Wilder legal victory to KO Fury-Joshua?

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder may get his third fight with current WBC champ Tyson Fury after all. Retired judge Daniel Weinstein ruled in an arbitration decision today that Fury owes Wilder a third fight as per their contract for their second fight in February 2020. The deadline is September 15.

Fury had hoped to move on to an August 14 with WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua. Wilder is in a position to get record-breaking step-aside money, or torpedo Fury-Joshua and force Fury to fight him.

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  • Crazy really. I think Wilder is a complete dickhead. Bottled it for a year and will now push for a match when he knows everyone has moved on. I really hope someone in power can see sense here

    • No doubt Wilder is a complete dickhead! He got his Ass kicked by Fury at his own game! Maybe Wilder should fight Dillan White who has been calling out Wilder for ever now and the winner fights the winner of Joshua? Fury which we all know Fury gonna KO his Ass!

    • He didn’t bottle anything. Covid interfered with the rematch so his argument was I shouldn’t be penalized because of the restrictions that covid placed on the rematch. Fury and Joshua’s team knew that this was coming it’s why there hasn’t been an official announcement until now. They can pay him and STFU

      • Wow covid is obviously a factor in retrospect, but you cannot possibly think Wilder played ball organizing that third fight. Noone knew post-2nd fight how long covid was gonna drag on. Wilder stalled and stalled until the deadline passed. Now he sees an angle to save face and make some money , so is exploiting it, simple as that.

      • Like the great Dr. Ferdie Pacheco once said after a fighter got his ass whipped. He said”You want him again? You just had him”

    • He gave a rematch Fury should too. Covid blocked a lot of big bouts. Anyone who thinks it’s not honorable on Wilder’s side…I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

      • Yes it is very honorable to push this to the day after Fury AJ gets signed. Sits sulking for 15 months , and then gets upset because he sees other people making a bit of money. The guy is a complete tool. Talented, but an utter piece of shit with regards to boxing politics. Covid caused problems, yet AJ fought in December, Whyte fought Povetkin twice, Usyk fought Chisora, Chisora just fought Parker. Canelo has fought about 30 times in the last year lol. Fury hasn’t fought because he has been waiting for AJ, now Wilder is trying to disrupt that after 15 months. I have no respect for this muthafucka.

        • It’s been in arbitration since November. No big bouts took place before that because there wasn’t enough money to pay the fighters. The arbitrator day on this since January. Your wrong on those fronts of it being Wilder.

          • Come on man. He didn’t want the rematch. I realise you’re probably a big Wilder fan, and in a way, i am too. I have paid to see him fight live three times. But here, he has clearly played the game politically. He got obliterated in the second fight and didn’t want that again. Now he can make some money from a step aside, he is throwing himself back in the mix. Maybe he has been working on fight adjustments for a year aswell i don’t know. The point is, he was perfectly happy to not fight last year.

    • I agree however, Deontay gave fury the chance twice so he does owe him that
      Just hope the Joshua fight comes first

  • Wilder is pretty smart. He is hoping to get millions for stepping aside and waiting for the winner. He will be even smarter if he negotiates fighting the winner even if he has interim fights and somehow loses. Maybe Wilder vs Ruiz or winner of Povektin/Whyte? If all goes according to plan, he will probably hope to fight Joshua for a huge payday.

      • If you believe that you’re an idiot and know nothing about the sport.


        • An arbitrator smarter than you says otherwise. Notice how I didn’t use all caps!!!!!!

  • Fury the most overrated fighter in a long time maybe ever. If ref doesn’t cheat Steve Cunningham a blown up cruiserweight would have knocked him out. If ref doesn’t give him a 20 second count against Wilder he is knocked out. If he fights Wilder again that will be the last we hear about Tyson Fury

    • You really sound stupid saying the ref give him 20 seconds. Come on man

    • Wilder is done.If he faces fury again the beating will be so severe that he won’t ever fight again.

    • 20 secs – at best it was borderline.

