Unfinished business for Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson
Photo: Jonathan Reid

Fightnews.com® recently announced that world ranked Michael “The Bounty”Hunter (19-1-1, 13 KOs) would be facing former world title challenger Mike “White Delight” Wilson (21-1, 10 KOs) in a WBA heavyweight eliminator and for the WBA Continental America’s heavyweight title June 19th in Miami, Florida. The bout will be on the undercard of the Triller promoted main event featuring undefeated and unified lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez (16-0, 12 KOs) making his first defense against mandatory challenger unbeaten George Kambosos Jr. (19-0, 10 KOs).

Hunter and Wilson have history from back in their amateur days where Hunter owns a win over Wilson. The two are much more experienced since that time with each excelling in the professional ranks. The Oregon native Wilson definitely wants to avenge his defeat to Hunter. He knows that bigger fights on the Triller platform could be awaiting him should he upset Hunter.

I know about your impressive amateur background but tell the fans about your accomplishments and the titles you won.

I have spent my whole life boxing and have a huge support system in my home state of Oregon, I Won the NABA Cruiserweight Title in 2018, I fought WBA champ Denis Lebedev in 2018 and defended the NABA in 2019. In 2015 we brought pro boxing back to Oregon by starting our own promotion company where my wife serves as the Promoter, We have promoted 11 pro shows and had tremendous success and support.

As an amateur, you fought at heavyweight and super heavyweight. As a pro, you started at cruiserweight where you won the NABA title. Did you always plan to move back to heavyweight in your career and was becoming world heavyweight champion always your goal?

I wanted to establish myself in the cruiserweight division and then jump up to the heavyweight division as the money is better. Of course, being heavyweight champ is the goal.

How do you feel about facing Michael Hunter in this WBA title eliminator and how important is this fight is to you?

I think that our styles match up very well and this is a fighter that I’ve wanted for a long time since he got the better of me in 2007. This fight is very important as Hunter is one of the best heavyweights In the world and that’s what I need to move up in my career.

What do you know about your opponent, Michael Hunter?

I know a lot about Michael Hunter I know he’s very slick, he’s a great boxer, fast hands and has an excellent boxing IQ. I know he’s a real fighter, one of the best in the world and I look forward to fighting him!

What do you think of the new wave of boxing exhibitions and boxing and entertainment fused with social influencers like Jake and Logan Paul attracting new younger fans to the sport and fighting on the Triller Platform?

I have spent my entire career working with the youth in boxing I’m always excited to see the next generation show interest in the sport. I’ve never met the Paul brothers but I wish them success.

The State of Florida where you’ll be fighting recently removed Marijuana as a banned substance for combat sports participants. You were stripped of one of your national championships because of Marijuana. Do you like the direction Florida is going and do you think it’s overdue?

That was forever ago, I was young! I don’t really have an opinion of Florida legislation.

If you beat Michael Hunter I understand you’ll be back fighting again on Triller. Who would you like to fight next?

Fighting on Triller again is the goal, they are the big thing in boxing right now! I’ll take whoever they throw at me. I wouldn’t mind fighting Andy Ruiz as I beat him in my very last fight in the 2007 USA vs Mexico duel.

What is something boxing fans don’t know about Mike Wilson that you’d like them to know about you?

Boxing fans may not realize that I’ve never trained in fancy Gyms. I still train in my hometown gym with my same coach I’ve had since I was 13. I never wanted to move my wife and kids from their family and home. I have always had to work a full-time job and train on top of that!! But… I am an excellent dancer and karaoke singer! Lol

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  • When Hunter pulled out of the IBF eliminator I thought he’d bottled it.
    Little did I know he had chosen a history making , career defining fight for a belt which defines his legacy.

  • “former world title challenger Mike “White Delight” Wilson”

    Which world title did he challenge for?

    • The article mentioned he fought WBA Cruiserweight Champ Denis Lebediv, I guess it was for the title…He was kinda tight lipped about his opinions on the Paul brothers. He has to be if he wants to continue fighting on these Triller cards! I would think any legit boxer would be A-Pauled by what’s going on with them, especially this guy; He said he’s been boxing his entire life, was a top amateur, yet has spent his whole pro career fighting in obscurity. Meanwhile, after a year or two of putting on a pair of gloves, the Paul brothers are making millions headlining cards he wishes he was on…what a disgrace!

  • “former world title challenger Mike “White Delight” Wilson”

    Is that a misprint? Which world title did he challenge for?

  • The article mentioned that this is a “WBA heavyweight eliminator”. They’re gonna have to be more specific than that. There’s 4 dudes out there with WBA Heavyweight belts…

    • Is it an eliminator for Super champion, Anthony Joshua? Regular champion Trevor Bryan? Champion in-recess Mahmoud Charr? Or gold champion Robert Helenius??? I’d take Hunter over three of those guys… hell Wilson might even be able to beat one or two of them.

