Weights from Anaheim, Calif

Nate Diaz 175.6 vs. Jorge Masvidal 175.2
Daniel Jacobs 169.2 vs. Shane Mosley Jr. 167.6
Chris Avila 175.6 vs. Anthony Pettis 175.3
Curmel Moton 133.5 vs. Nikolai Buzolin 137.7
Amado Vargas 134.1 vs. Sean Garcia 138.1

Venue: Honda Center, Anaheim, California
Promoter: Fanmio

Ioka, Martinez make weight
DAZN Weights from Ontario, Calif

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  • Geez

    A pair of washed up MMA fughters are main event over a former legut World Champion in Jacobs

    • As a former Jacobs fan..he’s completely washed..he was awful against rosado 5 years ago..then equally as bad against English guy..he has not been good since the quillin victory I believe 7-8 years ago..poor performances even again derevychenko n mora which let to Canelo match.,he was never a ppv guy anyway, so of course he’s not headlining a ppv,,Nate Diaz is 10x as popular and Masvidal is more popular

  • Me thinks there is some sort of protest going on with the amount of boxers coming in over the weight limit !! Thought Jacobs was a bit more professional than that.

    • why should they be the boing organizations have sold out their integrity its all about the dollar now days boing as a sport has completely turned into a WWE Circus and a minor league version at that.

  • – Not even going to watch for free on the Fire Stick.
    – May watch the boxing highlights on YouTube the next day……..

  • Moton’s opponent is cannon fodder.
    Vargas over Garcia. Garcia never gone past 4 before. He might be in over his head. No interest in
    the other matchups.

  • The world is on fire. What’s a few shekel’s, right?
    Same as the cost of lunch for 4 at Wendy’s.

  • Dammm they have Curmel Moton fighting a Jr Welterweight and he gets hit a little too much already!


  • Diaz vs Masvidal was two washed up MMA fighters boxing and it was more exciting than Shakur Syevenson.

  • >