Venado Lopez-Joet Gonzalez Scorecard

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Photo: Sumio Yamada

While most felt Friday’s clash between IBF featherweight world champion Luis Alberto “El Venado” Lopez and challenger Joet Gonzalez was relatively close (ESPN even had Gonzalez winning), judges scored overwhelmingly for Lopez. Here’s the round-by-round breakdown.

Press conference for world title twinbill in Japan
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  • I think Venado’s style is really interesting and it’s flashy and you can hear how hard he hits through the broadcast, I’m sure it sounds crazy while watching it at ringside and Gonzalez’ is more straight forward and typical, but I still don’t know how you get 10-2 or 9-3. I had Lopez up, but I think it was definitely a close fight.

        • Actually had judges license in Michigan in the 90’s and attended meetings of the commission where scoring was discussed by very competent people. It was required to score many amateur bouts before being considered to judge professionals and my work requirement made this impossible. Even so, probably learned enough to be a better judge than you.

    • I had it dead even. This was a tough one because Joet was outworking Lopez in every round, but Lopez was landing the cleaner and more accurate punches.

    • Definitely close. Its a tough assignment when you have busyness vs counterpunching and both apply their strategy affectively. Some judges like activity and some like affective aggression or effective punching. Personally, I would like them to run it back because I think it will be more interesting now that they’ve sampled each other’s weaponry

    • The judges had the right guy winning, but despite the scores, Joet Gonzalez stock improved a lot. I won’t be surprised if they run it again or he is called to face Robeisy Ramirez or Leigh Wood, great performance from him though

  • Of course ESPN wanted Joet to win they fear any of their over hyped prospects to have to face Lopez one day.

  • Great fight to watch. Lopez a throwback warrior reminiscent of LaMotta in some ways. First time seeing him (Lopez) in action . As many have stated scorecards are not how the majority of fight fans observed the fight.

  • Close fight w Lopez winning 115-113. Joet came on strong down the stretch. ESPN seemed to pull for him and was surprised by Kriegel’s scorecard.

  • I watched about four rounds, missed the first and saw the next four, maybe five. Had to miss the rest of the fight, but what I saw of it, it looked pretty nip and tuck to me. If it was all about that even, I could see it being a draw. But I didn’t see it, so I don’t know.

  • Joet won that fight people…… don’t give a guy a win because he punches harder. One guy is always in most cases going to punch harder, why even have any judges if we know one punches harder?
    Dumbest thing ever to be said in boxing, even dumber than saying “ You’d have to dominate a champion in order to get a decision win”

    • Joets face after the fight appeared to take a beating as Lopez was practically unmarked….Lopez must’ve landed the cleaner shots more often in this case

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