Canelo: I still believe I’m number one

0019 Canelo Alvarez Media Workout
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Undisputed super middleweight world champion Canelo Álvarez showed off the skills showed his skills during a media workout on Wednesday at his Lake Tahoe training camp as he prepares to take on undisputed junior middleweight world champion Jermell Charlo headlining a Showtime PPV on September 30 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo is attempting to become the first man during the four-belt era to defend all four titles successfully three consecutive times.

Canelo Alvarez

“I always want to make the best fights out there. I’m excited to be in this fight. This is a fight that people have talked about for a while. I’m excited to show the Charlos my skills. Now Jermell is gonna feel my skills.

“I think Jermell Charlo is the perfect fight right now. He’s been calling me out for a long time and I never forget. He’s said a lot of things. He never believed in my skills, but he’s gonna find out soon. Him and his brother didn’t believe in my skills and that motivates me for this fight.

“We always prepare 100% no matter where we are. It’s different being here. At the beginning, I couldn’t breathe very well. But right now, I feel great. I’ve found a place that’s made me happy and strong.

“Charlo will be good at 168 pounds. I’ve made that jump before so I know. I think that when you’re a great champion like he is, it doesn’t matter.

“These kinds of fights motivate me. I like being underestimated. That’s what makes me excited for this fight.

“I always believe that I’m number one. My whole career. Because you need to believe in yourself. I still believe I’m number one. But I believe there is more than just one fighter alone at the top, there are a few.

“I still feel young and fresh. I never think about the end of my career. I just train and fight year after year. I still feel that I’m at my best.

“I’m very proud to represent Mexico. I have a lot of pride in my country. I feel amazing when I walk into the ring and see all the Mexican flags and hear the Mexican music. It feels great to represent my country.

“I feel great. This is really one of the best camps I’ve ever had. I feel great to be able to train 100% now with my left hand. That’s made me more confident. When you train knowing that you’re healthy, you’ll be more confident in the fight.

“I like being here in Lake Tahoe because I’m 100% focused. It’s just me and my team and we’re focused on the fight. It makes me feel ready for the fight.”

Trainer Eddy Reynoso

“This is gonna be a great fight. Jermell is a great fighter who’s accomplished a lot in his career, so the fans are going to get an excellent matchup.

“There are times in a career where you have to change things up like training camp locations. We spent five or six years in San Diego and got a lot of great results. The altitude has been great for us here and we feel very good in Lake Tahoe as well.

“Canelo is ready to fight whoever it may be. Right now, we’re squarely focused on Jermell Charlo and that’s our task on September 30. We’ll be ready for whoever comes after that.”

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  • Canelo is expected to win by most experts, the surprise will be if Charlo is able to pull it off

    • Good point and well said. Boxing is about being marketable to keep the cash coming in the bank account. Canelo does his fair share of being marketable to keep us interested in his matchups. Canelo has always been a huge rider on the confidence train and makes it well known in his interviews he’s “#1”. I would like to see Canelo get enough courage back up and rematch Bivol who schooled him on refined boxing skills.

      • Thank you Scooby and exactly.

        I don’t think Canelo will ever fight again with Bivol, he was embarrassed and outclassed at a point where he was selling us his aura of invincibility.

        I would like to see him fight with David Benavidez, and David Morrel, but I dare not to daydream.

      • He talks like #1, but doesnt walk like #1.
        If he’s #1 why is he fighting a Super Welter next and not Benavidez?
        He’s a great fighter for sure, but I don’t think he’s #1 anymore, not looked great in his last 3 fights thats for sure.

        • that is the unfortunate business and marketing sides of boxing. The paying fans can change that, by not supporting grossly overmatched events, but if youtubers are boxing sensations. These unfortunate trends will continue

        • Jim Bob, I agree that fighting Jermell won’t prove anything (unless Charlo pulls the upset), but at least it should be entertaining and maybe Jermell surprises.

