Chavez Jr. destroys Bravo in one, Angulo next?

Former WBC middleweight champion Julio César Chávez Jr (51-3-1, 32 KOs) made quick work of Evert Bravo (25-11-1, 19 KOs) with an impressive first round KO on Saturday night at Estadio “Antonio R. Márquez” in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico. Chavez pinned Bravo in a corner and put him down and out with a hook to the liver. Time was 1:22. It was Junior’s first fight since facing Canelo Alvarez more than two years ago.
Bravo A La Lona 2
“Boxing is like that,” said Chavez afterward. “I wanted to give the fans more of a show, but that hook was well connected. I’m very happy. I prepared like never before. I want to return in September against “Perro” Angulo and then go for the super middleweight or light heavyweight title!”

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Brevo Lona


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  • Chavez Jr. Win’s belt from Bravo.
    Bravo heard saying how will I keep my pants up now. Lol

  • Congrats from a former foe and current fan. If he maintains focus on #HardWorkDedication then he has another good run ahead of him. Don’t balloon up between fights Julio and I like the idea of fighting again right away.

  • Yep he K.O’s this guy in 1. Then he wants Angulo, because after he K.O’s him in 1, he can then request a WBC or WBA belt. No matter, he might even get a FRANCHISE WBC belt because it’s available. Can this charade get anymore ridiculous. At one time he looked like he might be for real, but after all these years of B.S’ing everyone the ruse is up. Basically if he wants to fight, let him go into wrestling, and fight some midgets, but he must remember wrestlers actually fight many times a year, so that probably would be a problem for this lazy sloth.

  • Fighters are funny, you beat a heavy bag and are celebrating like he was a world champion and now your fighting the old war horse beaten by everybody “El Perro”, get a grip, your a joke jc!!

    • @Art, I didn’t see him acting like that at all. Im not a fan of him either. It seems like his team sure acted as you said(lol), but he seemed like “whatever,…. its a win”.

  • Chavez Jr., Perro weighed in at 166.6 when he fought Bravo. Chavez Jr. weighed in at 175.2 lbs for Bravo. Everyone knew Chavez Jr. had this fight in the bag. Still, Chavez has some options if he can make 168. He is probably beating some of the top 8 guys in the WBO ratings at 168, and Saunders is a bad guy for a champion.
    1 Erik Bazinyan (NABO) CAN
    2 Rohan Murdock (Oriental) AUST
    3 Zach Parker UK
    4 Zac Dunn AUST
    5 Roamer Alexis Angulo (Latino) COL
    6 Vincent Feigenbutz GER
    7 David Lemieux CAN
    8 Willie Monroe, Jr. USA

  • Art, please you are acting like you got your panties in a bunch!! But seriously Chávez is just way too easy to hit with that HUGE skull! Dayum it’s as its a huge target so unless his skull shrinks back to normal humans size or he learns some defense he’s a sitting duck for anyone in the top 10.

    • You’re right although one thing is the skull size, but the other thing is that this guy fights slouching forward with his head upfront, hands down, both feet planted etc.. no defense whatsoever, so basically he’s just making it extra hard mode for himself.

  • LOLOLOLOL He called out Angulo?!?!?! Is that some kind of joke??? Hahah THAT is pathetic!!

    • I know,, Chavez Jr. has never been a world class boxer,, he was a product of his last name and promoters,,I followed his career here in Mexico,,and its always been the same formula; fight smaller beatable fighters,,when he started young and lean 140 pds,,he was fighting blown up featherweights 126,, look into his padded record and see if you find a win against a big name,,just 1, the times he fought good to great fighters, he lost; Martinez, Fonfara, and Canelo, now as a big 175 pounder he wants to fight blown up 154 pounders,,,same shit,, if he a fights a good 175 Champ, he gets embarrassed and KOed

  • If he gets a shot without fighting Pascal, Fanlong ,or Yarde, whi chever organization sanctions it should be sanctioned.

  • Listen, I get it. Chavez Jr doesn’t deserve the credit or the support. Yet without dedicating himself 100% to the sport he was able to reach a higher than expected level. Yes with help from terrific match making abs yet the kid has natural talent. As a fan of JCCS I was always interested in seeing how good he could be if he actually dedicates himself. For some odd reason I have a feeling he has made that decision. I get the feeling it is no longer about legacy but about financial security. That kind of motivation can push even the less motivated.

    • I see a Chavez Jr. fan behind those words abarr247, words that try to hide a distant hope. Yes, Chavez jr. had a bit of talent, but his boxing career was ruined by all the people around him when it was the time of commitment and determination, around 10 years ago. These people were focused just on milk his name and allowed him to do and cover up all sort of abuses and indiscipline. Chavez jr. is no longer a kid, is 33 and with no doubts, an old 56 fights fighter. I have no doubt in my mind that if is for real his dedication today, he might be able to collect some good paychecks, but as long he is keep on shallow waters, way distant from the real sharks.

  • The media is playing well its part in celebrating and giving special coverage to this farce. A win over a guy that his best skill is to end his fights in the horizontal position (from 11 losses, 10 are by KO) is being enlarged to the maximum, like its has been over David Benavidez, Gilberto Ramirez or someone else at that level. Now, the ultra shot of Alfredo Angulo is next and most likely, the WBC will be sanctioning this fight as an eliminatory bout or even worse, for one of those belts the WBC is inventing ( their goal is to make the whole periodic table of elements), and like this time is happening, will have a massive coverage and approval from the media

  • This guy needs ti be at 160lbs. But,, If he can make 168lbs, maybe Pascal could be entertaing fod ghe fans.

  • His time as a prime fighter is gone, he will fight second class fighters and fool some people, as soon as he fights a primer fighter he will be defeated.

  • I don’t know? What happened to the great Mexican fighters? I guess they decided to ELECT Canela, and Chavez jr to represent them? I mean this is not even a joke anymore, it’s a NIGHTMARE. Throw into the mix Delaho as the most corrupt of all promoters, and the WBC and WBA, and tell me how Mexican boxing can continue???? Well I guess it’s not all bad, because the WBC has a NEW Franchise title? And the WBA has about 45 titles in each division? I remember a time when Mexican boxing meant something ???? I must have been dreaming ???

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