Benavidez-Gvozdyk to clash at light heavyweight!

The World Boxing Council has approved a fight between WBC interim super middleweight champion David Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) and former champion Oleksandr Gvozdyk (20-1, 16 KOs) for the vacant IBF interim light heavyweight title. Benavidez comes into this fight after successfully defending his WBC 168lb belt against Demetrius Andrade last November. Former 175lb champion Gvozdyk is 3-0 since coming off a three-year layoff. More information regarding this fight will be released in the coming days.

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  • So now the announcement about who Saul Alvarez will be fighting on May 5th will soon follow……

    • What I say about Benavidez camp, applies to Canelo also, Morrell will be the champ @168!

  • Well now! That’s a good fight! Gvozdyk has looked good against limited opposition since he came back and it’s time to see where he really is.

    • Take the loss to Beterbiev away, and Gvozdyk has been a monster. He’s very game in this fight. I’d favor Benavidez based on recent form, but this is darn near in toss-up category. Frankly, if Benavidez doesn’t bring the heat, I don’t know if he can match Gvozdyk as a technician.

      • I agree, Brainchild. I’d pick Benavidez but would not at all be surprised to see Gvozdyk win this fight

      • That fight with Berterbiev was close. At the beginning I felt that Gvozdyk was making Beterviev look like an amateur. But then those punches. Also in the fight where he took the title from Stevenson, he took some heavy shots. He retired Stevenson as we remember, and Gvozdyk was really retired by both.

    • Lucie, that was a long time ago. Wasn’t he trained by Teddy Atlas when he won the belt against Stevenson? I had no idea he was up at this level again after almost 4 years off.. Maybe one more fight against a sharp top 5 before taking on Benavides. Hope he makes a good account of himself.

      • Yep. Atlas was in his corner for the Stevenson fight. You’re right, it was a long time ago, it was December 2018. Gvozdyk is 36, he’ll be 37 in April. He’s been fighting a long time, really accomplished, had three fights last year, rated top 5. 6 by everyone… I don’t know, Peter. I’m thinking he’s as ready as he’s going to get. Sure, another fight couldn’t hurt his form, most likely, but I don’t know if this fight is still on the table if he does choose to fight again.

        If I understand it correctly, supposedly Gvozdyk and Canelo are pretty good friends. Canelo hired him to help him prepare for Bivol and Gvozdyk’s last two fights were on Canelo’s undercards even with Canelo switching promoters in between – Gvozdyk went with him.

  • Benavidez vs. Gvozdyk is an alternative fight in case Canelo Alvarez rejects a $60 million offer from PBC to face Benavidez in May. He will also remain the WBC 168 interim champion, furthermore keeping his status as mandatory for Canelo.

  • Bout’ time benavidez decided to fight on his weight division! He wayyyy to big for canelo! Canelo played smart and safe by not fighting this heavy weight. Its time for benavidez to show what he’s made of by fighting bigger dudes since, he is avoiding morell. Bivol and berteviev are going to be waiting to give him a warm welcome to the major leagues!

    • didn’t canelo just step up to 175 and get slapped down by Bivol? lol if benevidez can make weight why complain? if he is really starving himself canelo should be able to capitalize on that.

    • That the biggest excuse I’ve heard. Canelo was going to fight light heavyweight Ilunga Makabu and now Benavidez is too big for him.

    • No one is buying that assessment. We all know what the deal is with Alvarez. He’s using the PBC formula of low risk-high reward. He knew Benavides being close to signing a deal and waited…again. The size issue is just an excuse.

  • Phew! might be saying to those Canelo fans in relief because Benavidez is going to fight Gvozdyk in the light heavyweight division. Not so fast; he will remain mandatory for Canelo, and on March 16, that will be ratified, and Canelo will have to face him in September or be stripped.

  • Canelo is playing it safe and that is a sad thing for a fighter that claims to be at his best. Canelo has accomplished a lot in his strategically planned career, but ducking Benavidez will follow him into retirement. Any criticism Canelo receives is justified. Big props to Benavidez. Win or lose, he’s a real fighter that boxing people respect.

  • Benavidez is a good fighter, but has been weight bullying at SM. He was a heavyweight in the amateurs. He lost his title on the scales and missed weight for other fights; get off his jock. Let’s see what he does in a weight division he is still too big for! No way he goes up to Light Heavy and then drops down to Super Middle for Canelo…he won’t make the weight.

