Chavez Sr: My fight with Arce will be on DAZN; Julio Jr will be the main event

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By Hesiquio Balderas® had the opportunity to talk to ring legend Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Who is fighting an exhibition bout for the third time against Jorge Arce on Friday.

“My fight with Arce will be aired by DAZN in the USA and Europe, in Mexico and Central and South America by ESPN, more and more people are interested in this fight. I can confirm that DAZN and my team have come to an agreement and DAZN will stream my fight with Arce, the fight will be a four round exhibition bout but let me tell you that the punches still hurt. They even hurt more with the headgear. We will put on a show.”

“I will give you this exclusive. Julio Jr will be the main event because that’s a professional fight and I will get very nervous with him fighting before my fight, so we decided that my exhibition will come first and then Julio jr will be the main event.”

“I just get too nervous, Julio is fighting Mario Cazares who is a great fighter. Mario has a bright future ahead of him. So, to be honest with you I wanted to pick an easy opponent for Julio, but he wanted this fight so the fight is on. He has a great commitment and discipline for this fight and it will be tough.”

“This Exhibition with Travieso is to help people with their drug addiction. I have my clinic where we are helping a lot of people, even famous people are getting help, so this is to collect funds so we can help more people. Ricardo Mayorga is coming to Mexico from Nicaragua.

“This training camp is painful for me because I have a lot of injuries but I’m glad I can help.

“Finally please tune in buy the fight, subscribe to DAZN. I guarantee you that this will be a great event, we will give our all.”

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    • Yep, I agree. Chavez Jr. already burned his bridges with major opportunities. Now, looks like daddy is still trying to give him something to do so he wont get bored again.

  • DAZN still trying to be relevant. I personally was never impressed with DAZN. Cancelled in April won’t be subscribing again for this.

  • How long would a fight between floyd mayweather and andre the giant last . Boxing rules both wearing light gloves no three knockdown rule. Hypothetically of course.

    • I don’t know “how long” but Floyd wins of course. He already proved his point with the Big Show.

  • Lol there goes Julio senior already making excuses talking about injuries already. I loved watching him fight back in the day so many awesome memories from this great warrior but one thing I did not ever like hearing was his post fight interviews there was ALWAYS an excuse! I heard everything from he had diarrhea to hurting his back a day before the fight to his legs cramped up to hand problems to the dog ate his hand wraps…..:

    • THANK YOU!!! I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand this dude’s post fight interviews. He never just took the L’s like a man. He was always whining about something post fight when he lost.

  • I hate DAZN. In addition, regarding Chavez, Jr., I don’t give a rat’s sweaty a*s on a hot, humid day!!

    Chavez, Jr. has a long road towards restoring his last name.

  • I will never support jr after the sham against Canelo. Not that he was high on the list of must see anyways

  • Jr certainly has a right to pursue this path. After all, his father is a legend. But count me among those who have no interest.

    He lacks skills, discipline, character, integrity, dedication, substance, and grit. He is uninspiring and underwhelming.

    Best of luck to him, but he is not anything to get excited about in the ring.

  • It’s good to see Chavez sr fight for drug addiction .Good ambassador. He’s still a great legend with heart. Puro mero

  • Chavez Sr was, is and ever will be a Legend of the sweet science we love. Jr hasn’t and never will achieve what his father achieved in the ring… BUT i disagree with most of you saying he has no skills that he has no heart and this and that… He beat some good fighters and lose against Maravilla after taking a hell of a beating 100% of us couldn’t go through and was near winning the title if the round would’ve been 30 seconds longer.. He lost again against Canelo who is ranked among the best P4P for years and against Jacobs after an injury. I’m not a fan of his but tough he isn’t great He is surely a very good fighter and probably would’ve been great if growing like his dad in poverty.. Stop bitching about him none of you have achieve 10% of what he achieve in a ring and he probably would knock 100% of us inside 2 rounds…

    • We haven’t “achieved 10% of what he has achieved in a ring” and you know this how? One of us just might be a well known pro-fighter. Just because YOU aren’t aware doesn’t mean its not true. Chavez Jr. still sucks and didn’t live up to all of his opportunities. Take away his dad’s name and he wouldn’t be a thought.

      • A well known fighters don’t speak about a fighter like junior in these terms like : trash, bum, that he sucks etc.. I fought in the amateurs, open a boxing club like we call them were i live and was a referee for several years and never use these terms to qualify a pro fighter skilled or not.. I give props to the most unskilled journeyman in the world..

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