“Big Baby” Miller returns with win in Argentina


341lb heavyweight Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (24-0-1, 20 KOs) fought for the first time since 2018 defeating local favorite Ariel Esteban Bracamonte (11-8, 6 KOs) by ten round unanimous decision on Thursday night at the WBA KO to Drugs Festival inside the Casino Buenos Aires in Buenas Aires, Argentina.

Bracamontes was inspired fighting in front of the locals and seemed to outwork Miller for the better part of the first three rounds. Miller appeared rusty from the layoff. In round four, Miller hit Bracamontes low and the referee allowed him five minutes to recover. Bracamontes didnt use the full five minutes and came out firing appearing to take round four. Miller outclassed Bracamontes all of round five fighting off the ropes and making him miss. Miller appeared to find his groove in round six and begin to punish Bracamontes with powershots. Round seven saw more the same with Miller connecting reguarly with hard placed punches. Bracamontes did better in round eight but it still appeared to be a winning round for Miller. The final moments of round nine saw Miller pouring it on, raining a variety of thudding punches but Bracamontes again weathered the storm to the see the bell ending the round. Both fighters at seperate moments lost their mouthpieces during the final round. Each fighter slugged it out the final seconds to the final bell to end the bout and round. The official three judges’ scorecards read 97-92 all in favor to Miller.

Heavyweight Ivan Dychko (12-0, 11 KOs) went the distance for the first time, taking a one-sided ten round unanimous decision over Kevin Nicolas Espindola (7-4, 2 KOs).

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  • omyyyyy, Miller should have to go back and fight the guys that he already beat while cheating.

    • Would be interesting. Also, though not exactly Ali-Frazier, what about Miller-Guidry next…

  • So he was part of the “KO to drugs festival” The WBA with it’s multiple breeding belts have just sunk to a new low.

  • He certainly appears to have gotten his steroid habit under control, but then again, he never was the poster child for the aesthetic benefits of PED’s

  • Thought he was training with Fury…
    Can’t believe he is still allowed to have a boxing license. No drug testing in Argentina?

  • How Miller and Bracamonte were still able to move around and box and stay busy at their weight for 10 rounds is actually amazing.

  • Take this loser off of the roids, and he couldn’t beat Butterbean. Even on the juice, Joshua would have knocked him out had their fight gone on.

    • Great story until you realize Joshua is on the juice too. I know what you will type. But Joshua never failed a PED test. Neither did Tommy Morrison but he stated he was always on the juice.

      • As was Tyson. He even admitted to using someone else’s urine to pass a post fight drug test after defeating Lou Savarese.

  • That’s funny it was a ko drugs event with Miller who uses performance enhancing drugs.

  • 340 plus pounds? Careers over if he don’t fight top ten contenders. No one wants to see two oversized KFC employees fighting.

  • Miller fought and beat a nobody, why is he getting credit for a win when anyone out there could have beat his opponent

  • Hard to predict where Miller’s going with just one fight, but he needs to respect himself and the sport a little more. He looked mid 300’s. With this level of opponents, he should fight at least 3 more times this year to melt some of that bacon.

  • I heard the workout regimen from Christiano Ronaldo is openly available. Wouldnt be that bad for some of those heavyweights to do a litte bit fitness instead of killing time at burgerking.

  • Miller should have an all domestic butterbean showdown with Trevor Bryan, .

  • >