Santa Cruz-Wood purse bid on August 12th

The purse bid for the mandatory WBA featherweight bout between the Leo Santa Cruz and the Leigh Wood was called for next August 12 by the WBA Championships Committee. The proceeding will take place at 10:00 a.m. in the Panama City headquarters of the WBA and will be made through the Zoom platform.

The split will be 75% for super champion Santa Cruz, while regular champion Wood will keep 25%. The minimum bidding amount will be US $ 150,000.

The fight was ordered as part of the world title reduction plan that the WBA has put in place, and the winner will be left as the sole champion of the category by the WBA.

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  • It would be interesting to see LSC fighting on an Eddie Hearn card in England. Only getting a 25% split, and being the only one between them who actually competes in the division, Leigh Wood definitely deserves it.

    • Totally agree! Don’t understand this split at all though! Really??!!

      • I think it’s the same split between a champion and a regular #1 contender. You would think a regular world champion would be entitled to more than any random mandatory – especially in this case.

  • I can see Leigh Wood pulling off his 3rd straight upset. He is very hard working. I would like to see Leigh pull it off.

  • Super champion must be three times more important than regular champion.

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