Charlo-Castaño draw, no undisputed champ

Sho Charlo V Castano Sat Fight Night Westcott 89
Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

In a clash for the undisputed 154-pound world championship, WBC/WBA/IBF champion Jermell Charlo (34-1-1, 18 KOs) and WBO champion Brian Castaño (17-0-2, 12 KOs) battled to a twelve round split draw on Saturday night at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. Charlo stunned Castaño in round two, but Castaño put a lot of pressure on Charlo and often outworked him. Charlo hurt Castaño in round ten and closed strongly. Scores were 114-113 Castaño, 117-111 Charlo. 114-114 draw. No undisputed champion.

Scoring Update: Steve Weisfeld (114-113 Castaño) gave Charlo 10-8 in round ten. Nelson Vazquez (117-111 Charlo) only gave Castaño three rounds. Tim Cheatham had it 114-114. All three gave Charlo the last three rounds.

According to CompuBox, Charlo landed 151 of 533 (28.3%) punches in the fight to Castaño’s 173 of 586 (29.5%). Castaño held a big advantage in power punches, landing 164 of 400 (41%) to Charlo’s 98 of 246 (39.8%) while Charlo had a significant margin in jabs, landing 53 of 287 (18.5%) to Castaño’s 9 out of 186 (4.8%).

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    • Bro I told my pops and was betting him that a judge was going to come out with 117-111 card . They always do in San Antonio

    • Super idiot is this Judge’s false persona !
      The Judge you mention is just a plain criminal*
      Paulie D’

  • Draw is fair since Castano was less effective in the championship rounds. That one card is the reason people get pissed off. Jermall wouldn’t have scored the fight 117-111

    • I agree, a draw was within my conclusion as well. Jermall, in my opinion, should have been on the gas pedal in the middle rounds and beyond. He was rather stagnant with his offense and gave Castano the ability to get the fight so close. Castano lacked the crack in his arsenal to keep Jermall on the retreat. On the other hand, Jermall had horsepower but failed to keep it highly active to his advantage. I predicted Jermall on a TKO. Yep, wrong guess for me this time.

      • Who cares what you (or anyone) predicted? That’s not important. Also, its Jermell, not Jermall.

        • Sorry for the misspelling of the name. You are right. Who cares what I predicted, right? Except for one person; me. It’s about having fun.

          • True story scoobs, keep doing ur thing! Ur posts a great and we love to read em! If somebody doesnt care what others think, than why are they on a site like this one? Their just bitter brutha, dont take it personal.

          • Tony, thank you for the reply. I admire your advice and confidence. Thank you again.

          • Not true, our opinions do matter! With $3 and my boxing opinions, I can buy a cup of coffee!

    • Darin boxing is scored on the 10 point must system. 10 points to the winner of the round. There are no extra points for the “championship rounds” I had the fight 115-113 Castano

      • I had Dan Rafael’s twitter feed going during this fight. He had Castano winning 116-112. Don’t think he won by that much, but I can see how people may have thought Castano squeaked out a decision. A Draw seems fair to me. It didn’t effect the outcome, but I don’t agree with the judge who had round ten 10-8 for Charlo. I didn’t think Castano was THAT hurt, and he started coming back toward the end of the round. Good fight, and we’ll be seeing this again in a few months.

        • No you won’t unless they demand and IBF or wba will push because of Haymon

        • Charlo didn’t win the last 4 rounds . I think the split the last four rounds and that would still have castaño winning the fight . They need. Different judges , maybe blind ones . Cuz dam sure one of those judges want watching the fight

          • There is no such thing as a blind Judge, only Judges who are part of criminal syndicates * * * * *
            5 stars for Truth!
            Paulie D’

        • Listen , to all that may be interested in listening. After see the complete fight . And it was a Great Fight . The first thing I said , befor the judges. He Contona (what ever his name is). he didn’t lose . That was first . The next thing I said . Was let’em do it again . That’s what I said , to myself right after I seen it was going to the scorecards . Now , regrades to the fighters . The Charlo guy . Nowhere near pfp. The other guy . Did or fought an excellent fight . A fight is a fight cause you going to get hit . But it’s what , you do , or how you overcome after being hit or hurt. I personally don’t like the Charlo’s . Because They don’t respect the Sport . !!!!!!

