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  • Great post Karl. I am a Nikon user, I hope to make a jump at some point to the Nikon D5 but the 6 is a bit out of the price range and does not add a big difference to the work we are creating. The extra frames per-second are a bonus but not necessarily needed. If you had the chance to shoot film back in the day, your limitations were far greater than today, but timing and anticipation, with a sport like boxing, has always been of the utmost importance when trying freeze and capture action.

    • Hi Emily, I’m a Nikon shooter also. A D750 and nifty-fifty works great for boxing. When Fightnews first started it was still the film days. We had to rush film to an all-night lab after the fights were over and they’d put it on a CD. Very slow and expensive. — “Spray & Pray” Karl

  • Hey Em & Karl, I too am a Nikon guy. This camera looks to be the cat’s meow, but definitely has lion’s price tag! We can always dream!

  • Nikon recently left the firearm industry making scopes/optics to focus on their cameras and other endeavors. This is where it must start with a great product.

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