Spence-Crawford Grand Arrivals

042 Errol Spence
Photos: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Fight week officially kicked off Tuesday as undefeated welterweight champions Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. and Terence “Bud” Crawford made their grand arrivals at MGM Grand before they meet this Saturday, July 29 headlining a Showtime PPV from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Errol Spence: “It would be a dream come true to become the first welterweight undisputed champion of the world in the four-belt era. I watched all the great fighters as a kid. Now, I get to have my moment. I want the bright lights and the glory… He’s in his prime. I’m in my prime. We are the two best fighters in the welterweight division. The winner of the fight on Saturday night will be the best fighter in boxing.”

Terence Crawford: “It’s going to be even sweeter to win the undisputed championship for the second time. That’s why we take the chances we take. That’s why we fight the way we fight. This is a fight that the world’s been craving. My name is already up there with the all-time greatest welterweight fighters. It’s just a matter of going out there on Saturday and putting the cherry on top and furthering my legacy.”

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  • Have your day in glory, Bud because come Saturday, you will lose to Spence by unanimous decision. I expect it to be close and it may even be a split decision. Sometimes you want to wait until the weigh in because sometimes one misses weight or even overtrains comes in too light. Barring something crazy, Spence unanimous decision.

    • Facts , skills pay bills he just more well rounded got way better instinctive skills it’s just a matter of if Errol gone fall or not

  • Prime? Spence 33, Crawford is 35 (Duran lost to Robbie Simms at age 35). TopRank paved a good road for Crawford, the only thing he should have been mad at is that they never got him Pacquiao. Pacquiao was already 40 in early 2019, so Crawford would have had to have fought him at 147 the night Pacquaio fought Jessie Vargas, to have gotten him at age 37.
    If Spence wins, the rematch should be at 150 lbs.

  • After this fight the winner should take the number 2 spot on the P4P list. I have Inoue as #1

    • Agreed. Inoue is the most dominant fighter pound for pound right now.

  • Let’s all take this in. As fans of the sweet science, we are due for something special. Everyone just sit back, and enjoy!!!

  • If you have money on this fight bet under 12, Crawford. Spence’ll look like Dave Moore after ole Duran celebrated his birthday!! The fight will have ebb and flows, but the eye will stay puft

    • With the side to side technique that Crawford brings. Spence will get tired swinging to the air, you’ll see!
      Crawford win KO 8th or 9th round.

      • Oh, no. Bud will be there to be hit. He’s been knocked down before. He has tendency to go blow for blow. He will be there. Does Spence have enough to knock him down, I believe he does.

  • My name is already up there with the all-time greates, sorry Crawford, but nor even close. Both guys believe that the win will elevate the winner along the ones on top of best welterweight in boxing history, nor even close as well, just look at record of some of them (Robinson, Ray Leonard, Paquiao, Floyd) and you will realize this is just a good matchup between two excellent undefeated fighters that should have happened at least five years ago when they were on theirs primes, not so close to retirement as is now, because any of them has few more years left

  • I agree, burucho. Crawford stating he’s up there with the greatest welterweights of all-time is overstated, IMO. A convincing win Saturday night may get him closer to that place, but when you’re talking about being up there with Sugar Ray Robinson, Kid Gavilan, Sugar Ray Leonard, Henry Armstrong, Emile Griffith, Jose Napoles, and even Floyd Mayweather, you need more than one defining career win. Crawford’s great, no doubt, and he’s capable of making it happen. But he needs a win Saturday as well as a few more big wins to attain all-time great status.

  • Bud will break down jr and will be 2x undisputed watch all you non believers and all the belts are are going to Omaha again IJS . So save your replies haters.

  • It’s not Spence vs Crawford. It’s Spence AND Crawford, vs, the idiots stupid enough to buy this crap. I can almost assure you this will be lamer than shit. If you are expecting the reincarnation of Hearns vs Leonard, or Hagler vs Hearns, you must be spending too much time at The White House.

    I neither drink, smoke, vape, do drugs, or will buy this crap fight.

    • Yet here you are on a boxing site running your mouth about a fight…..again.

    • If you cannot get excited about this fight maybe boxing is not the sport for you. Combined 67-0 with 52 ko’s.

    • Wow. If your unable to see the value in these two fighters and this fight, grass hockey may be your calling.
      There’s no better fight to be made in or around their weights. They are two of the best fighters today, and I believe Crawford will be mentioned among the elite over time. Not rooting for either. But greatly anticipate this fight. And gladly paying for it.

  • Your name is where Bud, a few wins over regular fighters doesn’t put you where you think you should be. Think about it, you want to be with Leonard, Duran, Hearns, Hagler by fighting once a year against nobody. Win this fight we’ll call you the best, current welterweight champion!

  • I think some people are still bitter about Mayweather – Pac. There was all this build up and the fight did not really deliver. Dela Hoya – Trinidad was similar in that way. So who knows? In reality Mayweather-Pac should not have been a surprise. Mayweather was great no doubt…but I never had the desire to order his DVD career set. Dela Hoya – Trinidad even in hindsight is more surprising. Both usually had entertaining fights but just did not with each other. Crawford-Spence has the makings of a great fight…but there are no guarantees. For me…finding out is part of the fun. If this fight does not interest you…I do not know what fight would?

  • Should be an interesting fight.
    They are both extremely skilled boxers.
    Crawford can hurt and knock out a fighter with one punch, for all his skill Spence does not have that kind of power. He gets it done with his jab and those accurate body blows.
    Either way, neither of these guys are in the same league as Leonard, Duran, Hearns, Hagler OR the money man. They are both at the top tier right BELOW HOF fighters like those guys.

  • I think this is going to be a high-level, mainly technical, fight. I have always favoured Spence BUT his inactivity and Crawford’s X-factor mean the fight is as close to 50:50 as it gets. As usual, the undercard looks less than stellar.

  • Everybody mention skills but nobody mention heart
    They don’t have heart

    • Oh, not true. Spence for instance came back from a horrific crash and a detached retina. He has all kind of heart. Even though I’m rooting for Spence, Crawford is all dawg.

  • Crawford will look good early with his movement and maybe even score a flash knockdown.

    But Spence will start closing the distance at the midway point and wear Crawford down with his size, straight rights, and body shots.

    It will be a good fight, definitely a chess match early. But the younger naturally larger fighter will come on strong over the last 6 rds.

    judges scores will be all over the place. A draw is not out of question in this one, but Spence will get the nod on two of the three cards.

  • Spence by KO….And no one believes it I know..I have 100@+600 Spence by KO…

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