggest B.S I’ve heard regarding Pacman. That guy has fought anyone and everyone. Came up from the flyweight division and fought in every division up to the welter division and you come up with this reverse racist crap. Get your head out of your AZZ!!!!!

  • >