Abdullah Mason added to ESPN telecast

Lightweight Abdullah Mason (13-0, 11 KOs) will take center stage this Saturday at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Mason’s eight-round bout against veteran Luis Lebron (20-5-1, 13 KOs) has been elevated to the ESPN-televised main card, a four-fight lineup headlined by WBC lightweight world champion Shakur Stevenson returning home to defend his belt against Artem Harutyunyan.

O’Shaquie Foster will defend his WBC junior lightweight world title against 2016 Olympic gold medalist Robson Conceição in the co-feature, and lightweight contender Keyshawn Davis will take on heavy puncher Miguel Madueño in a 10-round special feature.

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  • – I will be at this event at the Prudential Center in Newark, Zoo Jersey.
    – Newark is a few stops before NYC on the NJ Transit local train.
    – Paid $71 for a good seat including all fees.
    – Never been to this facility.
    – Will be there for the first non-televised undercard bout.
    – Usually make a full day out of it, but not familiar with Newark so not doing that.
    – Going in with low expectations regarding Shakur Stevenson’s ability to entertain, based on his last outing.
    – Saw O’Shaquie Foster last time out at MSG, and he’s always in a good fight. Looking to see what Conceicao can do.
    – 8 fights total on the card.
    – I’ll tape the fights and watch the replay the next day to see if I missed anything live.
    – Newark, ZJ, here I come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I wouldn’t go to Newark if Jesus was there.
      BTW, I love Jesus.

    • Gary, maybe you could run into one brick city (NJ boxing.) He could take you on a tour of carjack city while you are there. Guard your grill. Or boxing terms: protect yourself at all times.

      • “Or boxing terms: protect yourself at all times.”
        – Advice appreciated and thank you.
        – I will be using my eyes behind my head.

      • Thank you for the mention Killa King. I would say just do the same as you see the many women and children walk around the area.
        Consider having the strength to make sure the people around you are safe when your out and about. Stay dangerous!
        If you’re a scary or suspicious person best to stay home. Its a risk whenever you leave the home. I’ll be out there in my NJ Boxing gear btw. Somebody needs to buy me a drink all this good game been putting on this site 🙂

        • Sorry, one brick, I lived dangerously for 25 plus years, by putting loud mouth bad people in jail. I couldn’t work a city like Newark because as you know democrat cities don’t address crime they encourage it. Cops are the prey not the criminal. I often wonder how that works and women/kids walk those streets? Safely? Sure they do. Just like I’m pretty sure you are the guy that has their back out there. Yeah, way back. Enjoy the fights, maybe you could use your EBT card to buy that drink.

          • Awe, now I get it! You’re were a cop (or wished you were). That explains your know it all, bigoted attitude and your eagerness to pick a fight and bully other posters whenever you get the chance. Not to mention your fraternal obsequiousness to a select few on here. I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on that earlier

          • Probably arrested your sorry butt once or twice. Typical loser goes right to race because that shows your lack of intelligence. Picking fights and telling the truth are two separate things, but like I said low IQ responses are all you are good for. My obsequiousness to a select few are a direct result to the same thing you suffer from: victimhood and falsehoods. By the way, how long did it take for you to look that word up, smart guy? I’m guessing AI wrote it for you. Again, when all you have is to attack me is race or bigot, you lose everytime because without sounding redundant, you are not very smart. Your username fits: a mind full of piss. So, tomorrow when you wake up, maybe I stop by the gas station you work at and buy me some beers, make sure they are cold, baiter.

          • Wow, you’re even stupider than I thought! Sounds like I hit a nerve there! Truth hurts huh? Getting into these kinds of pissing contests is an everyday thing for you I noticed. Now go trim your mustache and make sure you remember whos turn it is to buy the donuts! And hey- don’t eat them all this time!

          • Just make sure my beer is cold tomorrow when I stop by your cash register. Better yet, I like my donuts with sprinkles, loser. Truth must really hurt you, what’s the matter ran out of baiter material. I just like checking idiots that think throwing out the racist word is the extent of their vocabulary. Mindless idiots and ignorant fools. Now you, go get my donuts ready.

          • You love this shit dont you? . I figured you like your donuts with sprinkles. I did too when i was 6. You are race obsessed. Go back and read all your posts! I highly doubt you were ever a cop, youre too sensitive and thin skinned. Youd never pass the psych!

          • I could continue to resort to low blows and meaningless banter with someone that it is one, an intellectual idiot and two, probably doesn’t have a pot to “piss” in, but I will refrain. By the way, I have passed three psych evals in person plus two written evaluations. Add another three separate extensive background checks as well. I don’t need to audition for a job with you, piss. I know what I have done and I definitely do not need perpetrate a fraud. So, piss, have a good day and happy fourth of July. Watch those fingers when lighting your fireworks, I’m sure you’ll want to post more BS tomorrow.

    • You’ll be fine. Lived in Philly, walked through Camden, NJ etc. Just blend in and keep to yourself but say alert. Its not that big of a deal. Now if you were doing to Slab City at night, you’d have MUCH to worry about lol.

      • “You’ll be fine. Lived in Philly, walked through Camden, NJ”
        – We have a few things in common.
        – Born and raised in South Philly and now work in Camden, Zoo Jersey…..

  • Its always a treat to see Abdullah Mason. 5’9, southpaw, rangy and good power. Early in his career and he’s already taken a few boxer’s donuts from them. Hopefully when his time comes to step up in class he is not like many of his 135 predecessors who seem hellbent on not fighting each other.

  • Abdullah Mason is the top attraction on this card. I do agree with Shakur, when he says Abdullah is the future of the lightweight division. I’m sure Shakur has sparred with him, so he would know.

  • Mason has the goods. He looks legit and will probably be dodged by many including those in his own stable.

  • Great card, in terms of talent, just need the participants to do their part, and entertain. To the melinated contingent, be careful of those “Sundown Towns” that exist all throughout America, can’t be out too late if your of a certain hue. Godspeed.

    • Demented, maybe you should check the statistics and learn a thing or two. Oh, I forgot you are a victim, so everything is excused because life is not fair. I think I found the reason why you don’t like white people, demented. You got beat up by one of those crackers when you pretended to be a boxer.

    • “To the melinated contingent, be careful of those “Sundown Towns” that exist all throughout America, can’t be out too late if your of a certain hue.”
      – Translation: Watch out, Whitie……

      • For those of us of the Caucasion persuasion, we should be thanking DMV for the public service announcement. Even though I stick out like a sore thumb, for years on a daily basis, I worked the high crime inner city areas, including every night after dark when people are awake & out. I’ve seen it all. My advice for the day is beware of gas stations after dark, because quite often that’s where the action is. Thank you again, DMV, for keeping it real.

        • Nordic, skid row? I worked our there on two occasions on a side job. Man, that was not only eye opening, but off the chain.

  • Damn!!!!! Nice card for my 4 day Fourth of July weekend!!!! Will definitely be watching with a bevy of leftovers and cocktails!! THANK YOU ESPN!!!!!!!

  • Shakur is gonna put all of us to sleep if he fights like a scared snowflake like he did in his last fight…

  • >