      • Maybe they haven’t decided yet, hence the lack of details. Maybe they’re just using the “WBA Heavyweight Eliminator” thing to sell the fight. It’s the WBA. They make things up as they go.

        Taking a closer look at Wilson (boxrec page), I don’t see where he challenged for a World Title of any kind. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but he’s never fought at Heavyweight as a Pro either. He did lose a lopsided decision to Denis Lebedev in a non-title fight. Other than that, I don’t see anyone of consequence on Wilson’s resume. Better than Lovejoy’s resume, but this is yet another guy the WBA has put in a position that he doesn’t belong in.

        • Well that would make him a “former challenger… of a former…. world… title…. holder”. Doesn’t quite sound as good as “former world title challenger”. Lebedev’s is the only name I recognize on his record. I don’t even see some dependable old journeyman or anything there. But yes, you are correct, it is better than Lovejoy’s.

          And I forgot one! Daniel DuBois next fight is for the WBA interim title. So on June 5th, the WBA will have five people who can call themselves WBA Heavyweight Champion of The World. That is awesome!

          • Maybe Dubois can sign with King, get shelved for 3 years, and become WBA Interim Champion in Recess. BTW, looks like you were right about 2021 being a new low for the WBA. They are really outdoing themselves lately….

      • The winner gets to play at recess with Mahmoud Charr.

      • I believe retired big boy Butterbean actually holds a version of the WBA heavyweight championship title also.

      • I think you underestimate Wilson’s ability to go the distance with Hunter..And from all the videos I’ve seen of Hunter as a heavyweight he tends to lose heart in later rounds.. He’s great when it’s going his way. But if Wilson doesn’t go nowhere I think Hunter will become the hunted.. And it ain’t no fun when the rabbits got the gun…

  • If I recall it was probably the WBA “Regular” belt at the time. It was a good opportunity for Mike to fight via DAZN and in Monte Carlo. Prior he was fighting journeymen that he would bring in for his own promotions. He never had any promoter guide him through the easy fights, he has done this by himself, but I know he was a good amateur and has been a decent fighter to rise within top 25-50 boxrec (prior to his last loss) If you divide his career up into 2 halves his first dozen fights were pretty typical for a non-blue chip, non promoted fighter: had to travel to get the wins, but they were not huge names or records. The 2nd half of career is decent enough considering his wife self promoted him, and he brought in opponents with at least winning records. It’s not like he would have the money and ability to bring in undefeated fighters out to S. Oregon for fights that are not televised. But with good local support (and a job!) he could make a living.
    Having won 9 of last 10 (excluding the one “title” shot, his opponents record on his own shows combined going back to July 2015 is something like: 101-50-11
    Not great but much better than the “Lovejoy’s” of the world and he did it himself, not with a scummy DKP character..
    Contrast to Hunter who had the blue-chip treatment and promoter and got the televised undercards through the casino circuits and on larger fighters cards. I saw him fight once in state of WA on undercard of a SHOBOX fight at Little Creek resort.
    Hopefully this will be a good scrap. Wilson didn’t back down vs Lebedev and he is tough. But when you get the better quality work through the big promoters sometimes you have a edge from that. So I’m sure the odds will be for Hunter, but Wilson may be what they call a “live dog”. Seems like a funny, good dude. Triller is another card I wasn’t expecting to pay for but will have to watch at a casino or something. “Bounty Hunter” vs “White Delight” Nice!

    • Good points about Wilson. I don’t believe he should be in a Heavyweight eliminator of any kind at this point, but he’s more legit than Lovejoy, and as you said….he did this himself rather than have DK pull strings with the WBA. Impressive he’s managed to do all this with a full time job.

      BTW, I stand corrected about him having never fought at Heavyweight. He did have a fight with 11-20 Joseph Rabotte earlier in his career, and it was at Heavyweight.

  • O.k. I found that a few years back typical of the WBA’s infinite intent on keeping about 4-5 people named tied to each belt Denis Lebedev was still considered the “WBA Champion IN RECESS”. I knew it was something like that.. So he was aging about 39 years old but was finishing up his career. Had one more fight in 2019 and retired.
    I couldn’t remember with all the REGULAR champs, Interim Champs, and SUPER champs (real one) that this belt must have been for a inactive “Champion in recess”… thus they allowed him to fight a level lower Mike Wilson. Lebedev perhaps got fed up with WBA on not getting another full title shot/reinstatement because his last (loss) in 2019 was for the equally new garbage secondary belt of the WBC- the “WBC Silver Cruiser title” loss to Mchunu

  • I wish this guy the best. Go out and knock hunter out!! Do it for your family and home town. Don’t leave no regrets, fight every round like it’s the championship round and last round and first of your career at the same time and you will come out victorious!!

  • Mike White who?!? I would much rather see Mike “The Giant” White come back.

  • >