      Fury has often had problems in motivating himself as seen in many of his earlier fights but if he was this fraud that you make him out to be he wouldn’t have beaten Wlad to win the title

      • I dont think Klitschko could handle the size. He was always the bigger fighter plus his best days were way in the past. He hardly threw a punch against Fury. But due to the personal problems of Fury im sure he was not motivated in earlier fights.

        • Wlad was unbeaten in over a decade – don’t see how his best days were behind him?
          I’ll be honest , I didn’t give Fury a prayer. I mean how could a man who was dropped by a cruiser and an obscure Eastern European stand a chance?
          I’m not a Fury fan and I would have backed Wlad to win the rematch had it happened. It was an ugly victory but he used his size as a strength.
          Size can also be a disadvantage if you don’t have the athleticism to go with it

          • Just think he wasn’t impressive against Jennings and even Povetkin and would have been much more dominant earlier in his career. Also think a few years earlier would have gone right through Fury. If Klitschko was around back in the day I see someone like a prime Ronnie Lyle beating him easily.

    • Totaly agree, fury vs Wilder 2 was staged.
      Fury has zero power for a big man, Fury is more entertaining outside the ring than in it. All the crowning and his big mouth attract viewers, look at all of Fury’s fights and you tell me he is world class.

    • You mean the Fury who knocked Wilder down twice and totally out classed him or is there another Fury who is is overrated?


  • What’s to keep Fury from just relinquishing the belt. It has no value anyway, he’s the Lineal Champion, that’s all that matters?

    • If Fury gives up the Belt, he has much less bargaining power with AJ. No belt, means alot less money in negotiations. AJ wants all the belts, no belt, its simply a UK bragging match. Also, the contract may state the Fury’s next fight has to be against Wilder, belt or not. He may have no choice in who his next opponent is.

    • You’re half right , but AJ wants all 4 belts.

      The other thing is that I don’t think it’s even to do with the WBC belt – I believe they have given the unification their backing.
      It’s a case that Fury has to fight Wilder next. I’m not sure what he would have to pay out if he fought AJ next but in this crazy world it could be more than his purse for the AJ fight.

  • Who? What judge? How the heck is it enforceable. I hope the judhge had one of those muscateer wigs. we all know, Della Briosschki..Simple you don like what he sez you go to the guy with the turbin. They could stop the certification, but never the individual mixer. Ive got my coin on Joshua if its in Saudii, otherwise Luke in any 4 of Yugo. Owe…

    • Funny you should ask what judge. Judge Weinstein is a retired state court judge from San Francisco. I knew his son pretty well back in the day. Ironically, I watched the Holyfield-George Foreman fight at his house back in 1991. Anyway- bad ruling in my opinion. Yes boxing is a business, but Wilder is, in fact, a cold piece of work. He knows he’ll never be able to beat Fury in the ring so he has to to beat him in the courtroom. BTW, Wilders new trainer is Malik Scott, whom he KO’d in the 1st round a few years ago, so you know Scott won’t be throwing in the towel when Fury pulverizes him in the rubber match.

      • Let be real, like you said it’s a business. Wilder is making a business move and you would do the same thing if you was in his position.

  • Boxing is a business and Wilder is just Exercising the business of boxing. Remember this is prizefighting. Money first!

    • Yes sir, well said! I call it a retirement investment for later in life; money!

    • Yep smart move Elpapisteve, wait til AJ TF fight is signed for massive dollars = his step aside money just went right up in value. He’ll get one of his best pay days without even lacing up !

  • “Wilder is in a position to get record-breaking step-aside money, or torpedo Fury-Joshua and force Fury to fight him.”

    IMO, the best-case scenario for Wilder would be to receive the step-aside money, then hope that Joshua pulls the upset vs. Fury, as Wilder probably matches up a little better against Joshua. Either way, if this article is true, Wilder will be making some serious $$$ over the next year or so.

    • The IRS will be making serious cash too after Wilder pays those taxes on the income money. 🙂

  • If the camps was smart they just give up Fury’s belt no one cares about them anyways. Let Wilder have it, it will not have any merit.

    • If Fury does not have a belt, he has zero bargaining power against AJs belts. He wouldn’t even get mandatory money. AJ could pay him whatever he wanted. Having a belt gives him some juice.