        • Listen to all that care to here this comment. After seeing the complete fight. And it was a Great Fight . The first thing I said before the judges, was . He didn’t Lose . You know whom I’m talking about.!!! Right . Second thing I said to myself. Before they were going to the scorecards. Was…. let’em do it again.? . Personally I don’t like the Charlo’s . That’s just me . They arrgrent, cocky, and think they can’t be beat. He the Yg Charlo . No where near pfp . The other guy . He fought an excellent fight . In boxing or a fight . You going to get hit or even hurt , but it’s about, how you react after being hit or hurt . And he did a great job After being . hurt . The Yg Charlo. He not going to want anymore of that smoke .!!!!

    • Castaño won 11 round and maybe 12 ain’t no way charlo deserve a draw

  • Nelson Vasquez is what’s wrong with boxing how he could give charlo 9 of the 12 rounds is beyond belief, charlo won 4 maybe 5 rounds at best, Charlo didn’t sound to keen on a rematch sounds like he wants no part of it

    • How is a guy like this employed? Why wouldn’t a sanctioning body sit him down and watch the fight with him and force him to explain how Charlo won 9 rounds? I had it 8-4, maybe 7-5. A draw is probably at the absolute maximum margin for error. And this moron scores it 3-9?

    • He was fighting scared and when they asked him about the rematch he didn’t want one . I think Casteno has his number maybe and charlo his bro almost lost a couple weeks ago . He had a tough fight . IMO honestly they can’t beat Canelo. Their power punches aren’t that strong for Cáñelo . Cáñelo definitely knock me out

  • The judge that voted 117-111 should be barred…not to be believed.that score.

  • good old pbc this is the worst deceision they have ever come up with…its not who wins the fight its who they can make the most money off of

    • You know they trying to set up the money maker with Charlo and Benavitiz I think that how it’s spelled . That would be a great match up

    • You couldn’t have made it any clearer. To beat a cash cow in the pbc for a pbc belt, you have to win by knockout.

    • bob * * * * * Exactly because it’s a business more than a sport !
      Paulie D’

    • Exactly bob * * * * * It’s a business more than a sport $ $ $ !
      Paul D’

  • Castano dominated; winning at least 8 rounds minimum. Charlo needed a knockout to win. Judge Vazquez was so biased in favor of Charlo it’s absurd. Let’s see a rematch in Argentina!

    • It’s harder the cheat outside of the US. Why do you think Americans never want to fight elsewhere?

      • It’s just as easy to cheat outside the US, just not in favor of American fighters.

      • Brainchild- that’s really an inaccurate statement. In fact Argentina has one of the worst reputations for this sort of thing – remember Juan Coggi vs Eder Gonzalez? Italy is another country that has a questionable history with hometown scoring. There are others but it is certainly not limited to the U.S.

        • Here’s my point, for every bad decision is a somewhat big fight I’ve seen in another country, I’ve seen 10 in the US. Sure, bad judges exist everywhere. But in big fights, you rarely see the totally whiffed scoring that is blantantly corrupt. In club fights, sure. How many major fights can you name off the top of your head with really, truly bad decisions outside of North America (I’ll throw Mexico and Canada into that mix as well).

        • Great point Wade. Coggi-Gonzalez was as corrupt as it gets. That fight was definitely top 5 for fights that pissed me off. Gonzalez should have had his moment in the Sun there.

    • Good call! World Undisputed! When you look up where fights are at on weekends Argentina is one of the top countries always with fights! Let’s see rematch there! Give each fighter their home so fans can see the champions and hear those punches! Fights live is like nothing else!

  • Fair decision, the only questionable part was the judge who had Charlo 117-111. I had it 114-113 Charlo. I scored the 10th a 10-8 for Charlo since he had Castano on skates for a significant amount of time during that round.

    • Then u should have score round 3 10-8 for Cantano since the ropes held Charlo up from going down.