  • David is gonna get harder then he ever has before. It’ll be interesting to see how he holds up.

  • I don’t think this is a good fight for Gvodzyk. I see benavidez running right through him. I like that he is stepping up his competition, but this is a hard fight for him. He probably sees this his last shot to get that belt.

  • Good for benavidez not waiting because everyone knows canelo is delaying this fight as long as possible. .

    I wonder if he will break Floyds record of 5 years delaying the pacquiao fight?

  • Benavidez proving again he has big balls by fighting a big risk/little reward opponent while Canelo will be trying to fight super lightweights. Why is David a weight bully? He follows the rules and makes the weight. Canelo forces little guys to fight above their weight class or moves up and fights B opponents who somehow have titles. Or he just waited until you were old, still lost and got a bum decision. Everyone in the world wanted this fight except for him. Benavidez is undoubtedly taking on a more dangerous opponent now.

  • This is a surprise, This will be Benevidez ‘s toughest match, he may even lose here.

  • good matchup.
    very glad to see that Benavides is Not continuing to wait for Canelo.
    viva Sampson 🙂

  • Benevidez has no strength advantage in this fight so its a true test for him. Benevidez will not be too big for Gvozdyk. Can’t wait for this fight

  • This is not a good fight for Benavidez.
    The one thing that characterizes his career so far besides his relentless, swarming style,
    is that he has always been the larger guy.
    His body is BIG.
    He will not have that huge size advantage & he is facing a skilled tactician who can adapt, adjust & stick to a game plan. Benavidez does not have the kind of punching power that Beterbiev has.
    My money is on the Polish guy.
    This is one I will be watching, should be a great fight.

  • I’m a Canelo fan but its time to start getting real about this guy. He was going to fight cruiser weight Ilunga Makabu at one time but that fight was massively rejected by all parties involved including the public. Considering he was going that route Bivol and Benavidez aren’t too big for Canelo. He says Terrance Crawford is too small (three weight classes south of him) and YET he fights Charlo (two weight classes south of him). Now there are rumors he’s trying to fight the lesser Charlo who is also weight classes below him. Most would agree Crawford is more dangerous than the Charlos. Fans want to see him fight Crawford or Benavidez and he scoffs at both of those fights. Now they’re trying to find him an opponent where he can make $30 mill. Benavidez IS THAT GUY!!! There is no reason Benavidez-Gvozdyk should be happening!

    • I honestly don’t know many fans that really want a Crawford fight. Crawford is just way too light, the strength difference would be decisive.

      Conversely, canelo is way too small for beterbiev. Bivol needs to fight beterbiev and take that asswhooping Beterbiev will put on him.

      Canelo needs to grow some cinnamon cajones and fight benavidez. But instead he sends content on scouring the earth for anyone besides benavidez.

      Crawford needs to fight Charlo at 154 or 160 before jumping in with canelo at 168 who already fought at 175.

  • Benavidez got tired of waiting to Canelo. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to be the appointment for May 4. And I think he knew he wouldn’t get the fight for September either. It’s a shame that a fight with him and Canelo won’t happen. If he can beat the winner of Bivol vs Beterbiev then he will have more power in calling out Canelo, this time at 175.

  • I like Benavidez at light heavyweight and think he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. It seems he’s smart enough to know Canelo and his team want no part of him and that fight will likely never happen, that he needs to proceed with blazing his own trail of greatness. I think Benavidez will be more powerful at 175 and will have a good scrap vs Gvozdyk. I see Benavidez stopping him and being positioned for a crack at the Beterbiev-Bivol winner.

  • A few years back, prior to meeting Beterbiev, Gvozdyk was having his way in the division. His return late last year should do more than signifiy that “he has some fight left him,” as he said after sparring with Canelo prior to the Canelo/Ryder fight, but also that he has real determination and desire to be a champion again. He will this type of motivation in a fight where he may need to overcome adversity against a dangerous Benevidez who moves well, punches hard and has yet to lose.

  • No need to even bring up Canelo, let that die already. Let’s see Benavidez bring the heat at 175! Lots of great fights for him there! I’m excited to see him get after it. No doubt if he runs the table up there he’s a king and pound for pound beast!

  • Meanwhile, Benavidez’s camp wants nothing to do with the Undefeated Cuban @168, David Morrell!

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