Canelo-Plant on Sept 18?

WBC/WBA/WBO super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez and IBF champion Caleb Plant are getting closer to an agreement for a September 18 showdown for the undisputed 168lb title. Canelo would be moving off DAZN and returning to pay-per-view via the FOX network. It was known that options were an issue at one point. Las Vegas is expected to be the host city.

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  • Not interested Canelo Will be undisputed Champion September 18th then let’s see what he does next

  • I think Plant has the style to be competitive for the first 7-8 rounds for sure. I imagine it will be rough for him after that. Can’t imagine a decision going against Canelo if Plant manages to make it to the finish line, no matter what happens in the fight…

    • USFBULLS: i agree with ya bud. BUT, I think that Plant being very slick and quick has the style to really make Canelo work just as Saunders did. The downfall is I don’t think Plant has enough pop to keep Canelo off of him. I do agree with your 7-8 rounds of competitiveness for sure. I feel a stoppage coming on from round 8 or 9.

      • Tony, well said. Canelo will walk down Plant as the fight progresses. That being said, Canelo wins on a TKO or UD.

        • I predict Canelo Alvarez will knockout Caleb Plant. As the fight progresses it’s only going to get harder for Plant against a fighter such as Canelo.

  • I’m a little disappointed at how long it is taking to make a decision already. Obviously Canelo and his team want this fight to happen. I guess Plant’s team/promotion company isn’t so sure and is going to milk every cent they can from him. I miss the old days of “Hey ur the champ, and i’m the champ. Lets fight and see who’s better. Shake my hand and it’s a done deal”

    • I agree Tony. Fighters are way too concerned about who is getting more or satisfying a sense of financial worth then they are about fighting the best and proving who is best. Of course money is important but when one is being offered millions of dollars to fight boxing’s biggest star to me it should be a “no brainer”. I mean if I am getting in the low millions at best per fight and now I can make at least 4 times as much as I have ever made to be on the biggest possible stage…I cannot figure out what is left to discuss. I would be scared of having an opportunity like that pass me by.

      • It’s taking a while to get done probably because of either two things. One they are being greedy or that they are stalling over pricing themselves to prevent the fight to happen in the first place. I don’t think Caleb Plant has a chance to beat Canelo Alvarez. Plant hasn’t fought anyone. He lacks in ring experience against good competition. While Canelo has been challenging and defeating all the top challenges in his way. Just look at all the big names Canelo defeated. Look at all the top challenges Plant faced, Jose Uzcategui, Mike Lee, Vincent Feigenbutz and Caleb Truax? Who the fudge are they lol. 21-0-12 ko’s he does not have the power or experience to defeat Alvarez. If it wasn’t for Plant having the IBF title I seriously doubt they would fight because Plant hasn’t fought anybody lol.

        • Agree with Gus 100% Caleb Plant has no chance of beating Alvarez. If it wasn’t for Caleb Plant having the IBF title Canelo would most likely never fight Plant as he said to Demetrius Andrade you fought no one, you terrible fighter, get the fk out of here. That IBF title is the only thing dangling in his face to become undisputed is the sole reason Canelo wants this fight. Having all the belts fighters have no choice, but to come at him if they want to be champ. No more ducking, no more bullshit.

  • Canelo will steam roll though Plant as soon as he wants. He’ll carry Plant for a while and make it entertaining. In no way does Plant have enough power to crack an egg or even make Canelo stumble.

  • Plant will school Canelo for 12! It will be another Mayweather vs Canelo.

  • Dam Roy you need to hook me up with your connect… that’s some good stuff…Plant does not want to fight,you can see it on his body language!!!

  • This is the most one sided title unification in history – Caleb Plant is the Chavez Jr of the 168 division. It’s not Canelos fault but this fight sucks, buggest ppv mismatch in 3 decades since Tyson was fighting McNeely

    • Plant won’t win but he is a legit world class talent with real amateur pedigree. Takes his craft seriously and enters the ring well conditioned and prepared, he is polar opposite Chavez Jr.. Where do some of you guys get this stupid stuff? Its not a mismatch, its a fight that Canelo should win, but that doesn’t make it a mismatch. Plant has the style, quickness, and grit to make it interesting.

      • Yep…… and I totally think Plant can win this fight. I bet by round 8 Caleb Plant is up big on the cards.

        • But will still lose the decision because the fight is in Las Vegas

  • To compare Plant with Mayweather is absolutely ridiculous and preposterous!

    Plant is nothing but a boring vanilla ice look alike who’s gonna end up being bludgeoned in about 9 rounds and that’s being generous!