    • Would he still not have to fight Wilder even if he gave up the belt – or get sued?
      I don’t believe the WBC have anything to do with the contract and technically AJ/Fury could go ahead and with all the belts on the line but that might mean that team Fury will get sued big time.

  • Wow, a legal/financial power move gained by the Wilder camp (Wilder).

    I do not believe Wilder is mentally prepared for a major fight at this time, and I do not believe Wilder has his camp in order yet. Therefore, after gaining judicial leverage, Wilder is sitting like a “fat cat” in anticipation of major set aside money. This was a well structured move, and I ponder how much in set aside money will get offered to Wilder. The boxing world may have to prepare for a major, catastrophic set aside-QUAKE.

    Meanwhile, in anticipation of fighting the Fury/Joshua winner, Wilder needs to get his head together; get his camp on the same page; and work his a*s off by sharpening his defensive skills/offensive skills in a professional style (not in an amateur style). However, I do not believe Wilder can beat a disciplined (but unorthodox) Fury; but Wilder will have a far better chance against a far more orthodox Joshua.

  • Wow he’s a fool, Fury took Wilder’s best and walked over him.I think Fury ruined him and now he wants his payday

    • He’s a dog for wanting his contractually agreed upon rematch? How?

  • I think Wilder should feel fortunate that he’s in a position to get millions in step-aside money. He hasn’t fought since that loss to Fury. He’s rusty, so a third fight may not generate much interest. As such, the step-aside money may be the most money he can make at this point in his career.

    On the other hand, he likely has much to prove, which makes him a dangerous opponent for Fury. Fury hasn’t fought either since that fight, so he too is rusty and as awkward as ever. All he does is sit around, picking his nose, and running his mouth. I’d like to see a third matchup between these two lazy, overrated fighters. The winner can then fight Joshua, hopefully some time this decade.

    I know Covid had a part in it, along with Wilder’s injury from that second fight, but I am sick of the inactivity of these lazy bums.

  • A pox on all their houses on this one. Fury’s camp should’ve never, ever agreed to/insisted on a third bout clause in the contract for the second fight. And unless the explicit intent is to collect a check of step-aside money to allow Fury-Joshua to continue as expected? It’s a career killer for the Heavyweight Champion of Alabama on multiple fronts.

    The smartest thing Deontay Wilder can do right now is go to the promoter and throw out a (reasonable) figure that makes this issue go away for a Fury-Joshua fight. The dumbest thing he can do is, well, anything else.

      • Fight who? Fury? Why? To get his ass kicked even worse or potentially even killed? Wilder needs to take whatever “step aside” money he can get, retire, and remember his days as the Heavyweight Champion of Alabama fondly.

  • Sorry Wilder but you have not even put together some basic footwork —Combinations are mostly equal to zero-plod load fire does not cut it -TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN

    • Wilder does have good footwork…he inserts it in his mouth with swiftness and ease!

  • Remember when Bowe put his belt in the bin. Step aside bargaining chip. He’s no mug was brave and skilled enough to beat the old Cuban that everyone avoided. But yeah 100% step aside caper

    • If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong here), Bowe and Rock Newman (who I never heard much from after Bowe) put his green WBC Belt in trash can to avoid facing Lennox Lewis. Am I correct? Thanx.

  • Doesn’t anyone realise this. Wilder is speaking to AJ and Fury and could get 4 or 5 million dollars just for doing nothing. He’s only interested in dollars! That’s what this is about!

  • pt 1 I have said all along that AJ should have fought Pulev (which he did) and Usyk (which he would have done/been doing around now) and Fury fight Wilder and maybe Whyte. That way (providing both come through) there are no obstacles for a unification at the end of the year.
    I’m almost starting to think that this is a conspiracy against Hearn/AJ and that team Fury always knew this would happen and all parties wanted Hearn to work his nuts off to seal this fight only to lose money when it doesn’t happen?
    What seems strange to me is that Wilder hasn’t actually taken action against Fury for cheating (if he honestly believes that happened) and Fury hasn’t taken action vs Wilder re his accusations. Re the latter , if Fury wants the fight then maybe he has it on the back burner as leverage to stop Wilder taking action?

