Ricardo Mayorga to start drug rehab

By Héctor Villarreal

Nicaraguan multiple world boxing champion Rosendo Alvarez is leading a movement to help his colleague Ricardo Mayorga in his drug use rehabilitation.

In a video posted by Alvarez on his Facebook account, in which he appears sitting next to a visibly deteriorated Mayorga, Rosendo tells him “it is my duty to take you to a rehabilitation center. We have been friends since we were 16 years old, colleagues in the team of military boxing, then in the amateur national team and then we become world champions. You are my brother and I cannot abandon you but this must be a voluntary act in which the initiative is yours.”

With speech obviously affected by his addiction, Mayorga acknowledged that it is time to save his life, thanked Rosendo and all those who have cared for him and have expressed their support in this process that should begin this Monday, August 10.

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  • “With speech OBVIOUSLY affected by his addiction”. I’m sure putting his hands down in fights and voluntarily allowing opponents to punch him in the face had nothing to do with it.

    • I was thinking the same thing until I watched the video and heard him speak.

      As someone who’s spent a lifetime around fighters and years working with addicts in a rehab center, he doesn’t sound “punch drunk” he sound “under the influence”.

  • Prayers for Mayorga, any addiction is bad news. I’m sure many of us have had one or a few of our own.

    • You are right Arturo and that’s why we both know it’s Ricardo’s toughest fight to date.. Some guy’s become addict when their boxing carreer is over , i started boxing to help me battle through my addiction.. Life is a b… sometimes.

    • Arturo, yup. Mine is called caffeine. Not deadly like cocaine or meth but it is a son of a gun to not drink it.

  • I hope matters work out for Mayorga.

    I remembered when he defeated Forrest in the initial fight, and I won A LOT of money on that fight (I mean A LOT!!). I had a splendid bourbon meltdown at the fight party, but my lady had to drive us home.

    I still remind my friends about how I had the last laugh because I was the only person who picked Mayorga in the first fight – they talked a lot of funny a*s sh*t before the fight because of my prefight Mayorga selection. I anticipated strong, unorthodox will (Mayors) over clean boxing skills (Forrest).


  • Mayorga needs to get off drugs…..Alvarez needs to seriously start to consider salads.

  • The first step in saving one’s life is admitting you have a problem. Mayorga has taken that step in moving forward to save himself before it’s too late. Hats off to him for making this step!

  • He’s still alive so there is still hope. Cheer to Alvarez for sticking by Mayorga. People often leave when the money & fame is gone. This is what a friend does.

  • I followed Mayorga after the Forrest bout. However, I suspected money problems when he fought and embarassed himself in those MMA fights. I now would surmised drugs had something to do with him going to fight in those venues.

  • Been there done that. It can be done but Mayorga have to be prepared to face his biggest foe to date – himself. Good luck Ricardo!

  • Oh my god ! It hurts so bad to see RM in such a bad shape.. You can easily see how drugs ruined his face, teeths and speech. We are all with you Ricardo in what seems to be your most difficult fight; stay strong..

  • Always good when someone who has a problem is getting help good luck Ricardo mayorga one of my favorite fighters (this is a fight u will win)

  • Where was Rosendo Alvarez in that video? I just saw Mayorga and that fat dude

  • Suerte campeon que dios le de el poder y fuerza mental pa cimplir su rehab. Saludos desde Edinburg,tx…

  • This is what Tyson mean when he says life is meant to humble a man. Mayorga once well known as an extremely proud man now looks very much humbled.

  • I pray for “El Matador” to get the help he needs. Remember what he said about Oscar? Remember what he said about “Tito” and the late “Viper?”. God don’t like ugly.

  • Such a great person,I pray he gets thru this difficult journey arrives healthier and intact.Good luck God bless, Ricky,one day at a time

  • He might only think he has a drug problem when really he’s still feeling the effects of Delahoya

  • Que clase de hermano es ese pequeno hombre, pero grande de corazon, Rosendo ” Bufalo” Alvarez. Bendiciones Ricardo, aprovecha al maximo esta oportunidad que te brinda la gente que dirigen el boxeo, Sr. Suleiman y otros como JC Chavez que abren sus corazones, para ver tu recuperacion. Si se puede paisano, marchemos adelante hacia la victoria.

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