Broner, Santiago make weight*

Broner Santiago Weigh In
Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Adrien Broner 146 vs. Jovanie Santiago 145.25
Dominic Breazeale 261 vs. Otto Wallin 240
Robert Easter Jr. 139.75 vs. Ryan Martin 139.5

Venue: Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn
Promoter: TGB Promotions
TV: Showtime

*Broner-Santiago, previously announced as a super lightweight fight, was changed yesterday to the welterweight limit following a mutual decision from both fighters.

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Avanesyan, Kelly make weight

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  • I just hope the entire card is good which on paper looks pretty darn good…
    By the way, if Broner wins, who should he fight next so fans can take him a little bit more serious.

    • Pete Flores Salinas IV Boss
      Not everybody can be as tough as you and have a name as cool as yours. Judging by your names and pics, and a little google search, you’re the guy who went 0-6 as an amateur.
      Don’t cry over spilled milk toughy.

  • Unfortunately it won’t be long until the only fights Broner has will be in the back alleys of Cincinnati, on the same retirement circuit Aaron Pryor wound up on.

  • Please.. Broner should not be mentioned in the same sentence as Aaron Pryor.

    Even a washed up untrained Pryor would have beaten the living shit out of a prime Broner and knocked that ridiculous beard right off the bearded lady!

  • Honestly, Broner has not achieved much in the last four years. Maybe because he’s his own biggest problem? It should be an easy win for Broner, but I think he can get bigger problems against Santiago than he has imagined.

    • Believe Santiago has better chance than the 5 1/2 – 1 odds say he has. Prime Broner beats him easily but weight seems to say he has not really seriously trained.

  • I get where Willie sees the similarities of Pryor-Broner: Their names both start with “A”, and end with “R”. Nice! But seriously Pryor just had so many real accomplishments and skills Broner doesn’t. On the championship level in that era and days prior (get it?) real champs fought and defended titles frequently. 8 title retentions from 9 fights in a 3 year span at 140 before moving up. And those names are much better than broner’s. Wins over the likes of Alexis Arguello when he was the underdog. Broner’s wins are mostly sub to very sub par challengers, and he is almost always the favorite. It’s tough for most champs to win by KO, but Pryor did that. won all those 140lb title fights by KO. Broner is only 1-0 at 140 title fights. Pryor was a real pro with discipline to campaign at the same weightclass for many fights. Broner is something like 6-1 in titlefights but that spans 4 weight classes. Thus the BS 4 division titlist stat. But a better cherry picker you will never find. He cuts and runs before the real contenders or unification fights arrive. Pryor was a real champion. Broner is a mere prize fighter trying to just stay out of self imposed dept. Oh, I forgot, they are from the same city there is that I’m sure the old school boxing people from Cincinnati view Broner as merely nothing but successful and entertaining. Pryor was the real deal but we are living in the now, so you have to take what you can get. I’ll just back Robert Easter Jr instead. He potentially could come out with a better career than Broner. Potentially.

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