Ryder compares Canelo and Munguia

By Hesiquio Balderas

Super middleweight John Ryder was able to speak to the Mexican media right after his fight with Jaime Munguia comparing Canelo and Munguia.

“They are two different fighters,” said Ryder. “Canelo is sensational. He has a very good brain or IQ inside the ring. The big difference I can see is Canelo has more experience but Munguía hits harder, throws a lot of punches and has a good chin.”

“If they ever fought it would be a very good fight, I can’t decide what would happen. Like I said, Canelo has the brain and experience and Mungia the power, the chin, and volume punching.”

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  • there is no need to wonder who would win. canelo will never fighting anybody that has a chance to beat him , after losing to bivol. Canelo is a coward.

        • Don’t worry Canelo will deliver Benavidez an ass whooping in September. I guarantee it.

        • Carlos – canelo ducked a prime GGG. lil cinnamon gave up his middleweight title instead of fighting him, said he wasn’t a “true middleweight”, but then turned around and fought chaves jr at 168!!

          If that’s not ducking then i don’t know what is.

          He waited it out for GGG to get old and was still so afraid that he had to use performance enhancing “tainted meat”.

          canelo will not fight benavidez! He will find a way to delay that fight until benavidez can no longer make 168. Mark my words. .

          • SteveG, recon Canelo is a really really great fighter, but he really really also knows how to time when he fights a good fighter, well fight a ‘name’ (GGG, the glaring example). Wonder if being caught out by Mayweather when he was too new in the game taught him that.

          • thats funny seeing that Canelo was moving up in weight to fight GGG but speaking of ducking why dont you ask GGG why he never fought a prime Sergio Martinez, Kelly Pavlik or Dimitry Pirog…………….. duck is a duck just saying

          • oh and i forgot Irish Anre Ward sent GGG a contract in which he kindly refused aka DUCKED quack quack

          • Good questions, but if I recall pavlik was beaten by sergio who was beaten by cotto who was beaten by canelo who then refused to fight GGG.

            As for Andre Ward he was 168 and wanted GGG to move up. GGG always maintained he was a MW.

            Now there are some fighters he definitely should have fought, but he never threw a belt in the trash to avoid someone like Canelo did.

          • Canelo was not moving up in weight to fight GGG. he had already won the MW 160lb belt then claimed he wasn’t a MW so he didn’t have to fight GGG. But instead Canelo went up higher and fought at super middle which is 168 lb in his next fight against Chavez.

            Meanwhile ggg was still at MW 160.

          • Boxing historian – Canelo was not moving up in weight to fight GGG. he had already won the MW 160lb belt then claimed he wasn’t a MW so he didn’t have to fight GGG. But instead Canelo went up higher and fought at super middle which is 168 lb in his next fight against Chavez instead.

            Meanwhile ggg was still at MW 160.

          • Canelo did not duck ggg
            Camelot was younger and ggg was far ahead
            You want proof??? Canelo fought Mayweather
            Thats the reason many boxers d8d n9t fight In their prime because the age
            By the time one in his prime the other is just starting for title fights
            But canelo fought him 2 times and the only one to defeat him
            So your comment is wrong

          • Canelo sparred with GGG when he was younger and knew he would get his ass whooped so he had to delay that fight for years and give up a belt and take performance enhancers before he would fight GGG.

            AND lil cinnamon is doing everything possible to stay away from benavidez.

          • Is like 20 years later people say Morrell ducked canelo
            He is not ducking canelo
            But by the time canelo was in his prime Morrell was just starting in boxing

        • You might want to rethink that statement. At every single division he’s been in, he’s ducked opponents. He ran from GGG while Golovkin was still at his peak. He’s picked on chosen opponents who were shopworn or flat out broken. The biggest name on his ledger in the past 5 years was Kovalev, who might or might not have thrown the fight due to outside circumstances. The then felt confident enough to step it up against the a side and got owned.

          He can’t run anymore. If he goes up, he’s cooked. If he stays at 168, the monster will pop up from under the bed and get him.