    • Could have been worse! At least he gets to keep his belt! The Co-main event though, I can’t wait to see “Rolly” get his ass handed what a dirty fighter. My guess he is learning those elbows from Mayweather.

  • 117/111 huh? Where do they dredge up these idot judges from pond scum. He was hurt fairly bad a few times, but carried most of the fight.

  • Spectacular fight and you can’t argue with a draw. Neither fighter seemed too displeased with the decision, especially Charlo. He actually seemed happy . Castano applied the pressure all throughout the fight and outlanded and outhusted Charlo, but the rounds Charlo won, he won in a more spectacular and convincing fashion. He was more fluid with the combos and punches in bunches, while Castono managed to consistently land chopping zingers. Nobody likes a draw, but I honestly can’t name a winner either.

  • This is why people are so done with boxing. Charlo got out worked and lost. When your own corner tells you need a knockout to win and you’re the favored fighter in your own back yard, that tells you all you need to know.

    • What sucks is you could tell before the fight that Charlo was going to be the beneficiary of bad judging if it went the distance. In 99% of fights, you know who’s going to get the benefit from the judges. It was sort of like when Adrein Broner fought a couple months back; you knew if there was any somewhat close round, it was gonna be banked by the A-side fighter. It would be nice if the judges at least tried to at least give a cursory effort at fairness. 9 rounds for Charlo? There’s no way on Earth.

    • He did need a knockout to win! He didn’t get it and he didn’t he got a draw instead.

    • He did need a knockout to win. He didn’t get it and he didnt win! He got a draw.

  • Great fight! Loved it! Great decision! Hopefully we can get these guys in the ring again for their next bout.

    • not sure why anyone would thumbs down this comment. It was a great fight and a rematch would be great.

      • because you had a fighter that pretty much outworked and dominated another and didn’t have a single judge give him the win and one gave him 3 rounds out of 12,

        • He out landed him by like 20 punches over the course of 12 rounds. So he dominated him by 2 punches a round? Then take away the 2 times it looked like he was getting knocked out I guess. It was a close competitive bout.

  • Great fight. Felt like Charlo needed to set up his punches instead of waiting for that big punch. Brian was more active and controlled the pace of the fight. Scoring the fight should be the analysis of the whole fight, not only the “championship rounds”. That 117-111 score card was horrendous. Respect to Charlo and Brian. Brian won the fight.

  • 75% of the polled viewers think Castano won. 100% think Judge Vazquez is mentally insane!

  • 117-111 ? Judging like that is exactly why boxing fans hate to watch fights like this. They are almost assured to see some biased, bullshit scoring. Never fails

  • Castaño clearly won the fight! Charlo’s trainer knew they needed the KO. Charlo gave up almost every round trying to land the same counter left hook from the 2nd round all night. He didn’t have a back up plan other than wait for counters, Castaño made the adjustment after almost getting KO’d in the 2nd and implemented the high guard with well placed punches in the ropes. Entertaining fight nonetheless and Castaño should feel grateful they didn’t screw him with a loss.

    • That’s the big problem… isn’t it? You’re exactly right, Castano is lucky they didn’t just give Charlo the win. The judges were in the tank, and he still earned a draw. It sucks that such a thing should be a moral victory when fighting on American soil against an American fighter, but it is. That’s just how atrociously bad our boxing fights are scored here.

      • Brain, bad officiating is rife in boxing – around the world. Bad decisions happen frequently. I agree with your criticism but I think this is more of a PBC problem than a U.S. problem.

        • I joke with my wife that anytime I see Alton Merkerson at a fight, someone has already paid off the judges. He seems to have some stake in darn near every horrific decision in a TV fight. I don’t know why… don’t know if it’s his fault… but it just seems like everytime I see him at a fight, the decision is garbage if it goes the distance.

    • Good point. I thought they would likely give it to Charlo. A great fight though with ebbs and flows. Castano outworked Charlo but the power shots by Charlo made up some for the volume. His jab was more effective in the later rounds. A draw wasn’t a bad outcome. I would be curious to opinions after we all watched it again.

