Weights from Detroit

Weights Mich
Photo: Adam J. Dewey

Juan Carrillo 175.4 vs. Quinton Rankin 174.2
Shohjahon Ergashev 141.2 vs. Juan Huertas 138.8
Vladimir Shishkin 169.6 vs. Mike Guy 169.8
Husam Al Mashhadi 153.6 vs. Daulis Prescott 154.4
Nadim Salloum 169 vs. William Townsel 166.6
Josiah Shackleford 159.4 vs. Antwion McCollough 157

Venue: Wayne State Fieldhouse in Detroit, Michigan
Promoter: Salita Promotions
TV: DAZN (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT)

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    • Agree with you on this. Not sure how commissions allow these bearded boxers to fight. The beards aren’t a 5 o’clock shadow either, they are grown thick, on purpose to add cushion. Every boxer that uses this cheat should be embarrassed and ashamed for their expression of weakness. They can also add an oil based product to the beard to make it a lil more slick for gloves. Beards are itchy, but these bearded boxers are just Bearded %itches! Shave it and fight like a man.

  • Is DAZN starting a senior’s boxing tour similar to golf’s Senior’s Tour for older boxers?
    *the average age of the 6 featured boxers on this card is over 34 years, and the entire card average age is over 31 years of age. I thought boxers peak around 25-27. Let’s call this the Sunset Tour, USA…even though you’ve passed your peak of abilities, lets feature you on a show for boxing fans to pay $30 a month. Not sure how long DAZN will be around burning money with promoters that can’t deliver a watchable show. DAZN did just get rid of Joe Markowski, so maybe we’ll something different soon.

  • >