Roy Jones Jr. says he’ll ‘probably’ fight again


52-year-old Roy Jones Jr. says he’s ready for ANOTHER boxing match after that war with Mike Tyson — and he’s eyeing a UFC legend.

Roy has his sights set on 45-year-old superstar Anderson Silva — widely considered one of the greatest MMA athletes of all time.

So, why Silva … and not a rematch with Iron Mike?

“I think [Mike Tyson is] gonna do a fight with Evander Holyfield,” Jones said … “what I’m thinking is I’ll probably fight somebody else.”

“Truthfully speaking … my dream next fight will probably be Anderson Silva.”

Roy says he’s been trying to lock up a fight with Silva for years — but the timing finally seems right.

“Anderson’s available now, I’m available now. So, we’ve been wanting to box for the longest time. Why not me and Anderson go out there and put it on for the people?!”

Silva was an excellent striker in his heyday — and as RJJ points out, Anderson had a stint as a pro boxer before he switched to MMA.

In other words, “He knows how to pro box.”

Anderson racked up a 34 and 11 record in MMA — with wins over guys like Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin, Vitor Belfort, Rich Franklin and more.

Jones says there’s no doubt he would DESTROY Silva if the two fought during Roy’s prime years — “but now that I’m older and I’m older than him … it’s something good to look at now because I think his chances are better now than they ever were before.”

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  • Roy Jones looked like shit vs Tyson. Roy will probably get knocked out and embarass boxing.

    • Maybe if it were a real fight instead of a staged exhibition which is more likely.

  • After the war with Mike Tyson? If Tyson wanted to he could of finished Roy in the first round. War would of been the last word I’d use for that WWE type set up.

  • Roy had moments of looking like a decebt enough fighter still in his late 40’s, as his speed was still there and his skills hadn’t yet completely eroded. The 52 year old version of Roy we saw against Tyson, was only 20% of just a few years prior. He shouldn’t be fighting anyone anymore. Silva would probably do damage at this point.

  • War?lLol you mean lame exhibition Tyson could’ve killed Roy any time he wanted. And Tyson showed Jones way too much respect. The punchy and concussed Roy Jones thought he won the fight. LOL I’m done watching has been fighters fighting has been UFC guys or media stars. Covid really fucked up boxing

  • Truly sad. Some of my absolute worst boxing memories are of Jones getting ko’d y fighters he would have toyed with in his prime. That Jone’s has actually lost 9 times is almost incomprehensible.

    • Yep, even though the records don’t reflect it now, I think there’s an argument to be made that Roy, not Mayweather, was the best fighter of the last 30 years. That guy was absolutely great in his prime, and you’re right, he probably wouldn’t have lost to any of the guys that beat him if he fought them in his prime. I remember a thread on back in the day on what Roy Jones vs. Rocky Marciano would have looked like, being that they were the same height, and not too far apart in weight (Marciano 184ish, jones 175). There were actually several who thought Jones would have beaten him.

      • That’s a tough one to swallow. Roy had speed and power, and he had amazing reflexes. I’m not sure he is a better boxer than Floyd, but he definitely was the better fighter in his prime. He was unmatched in speed, power, and reflexes.

        • Roy was better than Mayweather, because he didnt run around the ring like Mayweather did. He actually fought in his matches. And Roy was 10 times more exciting than Mayweather could ever dream of being.

      • You must be a Floyd hater to think so. No matter how old Mayweather gets, the welter equivalent to those men who knocked out Roy, would never do the same to Floyd. Roy was Knocked out by Glen Johnsom, Tarver, Macarnelli, That Russian cruiser, Green in Australia. In every one of those kos, he was out cold, flat out on his back. When Roy lost his reflexes, his lack of high-class skill became obvious along with how chinny he is. Floyd could read a fight and make adjustments much better than Roy ever could. How can he be that skillfull and get caught with shots from Green and Macarnelli, who were not even fast punchers?

  • Roy enjoys his right/privilege to fight, but I will enjoy my right/privilege to NOT watch that s**t.