  • pt 2 I don’t think any of us know what’s in the contract etc.
    My thoughts are about who is responsible for the purse for the 3rd fight? If it is Wilder’s team/promoters and they can’t/won’t fulfil it then surely this would make the contract null and void.
    Whatever way you look at it (unless you’re blinkered) Wilder doesn’t come out of this well as a person. He showed no public desire to want to put things right.
    The people I feel sorry for are Hearn,AJ ,Usyk , Joyce and maybe Whyte whose careers are put on hold.
    If this falls through I hope that Hearn is able to sue Top Rank/Queensbury for having his/his fighters time/efforts/money wasted in trying to make a fight for the undisputed which surely every boxing fan wants

  • VERY punk move on Wilder’s part. Jealousy + diminished skills = scared jealous punk.

    Instead of sabotaging the sport & good business partners, why not take a step aside agreement, and fight on the undercard for additional cash.

    Gee … I could have had a V-8.

    • What’s wrong with a third fight? The contract calls for it and he wants it

      • Are you going to pay for Wilder’s funeral expenses, or, the huge loss the promoters will LOSE?

    • @Jennifer- Diminished skills? Did he have any to begin with?

  • If the man wants to exercise his rematch clause what’s wrong with that? Tyson is still a giant. Don’t you guys want to see a redemption or destruction rubber match???

    • Not really, no. We’ve seen Wilder vs Fury twice now. Everyone wants to see how AJ matches up to Fury.

    • Wilder lost every min of every round and was then KOed. This equals Zero public interest in a 3rd fight. People want to see Joshua v fury. Or Wilder V Gallen

  • Henry Armstrong defended his world welterweight title 28 days apart so why not AJ/Fury winner oblige Mr Wilder if he insists.

    • I just wish they would fight somebody more often than every 12-15 months. None of them are very good, and by ignoring everybody else in the division and taking zero risks, they’re making it seem like they’re accomplished fighters.

      It’s a very weak division at the moment, but that includes AJ, Fury and Wilder. If they actually fought two or three times a year they’d occasionally get pushed, or even lose, and the division might be interesting again.

      Within a 25 month period Ali fought Frazier, Ellis, Mathis, Mac Foster, Chuvalo, Quarry, Patterson, Bob Foster, Bugner and Norton in addition to Blin and Lewis. These guys don’t seem to want to step in the ring without getting guaranteed $50 million and a guaranteed rematch if they lose.

  • Surely just go ahead with the Joshua fight for all belts in August with the winner becoming undisputed. In September, the undisputed champion will then lose the one belt but will have made 75 million and will still be recognised as the rightful no1.
    Wilder in the meantime can then fight Whyte for the right to fight the winner of the Fury / Joshua bout.

  • How pathetic is this HW division? I just want to see these guys fight. Wilder and Fury just seem to want to talk, and although AJ did fight Pulev, it’s now already May. While I would like to see Fury-AJ, at this point let’s just see any of these guys show some courage and fight any decent contender.

    No wonder people will pay money to see ridiculous exhibitions with great HWs of the past, because they want to remember what the sport used to be like, rather than what it has become.

    One of these guys can really establish himself and leave the others behind by simply getting in the ring 2-3 times a year and fighting top contenders.

  • How about if both AJ and Fury and the promoters involved give Wilder a good step aside fee instead? This would be horrific if Tyson Fury Vs Anthony Joshua is derailed.

  • Screw Wilder and those meaningless belts, Fury should fight Joshua in defense of Fury’s Lineal Title as the real HW champion, take all of Joshua’s ABC belts then fight Wilder if Wilder is still up to it. Fury has already beat Wilder twice and a 3rd match will be no different.

  • Love the ruling! Honor your contract. Almost happier that Heard will have to grobble money to Wilder.

  • I really wish all of you conspiracy theorists would just shut the hell up with all of this “tampered gloves/twenty second count” nonsense.
    True, Fury BARELY beat the count in the first fight, but it was a legitimate 10 count and he was up by 8 or 9.
    As far as the second fight went, Fury beat him with tactics.
    Wilder is a good fighter from long range, but if you get off to the side or crowd him then you neutralize his right hand.
    This is exactly what Tyson Fury did in the second fight and why he won easier.