          For me, assuming Canelo wins, I definitely want him to fight Benevidez next. That fight would be a statement and even his haters would have to tip their cap if he wins. I was a hater until he unified the Division at 168 and thought him challenging Bivol was great. He dared to be great and wasn’t quite good enough. There’s still many fights at 168 and that is where he belongs.

  • Charlo is jumping up to high. Canelo is used to fighting at super middle and light heavy. Canelo is legit at 168. Charlo will have be strong if it goes to the late rounds, Canelo can find KOs in the late rounds. Last time out, Canelo let the British guy go, once he recovered in the middle rounds, Canelo wasn’t able or willing to try to finish him. Canelo be determined to win by KO or TKO this time. Charlo may not believe he can win this by KO.

    • I would not be surprised if Charlo jumps to an early lead using aggressive boxing then rides the last few rounds on the backfoot. He has the athleticism to do so. Two weight classes higher and a gas tank that has not been tried their might be tooich to ask for. Logic says Canelo by UD, but I’m going for Charlo.

  • Wow! So stupid! Here we have a MEGA FIGHT right here and NOW against Benavidez and we’re talking about how inspired he is against a Charlo brother?!! Really???? Más Puto!!!!!

    • Think about it BoriMex for a minute, why Canelo will take higher risks, when he can fight a Charlo and earn the same rewards as fighting Benavidez? due to his market value.

      If the public dont buy into this illusion, perhaps, Canelo will be forced to fight competitive fighters

      • I’m a fan!! It’s not up to me to think and/or consider risk versus reward! Could you even imagine Major league teams, whether it be the NFL, NBA, MLB or international soccer leagues not playing division rivals because of this nonsense! And furthermore, IDK why boxing fans always seemingly get into the economics when they are the ones racing to the bank with these massive purses! Not us!!

        • Box fans are to be blamed for supporting and paying for these mismatches, but if youtubers are boxing sensations, I am afraid we will continue to see this mismatches for a minute.

      • Someone wrote how come the new face of boxing Tank Davis doesn’t have to fight top contenders but Canelo does. Canelo has so many fighters who want to get on the Canelo gravy train, do what fighters used to do, fight each other, and then demand a fight with the champ.

  • Sure would have liked to see some video of Canelo hitting the mitts, heavy bag or sparing. Miss the open workouts of Duran, Homes, Mancini, Hagler.

  • Sounds like Canelo is setting the stage to fight both Charlos, after this decision win over Jermell. He has the new 3 fight deal with PBC and is still the cash cow in boxing.

  • canela has lost all humility – at the expense of race baiting – in order to see tickets- boxing has become a circus- fight benavidez if you think you are the best – why do you avoid him-

  • He’s #1 money maker. Maxim profit for minimal risk gets ZERO respect. It is what it is. Let’s get this fight going and hopefully, the PED induced hypogonadism hasn’t reached critical and he’ll have enough to fight Benavides next.

  • Poor little red can’t Beat Bivol, or fight his No.1 challenger. Fighting a 154 lb champ and nobody cares. Overhand right and left hook to the body is all that boy has.

    • POOR LITTLE RED? don’t know about that. He came from having nothing to a milionare (with only an overhand right and a left hook)

  • He never atoned himself professionally and ethically, for the two negative PED tests. Not one commission or acronym belt have held him professionally and ethically accountable. By his choices, he has not faced Andrade, Benavidez and or chases to avenge the Bivol defeat. By choice, he is facing a fighter two divisions lower. These are irrefutably N O T Gladiatorial excellence. The 12Rounds, scandalous Day-before Weigh-in and acronym belt collecting era are filled with self—declarers.
    ©️Coach Hilario 2023

  • I have the feeling this PPV will be a total flop, despite the decent undercard. The knowledge of boxing fans have been enhanced enormously by all the media available, being well known what fight we want, no longer we can be deceived with this undesired matchup,

  • Naaaaa canrlo is like number 7 of the world right now

    1 Crawford
    2 Inoue
    3 usyk
    4 fury
    5 canelo
    6 bivol
    7 betterbiev
    8 lomachenko
    9 tank
    10 shakur

    • spence over crawford by your thinking. Bivol behind the guy he almost knocked out easy. Stick to knitting

  • I always hear about Benavidez. Who has he beaten? Over-the-hill guys and Caleb Plant after he got his ego smashed by Canelo.
    Benavidez can go for David Morrell.

