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Photo: Diriyah Season

Here is one of the first aerial shots of  Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia, which was built especially for Saturday’s Ruiz-Joshua rematch on DAZN. Many have marveled at the speed the arena was built. The 15,000-seat purpose-built outdoor arena’s construction kicked off on the 7th of October and used almost 300 tons of steel to cover an area of 10,000 sqm. It took 175 workers to finish the project in under two months.

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Interview: Andrew Moloney

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  • Ruiz will repeat history this Saturday. Ruiz will break him down with those counter right and left hooks right after AJ throws his power punches. Ruiz set the blueprint to beat AJ and I do think Ruiz will reinforce it. AJ can act like he is ready, but he took no tune ups, jumped right into rematch, and has not demonstrated a new game plan. I don’t buy the idea AJ had an off night in the first fight. That weak chin is not from an “off” night! A questionable chin is natural acquired development in one’s body. AJ got exposed that’s all… Wilder would give Ruiz a harder fight based off the comparison of styles.

  • Great event. Great for boxing. Ruiz is the better man. He is an improved version of short notice replacement of the first fight. Joshua is not longer the man with abundant confidence, rather is the one that is about to face again the man that exposed his vulnerability. Joshua and his team knew about the weakness of his chin since his amateur days, now in a futile attempt he will try to prove wrong what is real, by facing the same man again.
    My feeling is that once Ruiz staggers Joshua, the end will be imminent.

  • Joshua should have hired Banks to employ Klitchkos style. We all see what he did after Sanders when he had the right trainer to work around his weakness after everyone said he was finished. Banks is no Stewart but he knows the style

  • I believe Joshua wins this fight big I think the first four or five rounds are going to be explosive but I believe Joshua will eventually catch Ruiz with a solid shot and he will take his time scoring additional shots Ruiz will not be able to recover and will get stopped in the 10th

    Joshua in the last fight was training for an entirely different style of opponent only to have that fight called off with just under a month to find a replacement.

    Ruiz got the call leaving Joshua 3 weeks to adjust and revamp his entire game plan and most fighters do not spar the week leading up to the fight so this gave Joshua very few sparring sessions to make the adjustment.

    Ruiz just one month prior had a fight against a guy who had similar attributes to Joshua so he was better suited to pull off the upset.

    Here Joshua has a full camp to train and focus on the style of Ruiz if Ruiz wins he validates himself if Ruiz loses I wouldnt mind seeing a third fight after a unification bout.

    The first time around Ruiz had the stars aligned perfectly to pull it off and Joshua helped him by staying in there too long going for the finish after he knocked Ruiz down that mistake will not be made this time around.

    Joshua TKO 10 and once again……

  • Look at what free labor can do. Exactly what Trump mean making America great again.

  • I don’t know about you guys but I’m not watching this fight, I’ll be watching the other championship fight where the self proclaimed P4P Jarmell Charly will be up against another top 100 ranked opponent in “Tomato Can Hogan”, it’s going to be a real doozy!

  • Damn the Saudis have some serious money if they can just up and build a stadium in 2 months for one prize fight. Those tickets aren’t going to be cheap.

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