      • not jealous just calling out the facts; like I said several weeks ago , be a fan of boxing not a “media created fighter”; get a dictionary , a translator, some common sense, and some “glasses”; use your limited knowledge of real boxing to help the sport of boxing;

  • Full credit to Munguia for his win and certainly John Ryder would be a good person to ask but I don’t think Munguia troubles Canelo much at all. I could see a late stoppage but, otherwise, Canelo 10-2 ish.

    • Agree Lucie. Manguia is strong, throws volume punches, but is far too one dimensional and gets caught too easily to trouble Canelo. Ryder caught Manguia with a good shot every now and then, that would be x3, x5 or whatever if he faced Canelo.

  • Canelo has elite power and chin as well don’t forget that he walked through GGG and Bivol’s punches. Canelo is a great counter puncher/ pressure fighter. He’s extremely intelligent inside the ring. The man KO Plant while Benavidez couldn’t. Plant came out and had said that Canelo was the hardest hitter he had faced after the Benavidez fight. Ryder got KO by Munguia but Canelo beat Ryder’s ass way worse. He didn’t KO him but he did drop him twice, broke his nose and destroyed his face the man looked like he was in a car wreck all the while Canelo coming off of hand surgery at that. Canelo has the experience, power and chin to beat Munguia by UD or KO. Munguia has really never fought anyone good. He beat Ryder a Canelo leftover after the car wreck he took from Canelo doesn’t say much. Munguia appears to be a good fighter but Canelo is a great fighter.

    • Canelo walked through Bivol and GGG punches? Lol.

      Canelo ran scared of a prime GGG, so scared that he gave up his belt and waited for GGG to get old.

      Canelo was on the verge of getting stopped by Bivol.

      Not sure what you were watching.

      • Yea ggg couldn’t ko canelo not even bivol who was bigger bivol beat canelo for one round difference

    • You must be Peter Pan and been inhaling too much pixie dust. Then again, you may be right, no body beats him because he won’t fight anyone of significance at 168 unless he waits them out. Fighting charlo only further proves that.

  • Canelo is fighting a mentally unstable , mostly inactive, past his prime, Charlo. Then he will possibly be fighting Crawford , who is three divisions below him, but don’t be surprised if Canelo fights the returning and badly beaten Spence. Mungia and Benavidez are not in “Canelo’s-wbc plan”.

    • Canelo don’t want crawford
      Crawford is the one who is crossing the line just because Mayweather

    • unfortunately, too many ” casual fans/ groupies ” are “buying the fish heads”. This is ruining the real sport of boxing as these “media fighters ” like canelo and gervonta, cherry pick their opponents and not fight their real challengers,contenders. So we can forget mungia, benavidez, fighting canelo and geronta fighting any real challengers . eventually, “youtube / celebrity boxing ” will takeover if this continues.

      • Absolutely long ago “Side As” stop fighting real opponents and challengers.
        If they do, then the infinite weight clauses come into play…..
        The fans keep buying all the fish’s heads, so the “Side As” are saying/doing, why do I need to fight a real challenger? when with minimum risks I (Side As) take, I get all the rewards.

  • freddie roach was munguias gorner, no lack defence this match. go freddie the master!

  • Besides when ggg was in his prime canelo was at welterweight division
    So you totally wrong steve g

  • thank you tai , finally someone with common sense. The casuals /groupies “need a hero “to feel good about themselves. we “haters ” hate what is happening to the sport of boxing . I would cheer for canelo if he fought benavidez or mungia. But I am a fan of real boxing first.

  • Mungia gets KO’d if he ever signs that fight.
    It would be a great action fight though, and we get the added bonus of getting to see the cross dresser himself make his sad face after the fight.

  • I meant fight them without clenbuterol, weight clauses, or “scripts”.

    • I told you….you talk with no fundaments canelo has never fought with clenbuterol thats why there is an antidoping before and after each fight

      • he tested positive for clenbuterol and was suspended 6 months. do your research . then the wbc changed the levels of clenbuterol allowed to “clean up ” the situation. the truth hurts you because you don’t accept facts or reality.

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