  • a draw always feels like kissing your sister, but well worthy of a rematch. [117-111 say that, even if Castano swept the last three rounds, he would still only see it as a draw at best …. ridiculous]

  • Close fight I think it was the right decision, but 117-111 for EITHER fighter is ridiculous.

  • As a proud American, I HATE DRAWS. I thought Castano did enough to earn a SD victory.

    Anyhow, great fight, and Castano has to blame himself for not finishing rounds 10-12 in a strong manner because the fight was on proud Texas soil. Other than that, Castano fought with hunger, skills, grit and a mean streak; but I needed to see those qualities in rounds 10-12.

    As for Jermell, I hope this is a staunch lesson to learn that no fighter is entitled to a victory, just by arriving to a fight. Meaning, Jermell fought with lazy jabs, lazy left hooks, lazy efforts, lazy right hands, lazy uppercuts and lazy determination. Jermell’s punch accuracy was horrible, too. Jermell did not have a mean streak in this fight, and he better thank his lucky Texas stars to get out with a draw!!

    I picked Castano to win by SD. If there is a rematch, I will continue to pick Castano because he has the skilled Pitbull style to give Jermell h*ll in 10 of 10 fights.

    For Castano, the stars at night, were not big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.

  • A Draw is ok.the Most Charlo deserved..had Castano winning By 2 rounds…

  • they keep allowing these bs judges judge these fights ,standby he still will be allowed to judge another fight, gotta stop

  • Castano got robbed. CHARLO only won 3 to 4 rounds. That one judge messed up bad. Yes Charlo him one time bad which won him the round but not the fight. Charlo was even gald he got a draw cause he knows he lost. He didn’t even sound like he wanted any part of Castano in a rematch. What a mess.

    • Charlo hurt him in several rounds, but the fight was close and competitive. Castaneda was the aggressor but Charlo’s punches seemed to be doing more damage

  • Castaño won that fight, Charlo had one or two good rounds when he hurt Castaño a bit but Brian was catching him with some wicked shots. Charlo should step up as should his brother and fight David Lemueix or GGG and see if they can really step up since both talk so much crap.!

  • I admit I lost money tonight! I had Charlo by Dec on my bet. In reality, I had Castano that won the fight 116-111 IMO

  • I picked Castano to win but after the fight had it a draw too, Fair result except for the BS score card of 117-111. Bring on the rematch

    • The horrible thing is what would make the judging any less corrupt in a rematch? Put a fork in boxing.

  • This is about winning or losing. Not about the favorite, whos more popular and who hits harder. Cantaño won hands down whether by a hair or a mile. A win is a win.

  • I had 117-112 castano but I knew he was gonna get robbed. everyone knows it

  • Both fighters seemed ok with the draw. I figured iif it went the distance the scoring would favor Charlo. I had it 7 rds to 5 for Castano but can’t argue the Draw. Charlo really started letting his hands go and as Castano was getting tired Charlo was splitting his guard and finished strong. Castano also stunned Charlo a couple of times. Good back and forth fight. If Castano had won any of the last 3 rounds he would have pulled out the win but Charlo is a champion and swept the championship rounds.

    Even though I was surprised by Castano and thought he won- by a slim margin – I think Charlo would probably be able to make adjustments and win by stoppage in the rematch.

    • Honestly, what is there to dislike about this comment? It seems some of the readers here are just as biased ad some of the judges. Sheeesh!

  • They have their rematch – Charlo looked like he wasn’t that interested and he was made to fight for his life. Tim Tszyu gets a highlight KO v Zeraffa. The rematch is a big fight – Charlo gets his decision gift and has a super fight with Tszyu.

    • Tszyu won’t fight Zerafa after what happened earlier this month. I don’t think Charlo has shown any interest in fighting Tszyu.

  • Charlo lost and anybody who think other wise is like the judge who gave 117-111

  • Charlo was scared of going nite nite . You can tell he fought a scared fight .

  • I’m not shocked at all, but I’m still disappointed. Haymond always has a judge in his pocket for situations like this. Castaño did everything well for at least 7 rounds. He pressured, cut the ring off and outlander with power shots by a landslide. 116-112 or 115-113 were the right scores in favor of Castaño.