    • been saying this for awhile ; Benavidez , “Zordo” , “Boots” ..none of these guys have fought anybody / Benavidez fought Plant…that’s it !!

    • I always hear about “Who has he beaten?”
      This is mostly mentioned to argue against your favorite fighter taking a tough fight.

      They beat nobody if nobody is wiling to give them a fight.

  • Yes, I go for Cánelo boxing is not a game of slap in on the face like females is a sport that is been for yrs.too much talking lately on boxing.let the talk and may the best man Win!

  • This fight will be a failure for canelo unless he ko’s charlo – which i expect will happen late.

    Charlo will be on that bike and win early rounds with reach and movement.

    But in the end canelo will wear him down with body work and eventually stop him.

    There is only one fight to be made and that is with benavidez. Nothing else really moves the needle.

    Canelo knows he can’t beat Bivol so he won’t rematch.

    The other charlo don’t want to fight at all. He let plant slap like like a btch.

    But i expect canelo to avoid Benavidez at all costs.

    My guess is that if he beats charlo he will try to get the charlo brother to fight. If that fails i see canelo picking a bum to fight and cashing out for retirement.

  • which would make Bivol number one plus?
    Hilarious. Fight a 154 lb guy and say you are best while saying Bivol was too heavy…yoink…stupid ass mexican meat eater. Classic stupid ego crap. If he toasts Charlo (yawn) then nothing. Benevedes? Morrel? fake shit.

    • In addition, beat up the top dogs in his division (David B, and David M), then and only then he can claim he is the best since hot water was invented

  • Forcing Charlo to come up 2 divisions while there is a legitimate number 1 challenge @68 in Benavidez doesn’t make you number 1 by my estimation!! Imagine Inoue not fighting the boogeyman @22, but forcing a Flyweight to come up and face him! We’d be outraged right??!!??

    • I agreed with your post, I will only add/change that Charlo is not being forced, the Benjamins are doing the talking.

      Charlo is willing to take the chance for the $$$$.

  • I hope to see Canelo/Benavidez in 2024 (168).

    For now, I fail to see how Charlo can jump two (2) weight classes and expect to win (but many things are possible). I am 100% sure Charlo is thinking…folks, it’s well worth the money. I don’t blame Charlo for taking this chance because many fighters would do the same thing, if given the chance.

    I pick Canelo to win by TKO (Round 10).

  • Canelo moves up in weight classes but he avoids the best at 168 (Benevidez). That isn’t how ,you become #1. He’s top 5 for sure but no longer #1.

  • Dude is 59-2-39ko, you guys talking trash about him; he never ducked anyone. GGG fought him, Money may; fought very young and lost. Went from 147 to 175lbs in his run, tried a heavy guy in Bivol, lost. you guys jump on him like he’s a bum who fought in light heavy weight all his life. On the downside of his career, still fighting “Champs” is respectable in my book. You casual fans behind your computer talking like you ever laced them up, please….

    • Thunder, his choice of fights lately have not been world beaters with the exception of bivol where he got taxed. Ryder, charlo, a way late third fight with GGG. Honestly, he got beat by GGG in the first and drawed the second fight. He has been given gifts in decisions to other fighters too. I do doubt his daring to be great, but he is clearly ducking benavidez and maybe even morrell. I ain’t casual and I laced them up, still do.

  • Canelo does have the right to be pound for pound king of boxing, he has fought for titles in different divisions and even has lost twice. He deserves the ranking as the best fighter in boxing pound for pound.

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