  • This is great news. It doesnt matter if we the fans feel Wilder deserves a crack at the title or not. Wilder gave Fury a rematch when he didnt have to. Part of the deal Fury signed was a rematch had to be granted if Wilder lost. In this case Wilder lost and the rematch clause was activated. Unfortunately Covid hit and no high purses could be paid because there would be no live gate and a PPV wasnt going to pull in the high numbers by itself. Since Covid pushed it back the contact was extended until purses could be covered. Its no different than all the other things that got extended. I can see a couple outcomes at this point.
    1. Wilder takes a step aside with a huge payoff, a tune up fight and a guaranteed shot at the winner.
    2. Fury drops the title and Wilder faces White for the vacant title.

    Again it doesnt matter what we think of the rematch. Contracts have to have meaning or boxers have no reason to give rematches.

  • The three muscateers + Dartanyan demand a rematch for Danny Boy to match agtain wih Harvey Jolly.

  • Judge Daniel Weinstein is retired? If he is retired, how does he have any say in the matter at all? Also, his last name Weinstein! Is he related to Harvey??

    • Because part of the bout contract they signed included an arbitration provision. This wasn’t a decision by a judge in a court of law. It’s a decision by an arbitrator the parties agreed to and hired to hear their dispute and rule on it.

    • I think the retired Judge was information on his legal qualifications/ background. He was the arbitrator that ruled on the contract, not sure if he was assigned or if both parties agreed on him. Fury should have never counted his chicks before the eggs hatched. If Fury really has Wilder’s number, the third fight should be easier than the second, especially since Wilder got rid of the multi Golden Glove and Olympic Gold medal former World champion coach/boxer for the much better qualified(LMAO) boxer/coach who got KTF out by Wilder himself. Both fighters talk a lot of shit, Fury went 18.5 rounds enduring the vaunted power of Wilder. Long count or not, he got up off the canvas and out boxed Wilder for the remainder of the fight, Wilder on the other hand was out boxed for 18.5 rounds and came up with at least 6 stories to rival the brothers Grim as to why he lost the second fight. I was rooting for Wilder in both fights, but I hate hypocrisy and sore losers.

  • I like to see if the contract requires the deadline of September 15th to have the fight no later than that date, or the negotiations of that fight to be completed by that date. If that’s the case, then Fury and Joshua still have time for their fight, and fury would have almost a month to iron out the details of a third and meaningless fight with a man he already beat twice.

  • AJ/Hearn need to walk away from these shenanigans and fight Usyk next.
    I’ve read that Fury won’t pay Wilder step aside money and will fight him instead.
    I believe that is what he should do.

    I’ve said all along that I felt that both AJ/Fury should have fulfilled their obligations – AJ has already fought Pulev – and the fight would be even bigger in November/December with hopefully the restrictions all being lifted – certainly more likely to be lifted.
    I think Hearn has maybe let his heart rule his head a little and been desperate to get the Fury fight on. Maybe it’s based on the frustrations in not being able to make the Wilder fight.
    One thing that comes out in all this is that no one can now dispute that Hearn/AJ didn’t want the fight and while Hearn may have come out of it financially worse off we all know that he pulled it off and the reason for the fight not likely to go ahead is out of his hands.
    If there is step aside money then it should come from Fury’s purse.

  • Fury was blessed by Wilder because he had been Champion with the first match after Fury recovered from his years of using dope. Arbitration is where they landed after Fury refused to honor their contractual commitments.

  • Dan Weinstein? ??? Did Obama appoint him, or, was it Biden or Jimmy Carter? What a fucked up judge.

    Not to be rude, but Wilder does not deserve the fight with Fury. AJ does. I refuse to pay for Fury/Wilder 3, just out of principle.

    If Wilder wants to smack one of the Paul brothers, and put one of them in a STFU coma, I will pay for that. If Wilder wants to give Bill De Blasio or Jerry Nadler a smack, or some other obnoxious punk, I will pay to see it. Otherwise, Deontay needs to find a new job.

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