    Side note: it was great to see a mostly full stadium. Nothing beats a love crowd.

  • Before the decision was announced, I anticipated either a draw or a close win for Castano because he outworked Charlo. Charlo seemed tentative, he didn’t control the distance with his jab, and he seemed to lack confidence in the ring. Charlo received excellent instructions from his corner, but he simply didn’t execute those instructions. He should have finished Castano in the 10th or 11th rounds when he had the chance. Charlo will learn from his mistakes and his performance will be much improved in the rematch.

  • Round 3 should have been scored 10-8 for Castano, since the ropes held Charlo up from going down. Watch that round again. Charlo was taking a beaten and the ropes held him up. Part of his body was through the ropes.

  • There is a saying in boxing to follow the money, and that’s what we saw. I felt like Castano won a razor thin victory. I’m okay with the draw and would love to see a rematch.

  • And people think Canelo is running from this guy? Canelo could beat him and his brother in the same night.

  • Ask GGG about judging, the 117-111
    judge in this fight must have been confused by money.

  • Charlo had to mount a strong comeback in the last three rounds to salvage a draw. Castano was winning going into the 10th round, but was badly hurt in that round. I was surprised that Charlo didn’t jump on him and finish the show. He remained cautious even when Castano was trying to stay away. I suppose that’s his temperament.

    Charlo didn’t let his hands go on many occasions and let Castano take the play away from him. He backed into the ropes way too often in the first half of the fight and was hit with some clean, hard shots with his back to the ropes. Once Charlo started spinning out whenever cornered, he did a lot better.

    Castano was quicker and hit harder than I expected. Charlo had many opportunities to go to the body but didn’t do so and his vaunted uppercut never made an appearance during the entire fight. He was content to let Castano stalk him while he backed away and that usually didn’t work for him.

    Castano outworked him in this fight by being first, by being the aggressor, and by keeping up his punch count in most of the rounds. It was a close fight and I was not surprised that it was a draw. I expected Charlo to win primarily because they were in Texas after all. Anywhere else, Castano may have been given the decision. As everyone has already pointed out, that wide card in favor of Charlo was ludicrous.

    A rematch is called for and I hope to see one in the not too distant future. For Charlo to win, he needs to consistently back Castano up and let his hands go a lot more. He also should focus on going to the body. Castano, with his high guard, was open to the body but Jermell was content to jab and throw rights to the head instead.

    Charlo should do better in a rematch. He looked unprepared for the pressure and punch output that he faced last night.

  • The fight exactly went how i expected it. Charlo is overrated and Castano underrated.
    My countrymates Vitu and Soro fought Castano the first one lost on a 11th TKO and Soro dominated the fight early but faded because of the non stop agression from Castano but the fight was close. Soro is asking for a rematch for a long time and will get it soon..
    Soro is on Charlo’s level, he’s more skilled but has less punch..
    Castano is a 3 lunged beast !! Lol he could fight 15 rounds with this kind of pressure.. Sad for him he lost this fight on a hometown decision..

  • Weisfeld’s the only one who got it right! He is always very savvy in his scoring !!!

  • I think boxing should go to figure skating judging. 5 judges throw out the high and low score keep the middle 3?

  • I think it was the right decision. Both fighters were sticking it to one another. It wasn’t one sided.

  • whoever bet on either of these knuckleheads lost alot of money lol

  • And Charlo’s jabs “landing” are highly overstated. That’s when compubox counts every jab that touches glove only. Subtract 20-30 of those landed and you see Castano’s punch connect (almost all power shots) margin jumps up significantly. Also if you correct accurately for Charlo’s jabs and he loses the power punch war by so much, then how could one give him the edge in round for round scoring? You can’t. You can’t even break it down in a round for round way.

  • I had it 117-111 too, except it was for the right fighter. If any disagrees, that’s fine but I think I’m in good company to score it the same as Andre Ward. He knows more than a little bit about the sport, and tends to score fights accurately. Showtime did the thing they like to do, and hedged their commentary so they don’t get the wrong people angry. They love to make things look they need to be “To be continued” because that easily plans a upcoming fight for them.

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