Wilder: Ortiz is dealing with a monster

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has made it clear that he wants the toughest challenges and that’s why he selected unbeaten challenger Luis Ortiz as his challenger on Saturday night in Brooklyn.

Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

“I want people to get it in their mind that I could have ran from this fight,” stated Wilder. “I could have chosen any opponent that I wanted to fight on March 3, especially when all the other stuff went about. I could have easily gone somewhere else but no, I’m adamant about what I say, I’m confident about what I’m going to do and I’m ready to prove it to the world. So I got the perfect opponent, it’s the perfect time, it’s the perfect place.

“Somebody’s ‘0’, got to go and you all already know what I come to do. I talk my talk to walk my walk. It’s going to be up to Luis Ortiz to prove me wrong. He’s got an opportunity to be the first Cuban heavyweight champion of the world. It sounds good but he got a big task in front of him. He dealing with a monster. He dealing with a guy with a killer instinct.

“He dealing with a guy that ain’t afraid of not one human being on Earth, especially when you get in that jungle and I am the king of the jungle. I am the lion of the jungle. He’s never faced nobody with the pedigree with the killer instinct that I have inside of me. He’s never faced a guy that wanted to knock his head off so clean off his shoulders.

“He never been in there with a guy that won’t back down, won’t budge. I can’t wait. I hope he’s sleeping good, too. I hope you’re getting all your minerals, your protein and you’re taking your medicine faithfully because March the 3rd it’s going to be a real fight. I’d like to welcome you to the real sport of boxing.”

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