Brodnicka: I will leave Las Vegas with my WBO belt

By Przemek Garczarczyk

“It’s OK that Mayer is so sure she’ll win. I’m fine with that…but we have a very good game plan. I’m mentally and physically ready to win. Absolutely sure I’ll be victorious and bring my WBO belt back to Poland,” says WBO female super featherweight champion Ewa Brodnicka (19-0, 2 KOs), who will defend her title on October 31 in Las Vegas against undefeated Mikaela Mayer (13-0, 5 KOs). “If you go on YouTube to watch Ewa, you making a big mistake. She is a very different (fighter) now,” added Brodnicka’s trainer Gus Curren.


Special thanks for Ewa nad Gus training videos: Piotr Buczak/To jest boks

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  • you ant to know why womens boxing suffers? there is not enough KOs women are too tough for their own good so to speak not enough excitment sorry ladies this will be a 12 round snoozer regardless of who wins. good luck to both now theres ONLY 1 female fighter to watch and thats Amanda Serrano 35-1 27kos wow 7 weight division world champion she is the female Manny Pacquaio yet not many know of her but now you do and forget Clarissa toothless Trex Shields she got 2 ref stoppages in 10 wins lmao and she keeps dropping down in weight aka weight bullying instead of moving up in weight for more dangerous challenges but thats for legends not talkers lol anyway long live the real baddest female fighter in boxing…..Amanda Serrano

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