    • Not really in the mood to see Tyson fight anymore. The Tyson era was good in the 1980’s and I would prefer to keep the good memories in that spot. Mike needs to protect his health and focus on his family now as he is aging.

  • I enjoy other news, like the one of Gervonta Davis slated to face Mario Barrios for his 140 belt, because that is boxing, but not this news.
    Roy Jones should have been banned from boxing after the scary loss to Glen Johnson that followed his KO loss to Tarver, after that he was obviously punch-drunk prone to be kayoed with any blow to his head. Sad to see Jones attempting to step in the ring again, I guess he hasn’t see what happened to Terry Norris, Jerry Quarry and many others that stayed too long in boxing

    • Davis/Barrios would be so good!!! If Davis wins do you think he’s gonna fight Ryan, or Haney, or Teo this year?

      • None of them.Haney is kind of friend with Mayweather promotions, even trained by Floyd sometimes, Leonard Ellerbe and Floyd want no part of Teofimo and Garcia vs Davis is a fight very difficult to make, due to the broadcasting plataform and also Oscar and Floyd are not ven close to deal with each other. I see more feasible Lopez vs Haney and Loma vs Davis. If Davis becomes a 140 champion, don’t expect him facing a guy like Regis Prograis or Josh Taylor.

    • @MikeMiguel-The funny thing is, Jones did see what happened to the fighters you mentioned. As a commentator, he would always suggest fighters that were fading, retire. The old classic “Do as I say, not as I do”. He is very logical and reality based, just as long as he’s not referring to himself!

      • Jones is immersed in a wrong belief that blinnd him about the consequences that could follow if he insists in keep fighting. Sad and horrible is that when the first symptoms are noticed, there is no chance or hope to stop the progression of the disease

  • Roy didnt do anything the first time, just stood up and walked around. If he is going to do this, at least get into some sort of shape where you can actually throw a punch.
    I wouldnt mind seeing Tyson vs Briggs, lets go champ. If not, why not have Tyson/Holyfield and Wlad/Briggs on the same card.

  • He needs to fight Jake Paul, lots of people on this site saying Jones “still has it” perhaps he should try to take a real challenge and get in there with the true lion of the sport in Paul. He’s bringing a style that no one can handle. Mayweather ran scared Tyson knows better. Conor McGregor waved the white flag. Paul should eat RJJ for breakfast then move to Canelo for the main course

  • Hey Roy! Remember that gold medal you was robbed of in the Olympics? Now that Beijing Biden has mandated that transgender men can now compete against biological women in their sporting events, maybe you can now put on a dress, claim that you identify as a female, and join the US Women’s Boxing Olympic team, and finally get that gold medal that was stolen from you years ago. : )

  • Back in ’06, ’07, there was serious talk about Jones and Silva fighting a boxing match. Jones had faded drastically at that point, but still thought Silva would be no match for him. I don’t follow UFC and know next to nothing about what Anderson Silva is up to, or even if he’s still even fighting, but he’d probably kick Roy Jones ass now.!

  • Count me among those who don’t care to see RJJ in the ring ever again. I wasn’t a fan of his even before he retired. Absolutely no interest in seeing another sappy performance by 52-year-old Jones, this time against a 45-year-old Silva. Hard pass for me.

    About these comparisons between RJJ and Floyd, there is no comparison. Floyd was a gifted fighter, an extraordinary talent. He went undefeated against far more talented, threatening opposition. Jones fought bloggers, car detailers, hallmark card cashiers, cable repairmen by comparison. He looked like a world beater against mediocres. The first time he faced someone who posed a real threat in Tarver, his real worth was revealed. RJJ was fast, but great? Hardly. Also, his ring entrances with that garbage rap music were horrid. What a low point in the history of the Sweet Science, which opened the door for MMA and UFC.

  • A war with Mike Tyson? Wow. I assume they must have fought again and I missed the rematch fight? Because I only saw them spar once in an exhibition match. When did the war take place. Would love to see it lol.

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