Teofimo named NYSBHOF Fighter of the Year

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The day will eventually come when world junior welterweight champion Teofimo Lopez will get inducted into the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame. However, that is a long way off as Lopez from Brooklyn, is not only still an active fighter, but in the prime of his career, as well.

For the first time in its 12 year history, the NYSBHOF is giving official recognition to an active boxer by naming Lopez as its 2023-2024 Fighter of the Year. During that time frame Lopez defeated Josh Taylor to win the undisputed junior welterweight crown. He then followed it up with title defenses against contenders Jamaine Ortiz and Steve Claggett.

“There is no one more worthy than Lopez to get this award” said NYSBHOF president Jack Hirsch. “There is not another active boxer residing in New York who has accomplished as much as Teofimo has. New York State should be proud to recognize him as one of its own.”

Lopez 21-1 (13), has fought nine times as a pro in New York. During that time he has become a big crowd favorite and is regarded as one of the most charismatic fighters in the world.

When informed he would be receiving this recognition, Lopez was ecstatic. “Wow, what an honor,” said Lopez. “I definitely plan to be there. It means a great deal to me.”

It will be a family affair for the Lopez’s, as the NYSBHOF will also honor the fighter’s father Teofimo Lopez Sr with its Trainers award. Lopez Sr has been instrumental in his son’s career, developing him into a world champion.

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  • – A little too early to be canonizing Teofimo Lopez as the next patron Saint of New York……..

  • There isn’t another New Yorker that had a better year?? Taylor, ortiz and claggett. LOL.

    Now how about that rematch with Loma, or take on Haney or Catterall or even Ramirez.

  • I think his head just got even bigger and his dad’s too. Not quite the fight record we are looking for.

  • The NYSBHOF must be desperate. Surely there is a NY fighter who is overdue their roses than picking this guy. Perhaps they should have picked The Brooklyn Brawler.

  • Fighter of the year!!!!!!!!! What’s next, jake paul as fighter of the decade……….GTFOH, NYSBHF! Oh well, new york state is corrupt and politically dirty!

  • I’m not up on the NYBHOF in terms of their future endeavors, but it seems like they are testing the waters for something different. If it was the NYSAC, I’d say that perhaps the old belt is coming back soon since it’s legacy has been ruined by that old dude and his son south of the border.

  • Shakur Stevenson (last two fights) has been putting the real knowledgeable boxing fans to sleep. We pay for that? He should fight on one of the three recognized local channels ABC NBC CBS or FOX for free. He owes the fans a freebie. Make shakur pay Pitbull next. He is just getting richer off of our blood sweat and jeers.

  • I’m sorry, but I don’t think he deserves that title yet. That much activity hasn’t been going on
    With him ducking, too many fighters.

  • Great well deserved.. his one one the youngest champion that have accomplished a lot at just 26.

  • Mr. Lopez has not vied for Same-day Weigh-in, 1 King in each weight class, nor reinstate the prestigious 15Rounds duration. Each criterion was abolished because unethical entities were guilty of criminal negligence or worse, during their respective boxing event. Since Mr. Lopez is a below average 12Rounds era pugilist, that does not stand out in-ring in any shape of form, nor has a campaign as mentioned hereof, the award is meaningless. Whereby demonstrates the award presenters are doubly.

  • Fought a C level fighter his last fight .
    Bob saved Teo from that loss against Ortiz can’t cut the ring

  • >