    • Vanilla Ice that was good! Looks nothing like him but still thanks for a laugh!

  • Easy work for Canelo. Plant just holding the belt that Canelo needs to make history for a few more months.

  • After Canelo buries Plant in the KO canvas (no water added), I hope the Canelo train and the Benavidez train cause a big 168 pound explosion in Texas. But first, Benavidez must KTFO or TKO Uzcategui (as expected). Let’s also hope Benavidez can hold his weight for 168, in a healthy manner.

    As for Plant, he has a lifetime opportunity, so he better not leave chicken feathers at the bargaining table.

    • Eman: Very true.. that would be an AMAZING fight to see. I bet Benavidez is mentally beating himself up right now for losing that title on the scale. Had he of been a little more disciplined on that scale, as he has been lately, he would be in the perfect place for that Canelo showdown.. lets cross our fingers that fight can happen. sooner rather than later.

  • Caleb Plant is a very well schooled and underrated boxer. I feel he will give Canelo all he can handle. You never know, he may even pull out the victory. You heard it hear first!

    • I don’t think Plant has fought anybody at the level of Canelo. That being said, Canelo’s granite chin and solid counterpunching will make Plant realize running all night during the fight is the best thing to do or get KO’d. Plant has minimal power to fend off such a beast as Canelo!

      • scoobs: ur spot on.. Plant will need to be in extreme shape so he can stay on his bike the entire fight.. Plants gonna have to be super sharp on his angles and watch for the uppercuts. IF he can do that, it will make for an interesting fight.

  • I’m not a fan of either guy but Canelo destroys Plant. M Tyson is right. If Canelo so choses it’s a blow out. Their skills are not on the same plant

  • Plant will box using footwork and hand speed, Canelo learned something when he fought Mayweather, he learned patience and timing. He will be patience and catch Plant’s timing and then take the fight to Plant. We will see if Plant can take Canelo’s power. Canelo in a late round stoppage.

  • It took FOREVER for me to warm up to Canelo. That said, I never gave him the respect due and was wrong numerous times about him.

    I think Plant is slick and a good boxer but he’s fighting the very best of the best now. I agree with all the others that said plant will be game for a few rounds but Canelo is.. Canelo. I LOVE underdogs proving people wrong and I think alot of us do here(Gabe Rosado), but Canelo is going on all cylinders at this point in his career.

    Prediction: Alvarez by mid to late rounds stoppage or UD.

  • Plant will keep it close for a good 8 rounds based on his boxing ability & slick movement….. i think Canelo comes on strong from rounds 9-12 with constant pressure… i’m picking Canelo by decision

  • plant will get tired in later rounds , his not use in being hit hard, canelo hits hard with percision

  • plant not like billy joe was i can see canelo geting this bum out but 6 rounds no diss respect to plant but hes not on same level

  • No one is talking about the fight being on PPV? This sucks, I thought we were over it with. DAZN, it was fun while it lasted

  • Goody gumdrops a fight that no one wants or cares about. Canelo is going to stop Plant. NEXT!

  • The biggest fraud in the history of boxing never gives his opponents a real camp anymore. September 18th is less than 2 months away and this fight still isn’t announced. Canelo knows he’s fighting Plant, but just like Callum Smith, he will make Caleb wait until the last minute to start training for him specifically. Just being in shape is not the same thing as being in a training camp for a specific fighter. Canelo Alvarez will never fight the likes of Dimitri Bivol, David Benavidez or Artur Beterbiev without some sort of handicap of those fighters. Since he can’t weight drain Bivol, Conelo will likely spend two months in camp training specifically for the Russian fighter and then let Dimitri know he’s going to fight him 3 weeks before the actual fight date. Only groupies think Canelo is pound-for-pound number one. Real Aficionados know he’s a fraud. No other fighter in boxing is pulling this crap.

  • Payday, Payday, I know, you want payday. This is going in my head hearing Canelo vs Plant because like Demetrius Andrade Plant hasn’t fought anyone. The only reason this fight is trying to happen is because Plant is holding the only belt that prevents Canelo to become undisputed champion. To all the people who thinks this scrub has a chance of beating Alvarez get da fk out of here. Idk where anyone would get the idea or notion he has a chance of beating Canelo after fighting shit opponents in his short 21 fight career. Canelo went Pro and knocking grown ass men out at 15-years of age. Welcome to the Canelo Alvarez era.

  • I wish Plant’s team stop fk-ing around and ink the deal, stop debating over pricing yourselves. Your not worth more or equal value as Canelo. Idc what belt your holding. You fought no one.

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