Crawford a slight favorite over Spence

WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford opened as a slight favorite over WBC, WBA, IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. for their rumored November 19th megafight in Las Vegas. has listed Crawford at -130 (10/13), while Spence backers can get +110 (11/10). The camps have reportedly agreed on the money issues and are now ironing out the final details.

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  • Never mind the odds, this is an even matchup, where the one with better preparation and especially better game plan will prevail. My pick: Spence by narrow decision

  • If Crawford wins, that’s 2x undisputed champion in the four belt era and you have an undisputed champion one weight class up as well. I’m leaning towards Crawford, but I don’t care who wins – great fight and it’s about time!

  • I’m betting Spence. I think he should be the favorite. He is the naturally bigger guy and has a better jab. I’m not saying he’s going to blow him out, I just think Spence is good value as a dog.

  • Spence is mechanical and not very smart. I favor Crawford if this fight ever happens.

    • “mechanical and not very smart.” This man gave Floyd Mayweather all he could hand. What are you talking about lol.

  • Today, it is this fight that is the most reminiscent of the old great days when, for example, Leonard and Hearns were facing against each other.

    It doesn’t get any better than this.

    The only bad thing is the PPV so the fight isn’t offered to the public like the big fights of the past were, the fights everyone talked about and that kept the sport constantly gaining new fans.

    That would have been even better in my opinion.

    • Great memories of the radio broadcasts of some of the great fights. Louis vs Walcott with my father and grandfather by the Zenith radio . Kids of today that can not afford PPV are shut out of these great events.

  • Really want Spence to win this fight but as much as I don’t want to say it…Crawford is a few steps ahead of any welterweight or jr middleweight in the world right now

  • crawford is slow I wouldnt be surprise if spence stops crawford by TKO or UD.

    • Spence didn’t come close to KO’ng either of the Garcia’s…but he’s gonna KO Bud? No way.

  • I agree with odds I give Crawford a slight edge….I think it would be tough the first half of the fight with Spence constant pressure,but it will be good

  • Sweet, a fight I’m super pumped about. I just hope it’s a good fight, I think the expectations will be high.

  • I’m interested to see the price of the ppv.I hope it doesn’t set new high prices for already to high prices on ppv

  • Hopefully this gets finalized. Hope this is more Leonard v Duran than Trinidad v Oscar. Slight edge for Crawford. If Spence pressures, it will play into Crawford’s plan but could work for him, could produce fire works.

  • its a chess match till the final 2 rounds crawford dominates the last 2 and wins close decision

  • The reasons Crawford favors Spence are all on video. Crawford is ambidextrous with ambitious aggressiveness. His balance is centered maximizing striking leverages on both sides. His foot speed and angular options are constantly exhibited. He fights during fights. That means constant attention to gladiatorial competence and mastery. Not many have these in their arsenal today. He does not shy away from high risk adversaries. On video as well; Errol leaving the building, rather than challenge Crawford in-ring after Terence’s triumph over Porter. Spence challenged Porter in-ring after Porter’s triumph over Garcia. Why not challenge your apex rivalry in-ring? Why leave the building? At the very least, go to the post-fight presser and make a respectful challenge. Errol behaved neither. These are all visible psychological notes.
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    • Spence leaving the building is your argument hahaha. It’s called marketing kid.

      People such as yourself ate it up hooked, line, and sinker. Spence got it on with Floyd Mayweather the proven clear p4p king so why would he be afraid of Crawford who has never been p4p king? Spence fought Porter in his prime which was hell. He defeated better competition than Crawford. Just because Spence is not rah rah rah while Crawford loves to talk doesn’t mean he’s any less of a fighter. This is simply a class of styles and personalities. The dog who barks the loudest isn’t always the toughest. I don’t care who wins as long as the fight happens.

  • I think Crawford is just a little more polished but Spence has beaten better fighter at their peak. so IDK lol

  • while it’s very good i don’t think crawford’s handspeed is as great as some say, but his lateral quickness and coordination are amazing. i think spence is a more versatile boxer than some give him credit for. i sure hope this fight happens.

  • Although it’s 3.5 years too late, it will be a great matchup just on their egos alone. This is the big one for both fighters and I’m sure the motivation is through the roof. Scary moments for Crawford during their back and forth during the first 7 rounds, but then he takes over, switch hitting his way to victory due to being more mobile. However, don’t be surprised at a controversial decision so they can do it again.

  • I don’t know if fightnews will even allow this post to go up but I’ll try anyway. It seems to only be black American superstar fighters who can’t make the big fights these days. I know Crawford versus Spence is one of the top three biggest fights that can be made in all of boxing, but it should already be done by now. What are these two prima donnas waiting on? Latin American, European and Asian Fighters are all making big fights. What’s the problem American black man? Charlo and Andrade, this goes out to you too.

  • spence will beat crawford, crawford is almost at the end of his prime, crawford has slowed down a bit, I dont think he can handle spence power and quickness, spence by UD

  • It doesn’t matter who the favorite is. After all its only a “rumored November 19th megafight.” Lets debate when its official.

  • As much as folks like to talk about Crawford’s ability to be aggressive he’s not a fool. If this fight happens it will be a tactical match up mark my words. Crawford has been dropped before by a lesser fight. He can’t afford to get sloppy against Spence anymore than Spence can get sloppy with Crawford. They’ll have their moments but its going to be a game of chess.

  • Spence is just a confident Texas kid who told Bud ” I’m gonna take yo’ shit “….Yes , he takes the belt 116-112….

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