Benavidez promoter rips Canelo camp


Dear Eddy Reynoso,

Since you have chosen to conduct our negotiations for David Benavidez to face Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in public, I’m forced to correct a few mistakes you made in claiming you haven’t received any offers.

On Monday May 29 at 4:45 pm, I emailed you what I’m sure would be one of the most lucrative offers of Canelo Alverez’s career to face Benavidez.

Please know that you do indeed have an offer to face Benavidez, a sizeable one, and I must tell you that I’m offended by your claim that I’m “fantasizing” about making this fight happen.

If you are also unable to find this open letter and no one tells you about it, would anyone who knows him please let Eddy know that I will send this same offer any time for him to communicate to Canelo Alvarez.

All he needs to do is provide a working email address, apparently.

Sampson Lewkowicz

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  • Why not just say what the offer was? Let us see if it was a sizeable one as you say!

    • Why not post sensitive financial numbers during an important business negotiation? lol Where you work?

      • Sensitive financial nbrs? Who ubtrynna kid Lmao. Nothing sensitive about that. They jus hyping a fight, nothing more. Its not like a HIPAA violation.

  • A benavidez fight is not in canelo’s radar anytime soon!!!!! Canelo is going to take a second beating from bivol no doubt unless, bivol sell the belts like kavalev did in that phony fight! I doubt canelo will risk fighting the lightheaweight benavidez to risk back to back losses in which affect his credibility and future big money fights! Benavidez should take on the man who already beat the man in bivol! Benevidez should stop the bullishhht and take on a dude his size in bivol instead of chasing the little man!

    • This is not about chasing or size, is just the better fight at 168 right now. Callum Smith is a bigger guy and Canelo didn’t have any issues about that, now what other fighter at 168 deserves more than Benavidez to have a shot to Canelo Alvarez titles?

    • dont remember seeing any beating the 1st time around but the way i see it is Bivol would rather fight the much smaller Canelo than fight unified 3 belt holder Beterbiev just saying

  • I think this fight will not happen, I feel Benavidez is a though and real challenge for Canelo, Canelo will lose more than Benavidez in the event this fight materialize and if Canelo loses the fight with Benavidez.

  • Canelo’s last fight showed somenthing to be concerned and is that he looked a bit ordinary, kind of diminished and maybe Eddy Reynoso doesn’t want to put him against Benavidez until he gets a real definition of Canelo conditions at this point of his boxing career. Had him a bad off night against John Ryder or he is fading after a long boxing career?

  • Dont really understand how Benavidez’ reps dont know how to get a hold of Canelos reps to make a deal. Benavidez’ lawyer doesnt even have a working email for the people who represent Canelo? Weird

  • No way in the world Canela would take a Benavidez fight this year at all! He wont even fight Benavidez in 2024 and might even retire by ducking Benavidez.

    • why would Canelo duck and easy target like no skills Benavidez? hell Benavidez ducked Zurdo Ramirez until he moved up and other than his recent decision victory over Caleb Plant who was KOd by Canelo who has Benavidez fought that was top 5 rated? GGG ? Charlo? Callum Smith? Saunders? Andrade? i mean who has he fought that gives any of you fanboys reason to think he will not get trashed by the physically smaller Canelo………………

  • he sure does love getting his head on camera and being in the ring before and after fights just like that Mr Watson

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