Briggs targets Tyson Fury for comeback

Open Letter from Shannon Briggs to Tyson Fury

I was reading Frank Warren’s online column today and the veteran promoter struck a nerve with his stance on the unfair treatment former world champ and colorful character Tyson Fury is getting from UK boxing authorities. Now doing the Limbo can be an amusing dance but living in Limbo, a boxing purgatory is no fun at all. Being prevented from making a living is odious and that is why I now propose a match for those who may be clinically insane or slightly maladjusted.

You think McGregor and Mayweather hype was over the top? Imagine me and my “Gypsy Brother” Tyson going jaw to jaw. The only thing better than the prefight circus would be the in ring war we would engage in, two former world heavyweight champions who remain armed and dangerous.

I may be mad but I’m also as serious as can be., Briggs-Fury or Fury-Briggs, you would need psychiatrists more than you would judges. Really, the only essentials would be a boxing ring, some gloves and a good referee.

This dream fight would not go the distance. Either the Massive “Traveler” or myself would get rocked and socked to sleep.

I’ve been in boxing legal Limbo myself but come December I am off suspension and ready to rumble.

I come with the greatest of respect for the entire Fury Clan, solid boxing guys all of them, and I have a huge UK fan base,

Both Tyson and I can talk the talk and fight the fight.

I say, let’s make it happen, Mr. Warren and Mr. Fury. Redemption for the victor and the judges will be K and O.

There is no yellow streak on Tyson’s back nor on mine, know what I mean Hayefaker?

This is a great matchup, a Fistic Freudian delight.

Have gloves, will travel.

Tyson needs an opponent and I’m his huckleberry.



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