Andrade: I’m gonna expose his weaknesses

Undefeated two-division world champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade held a Bay Area media workout on Friday ahead of his showdown against unbeaten two-time super middleweight world champion David “El Monstruo” Benavídez headlining Showtime PPV on November 25 from Michelob Ultra Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Demetrius Andrade: “I have a lot of strengths. With my athletic ability and my preparation, I can beat anyone…I’ve fought every style there is today. I just have to go in there, find his weakness and figure out what’s going to work…I don’t really know his strengths until I get in there, but from watching him, he likes to overwhelm his opponents. That’s really all I see. November 25 tune in and I’m gonna expose his weaknesses.”

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  • If Andrade brings his A-game can have a great fight. If nothing else, Benavidez seems to always bring the heat.

    • Agree, If andrade is on this will be interesting. I know he looks bad with less talented fighters but he seems to fight at the level of his opposition.

    • Yes, I agree, Benavidez seems to bring the heat. Benavidez is not a great boxer, but he has that brutal stalking mode of applying pressure non-stop in fights. Yet, Benavidez is stout, gritty, and is very hard to slow down. Andrade, in my opinion, will have his hands full dealing with Benavidez’s style. That will be a long 12 rounds if he holds up. I personally feel Benavidez will break through Andrade’s offense and force him into a TKO. Andrade has not faced anyone like Benavidez, and he will be dealing with him with all the horsepower in Benavidez’s engine.

  • Andrade had a great amateur career. However, as we know Pro is different and his lackluster performances against low level opposition will show. I expect a good fight until it last. Benavidez by late stoppage.

    • I agree with you. Benavidez’s pressure will force Andrade to work overtime and at a higher pace than what he is used too. Once Benavidez’s realizes Andrade can’t hurt him, Benavidez will chop him down to a TKO. Andrade is facing an opponent that will bring the fight to him and will force him to fight.

  • I think this is gonna be a competitive fight, I’d Andrade can roll and counter and control the distance with a steady jab, it could be really interesting.

  • The same way Benavidez presents a challenge to Andrade by walking his opponents down throwing combinations using his size and strength; Andrade presents a challenge to Benavidez by being a rangy southpaw with speed and elusiveness. As the saying goes, styles make fights, we won’t know how they complement each other until the bell rings.

  • I’m not convinced that Andrade has enough power to keep Benavides at bay through some Andre Ward type of countering upstairs or downstairs and that’s really the only way to stop or beat David right now.

  • As this fight gets closer I am looking forward to it more and more. Could be a cracker as David is going to Demetrius fight like never before.

  • Bobo is going to baddly get run over by benavidez! Benavidez is not the type of bums bobo struggled with and is used to fighting! He bited more than he could chew on this one but, got to give him credit for taking such a high risk fight! I think he got to tired of waiting for the canelo fight that was never going to happened! Benavidez easily wins by knock out of the year in the 6th and possibly sending bobo to retirement and possible figgting jake paul in the future!

  • I think he can beat thd crap out of him like mosely did Margarito ..Benavidez has zero defense n zero head movement

  • Andrade isn’t on the same level as the Monster. Sure as hell he will get KTFO in 7 or less. Adios Andrade on your cash out fight.


    • Agree Mike K…Andrade can fight….there is something to be said about being avoided and undefeated… Actually both are good fighters but Andrade just may be on another level as far as his boxing skills…..A lot may disagree with what I am about to say…Benavidez
      should have avoided this fight…More money fighting someone that fits his boxing style…..Great fight for Andrade..finally getting an opportunity..against major .. competition…if Andrade looks Good….his stock goes up…

      Benavidez better do his roadwork….also studied Andrade…Andrade is an excellent body puncher…not flashy…but will catch Benavidez with “sneaky shots”….Just don’t see Benavidez style beating Andrade… excellent fighter….This makes a great matchup

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